TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 8 Part 6


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Chapter 8 Part 6

◆ ◆ 

Thanks to the telepathy magic, the battle between Lara and Maris looms over my mind.

“Lara! Look out!”

From the Imperial Capital party, a fire spear was launched toward Lara.

Just before a direct hit, Marise pushed Lara aside.


This allowed Lara to escape the fire spear, but instead, Marise was grazed by it.

“Marise-chan, are you okay!?”

Lara immediately rushed to Marise.

“When we first went to the third floor of the <<Treasure Labyrinth>>… Lara saved me, too…”


“I just repaid that debt… I’m alright. This is no big deal.”

Despite saying so, Marise was clenching her teeth in pain. 

It seems that Lara and Marise were being pressured by the Imperial Capital party. 

Both of them have exhausted their magic power. It must be hard for them to even speak.

“Don’t worry about me. More importantly… Here come the attacks.”


The Imperial Capital party screams against Lara and Marise.

The two had hardly inflicted any damage on their opponents, and they seemed to still be in good shape. But due to the outburst of magic power, their insides are already in tatters. It would not be surprising if they collapsed any moment now.

“Ugh, they are so strong… And their barrier is blocking all of our attacks.”

“It seems that the magic tool that Kurt mentioned also has the effect of deploying barrier magic at the same time.”

As expected, it’s a hard task for them to take on the Imperial Capital party, whose magic power has been raised to a higher level by the magic tool.

As soon as Lara and Marise were done talking, another fire spear was launched from the other side. It is far more powerful than the magic they used earlier, as if they were casting magic at the cost of their lives. There is not a single sane person left among them.

Lara and Marise ran and exchanged words as they dodged the onslaught of spells being hurled.

“Lara, do you remember?”

“What is it?”

“When Kurt taught us how to control our magic power, he said that if we combined our magic power, we could release even stronger magic.”

“Yes, of course. I remember everything Kurt taught me.”

One of the representatives from the Imperial Capital raised his right hand.

It is Meteor Burn.

Through the intervention of the magic tool, magic that normally cannot be used is forcibly conjured with their increased magic power. 

There was no way for the two to dodge it. And a direct hit would probably result in death at worst.

Are they at their limit?

No, not yet…

“Let’s give it a try now.”

“But it’s our first try, I wonder if we can do it…”

Even with the massive meteor that is slowly being completed, the two showed no sign of flinching.

“We can do it. Kurt said he would let us cover for him, remember?”


“And I believe it’s because he thinks we can win…”

“Yes, yes.”

Lara nodded.

Before long, the Meteor Burn, which has been completed, is about to be dropped against Lara and Marise.

However, they did not run away but faced each other and held each other’s hands tightly as they looked at the meteor.

“When I first entered the Magic Academy, I… intended to be second to none. I wanted to be the best, and become someone who can be relied on .”

“Is that still the case?”


Marise lets out a small sigh.

“That’s not possible ── anymore. After spending time with Lara and Kurt, I realized something. I was lucky to have met you two.”

“Me too. I am glad that I met Marise.”

“I can become stronger when I have reliable friends to work hard with…”

The Meteor Burn that was unleashed on the two, rapidly approaches.

Despite this, the two showed no signs of urgency and started to form a magic formula by sharing their magic power.

Their strong will and voices are flowing back to me and echoing in my head.

‘I was worried about what would happen when I came out from the countryside.

I wondered if I could make friends.

I wondered if I would be bullied again if they found out I was the child of a spirit.

I was afraid of being alone.

The day before I left for the royal capital, I could not sleep at all because I was so anxious.’


‘Nobody recognized me.

My family did not even look at me because I was called an unwanted child.

Maybe that was why, before long, I avoided everyone around me and preferred to be alone.

I am not afraid of being alone.

But eventually, loneliness did settle in, and I could not sleep at night due to anxiety.’



The two voices overlap completely.

‘‘I (I) met a friend here whom I can cherish.’’

‘‘I (I) am weak compared to that person. But ──’’

And soon, the Meteor Burn was about to hit them ──

However ── an invisible barrier had formed around them.

That is a barrier magic spell called Gospel Sanctuary.

The Meteor Burn’s impact was absorbed by the barrier and disappeared without a trace.

‘‘My (My) courage can protect that person!‘‘


The two shouted the name of the spell.

Immediately… a huge holy sword appeared above them.

It is comparable in size to the holy sword I made during the entrance examination, and there was nothing that the people from the Empire could do.

““Take this!!!””

While facing each other, Lara and Marise thrust out their right and left hands, respectively.

The Holy Sword pierced the ground where the representatives of the Imperial Capital were at, causing an explosion of holy magic power before the spell dissipated.

“Did we do it!?”

“Did we!?”

As the white smoke cleared ── the entire Imperial Capital party was down on the ground, unconscious.

All of the magic tools were crushed too, as the holy magic power of the Holy Sword had dispelled the evil magic power.

Although the Imperial Capital party was slightly injured… this much would not be life-threatening.

““We did it!!””

Seeing this, the two jumped for joy, clasping their hands together.

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