Chapter 19 – It’s An Ordinary Magic


Chapter 19 – It’s An Ordinary Magic

”Well then… I’m thinking of exchanging the Behemoth for cash, does both of you know where the guild is?”

In my past life, it was a common custom to exchange materials from monster for cash at the adventurer guild.

I don’t know the common sense in this world though….

”Exchanging monster for cash in the guild feels like being an adventurer! But I’m sorry. I don’t know where it is….”

”If that’s the case, I’ll guide you there. When I was little, I lived in the royal capital. Besides, I’ve visited there many times before the entrance exam”

“You are a lifesaver”

I’m glad.

Apparently, that common sense hasn’t changed in this world either.

Marise guided us to the adventurer guild.

“Is this the place?”

“Yeah. Let’s enter immediately”

Marise didn’t hesitate and walked into the guild.


She has a lot of guts.

In my past life, adventurer guild was a gathering of rowdy people.

If children like us entered the guild, we could be spotted and stripped off in no time.

Besides, because Marise is quite a pretty girl, that’s all the more for things to happen, I guess.

Now…. I wonder how interesting the adventurers in this world are.

While feeling excited, I entered after Marise.


“What’s the matter, Kurt?”

Marise cocked her head.

”This place, is it really an adventurer guild?”

“Yeah. Are you doubting me?”

Marise puffed out her cheeks, but it wasn’t like that.

“Let me see, isn’t it like a government office?”

“It’s a lot quieter at the government office”


I’m shocked.

As far as I’m concerned, this guild is too quiet.

Certainly, I can hear sounds and people that look like an adventurer talking.

But, when they looked at us, they say “Oh? It’s unusual to see children here, isn’t it?” with a curious gaze, there’s also not a guy who would attack suddenly either .

“It’s kind of… peaceful, isn’t it?”

“As expected, Kurt has a lot of guts. I’ve been so nervous since entering in here!”

“Me too”

As far as I’m concerned, I think both of them should be more caution too.

If that’s the case, they will be able to defend against a sword that’s suddenly pointed at them to cut off their neck.

“…well anyway, let’s go to the reception desk”

While feeling uncomfortable, the three of us headed to a table that looked like a reception desk.

“Is this your first time in the guild?”


”If that’s the case, then we will start with creating an adventurer license…”

”No, we have the Rosanlila Magic Academy’s student card. We can use it as a substitution here, right?”

Marise appeared from the side and took out her student ID card.

The receptionist smiled as soon as she saw it.

“Yes. It’s definitely the magic school’s student card. Even so… first year students, which means it’s only the first day of school, isn’t it? How can I help you? Would you like a guild tour?”

“No, we had exterminated a monster, so we came here to exchange it for cash”

When I said that, the receptionist asked, “Exchange for cash……?” with blinking eyes.

“W, well, it’s only your first day at school and you’ve defeated a monster? That’s amazing! By the way, I heard that there are three geniuses in the magic school this year”

The receptionist said it in an excited tone.

Three geniuses huh….

So such a thing had been circulating around already.

Because the receptionist was so loud, it caught the attention of the other adventurers in the guild.

“However…I don’t see anything that looks like a monster material here though? I wonder if it’s a Wolf or something that was defeated. You didn’t bring it here?”

“No, I could put it out right now but… I don’t think it can be placed on this table though”

“……? What do you mean?”

“I think you’ll understand if you see it”

”I don’t really understand, but you can put it on the floor if you want. Anyway, if you could just show me the actual thing”


The guild was a smaller place than I had thought it would be.

And the wall and floor appeared to be made of a soft material.

A floor that hasn’t been coated with magic… if I take out the Behemoth, won’t it come off?

Well, the receptionist says, “It’s fine”, so let’s take it out.

”Well, if you insist……”

I took out the Behemoth’s corpse from the storage magic.

From the sight of the receptionist and the other adventurers, it must have looked like a Behemoth suddenly appeared on an empty floor.

“Wow! How can there be a Behemoth here!”

”’Disaster-class’ monster inside the town…?”

“Wait a minute. This Behemoth, seems to be dead already!”

There was an uproar within the guild.

The receptionist and staff members were also in confusion and seemed to be at a loss for words.

“Please be at ease, everyone”

To allow the people who are in confusion to hear me, I raised my voice a little and continued.

”This is the monster I defeated in the <Treasure Labyrinth>. It’s already dead so it’s okay”

”Defeated in the <Treasure Labyrinth>…?”

Then everyone fearfully tapped the Behemoth’s body lightly.

“It’s true… it’s certainly dead. Looks like it’s safe”

“Thank goodness… I thought the royal capital was about to be destroyed”

Apparently after confirming it’s dead, the adventurers and guild officials seemed to pat their chests in relief.

Besides, a mere Behemoth was being exaggerated isn’t it?

If the royal capital can be destroyed by such a thing, wouldn’t the world be destroyed by the arrival of Dragons?

“All right……it certainly looks like the Behemoth. But where on earth did it come out from?”

“Oh, it’s my storage magic”

”Storage magic…? What is it? I’ve never heard of it”

Ah, that’s right.

It looks like the storage magic wasn’t common in this world.

But any more fuss will be too much trouble.

I want to live in (relatively) peace.

Fortunately, the receptionist doesn’t seem to know much about magic.

So I opened my mouth.

”It’s just an ordinary magic. It can be used by the children around here too. It might also be convenient for the housewives and so on”

“”It’s not ordinary! (No, it isn’t!)””

Lara and Marise voiced in unison and denied it.

Hey-hey, you two.

While I’m trying my best here to deceive them, don’t say any unnecessary things from the side!

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