Chapter 10 – You Can’t Even Slay A Dragon Like That?


Chapter 10 – You Can’t Even Slay A Dragon Like That?

Next we headed to what looked like a large hall on the grounds of the school.

It seems that the examinees who have completed their exams elsewhere have also gathered here.

“Ah-, Kurt!”

While waiting for the exam to start, I leaned against the wall.

Lara came running up to me from the doorway.

”That magic just now was amazing! As expected of Kurt!”

“Not really”

I shrugged.

In fact, I didn’t take it seriously at all, so if I was being complimented on something like that, my body would start to itch.

While Lara and I were talking, the other examinees stared at me leeringly.

Lara is a beautiful girl.

And such a girl is talking to me…maybe they’re jealous of me.

“And I… I have to thank Kurt”

“Thank me? If it was about yesterday, there’s no need for that anymore”

“I don’t mean what happened yesterday! I’m talking about today!”

Lara said, gesturing to her hand that has the ring on it.

“This ring…… I’m sure Kurt did something to it, right?”

“……what makes you think that?”

”Um…, a hunch!”

Lara said it casually.


“Ehhh! Why are you looking at me like that! It’s like you’re thinking ‘this person is an idiot’!”

Lara fluttered her hands.

Each of her reaction was big, it was very interesting.

“My instincts are always right at such times! Because this ring… it’s amazing, but it wasn’t like this when I bought it? At best, it’s just a bit easier to use magic than usual, I think? I was like, what was that about!”

“Isn’t that Lara’s ability?”

“That’s not it. I used to be confident in my magic but here I’m just as good as everyone else. Yesterday, when I showed Kurt the ring, you did something to it, didn’t you? So…thank you!”

Lara bows her head.

Earlier, Lara seemed to feel like people were thinking, “Isn’t this girl stupid?” but that’s not true.

Instincts are important.

That’s because it’s backed up by the experience and knowledge that’s been accumulated so far.

When you can’t figure out the answer even after thinking through to the very end.

There are times when I leave it to my luck too.

Moreover, Lara’s intuition is actually correct.

“But! But! Kurt’s a thousand times more…ummmm. A billion times better than me! I can’t believe you destroyed the mud puppets instead of just hitting it”

“If you can’t do that much, you won’t be able to slay a dragon?”

“I don’t think I’m going to slay a dragon! Or rather, there’s no way a human could take them down!”

What are you talking about?

In my past life, I had slayed over hundreds of dragons.

There wasn’t a single dragon among them that really satisfied me, though.


“There are dragon hunters, right? What are they doing?”


Lara cocked her head.

”S, such a terrifying person does not exist! Aren’t dragons just a legend?


Apparently, ‘Dragon Hunter’ is not a common job in this world.

In my past life, dragon hunters hunted dragons in a competitive manner.

There was once, they overhunted the dragons and I got angry with them.

That’s when I went to act as a mediator and made a peace treaty between human and dragon.

However, I came across a dragon that lived for 100,000 years, though it was still not enough for me but… until now, it was still a good memory.

“Besides, it seems like I’m the only one who compliments you, but I think Lara’s great too. It’s red magic, and I think it will grow further if you train it from now on”

Changing the subject.

I thought I complimented her, but Lara dropped her shoulders.

“Thank you…but I’m not even close. That’s because I have the ‘Unfortunate Magic’”

“Unfortunate magic?”

”I’m sure Kurt knows this too, but it’s a magic power that’s not suited for attack-type magic. Because of that, it’s also difficult for me to become an adventurer… that’s why they call me unfortunate”

You’re saying that red magic isn’t suited for attack?

That’s the complete opposite of what I know, huh.

Moreover, even if red is not suited for attacking, they can still be used for support magic and body strengthening magic and participate actively in adventurers’ party.

“It’s a funny story……”


“That perception is wrong. Red is definitely a magic that excel in attacking. I don’t know where you got that from, but you need to be more confident in yourself”

At this point, I’m going to believe it when they say that 1000 years ago, an aristocrat who was jealous of me pretended that the magic revolution didn’t happen…….

…no, it’s possible because it’s them we are talking about.

“All right! Thank you for comforting me. I like Kurt!”

I just told her the truth, but apparently Lara misunderstood me.

Good grief.

“–We will now begin the final exam”


I was talking to Lara and seems like it’s time for the exam.

It seemed that they were using some kind of sound amplifier magic to have their voice echo throughout the hall.

“The final exam is a PvP battle. I will now give you the combination and stage numbers in turn. Examinees should promptly move to the stage where their number has been allocated and begin the examination”


”When starting the exam, we’ll cast a defensive magic on you one by one. If that defensive magic is broken, or either one side give-up or the time runs out, the exam ends there. Also, we, the examiners, will be watching your fight as a referee. Please note that if the referees stop the fight, it will be over”

I see.

After explained so much, the point in short was just to show that you’re stronger than your opponent within the time limit huh?

Up until now, the written and practical exams were boring, so hearing this made my heart skipped a beat.

”Wa wa wa, it’s a hand-to-hand combat. I’m not very good at fighting with people”

Lara bent her knees lightly and trembled.

Then the examinee numbers were called out in turn.

“Examinee number 99 — — examinee number 200, please move to Stage 1 for the examination”

Oh, my name is finally being called.

“Kurt, please do you best alright!”


“I’m sure you’ll win!”

“It’s a given”

“I’m going to pray for you to not get a strong opponent!”

What are you talking about?

It’s obvious that the stronger the better.

I hope my opponent is strong.

I turned my back on Lara and went up to the circle shaped stage.

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