Chapter 20 – Something Unbelievable Happened After Exchanged The Behemoth For Cash


Chapter 20 – Something Unbelievable Happened After Exchanged The Behemoth For Cash

The Behemoth seems to be a <Disaster-class>, so seems like the process in exchanging it for cash is going to take some time.

It hasn’t been dismantled yet, so I guess there’s no helping it huh.

So as I thought I would have some time to spare….

“Kurt-san. The Guild Master is calling for you. Will you meet him once?”

“The guild master?”

What could the greatest person in a guild want from me.

”Gu, Guild Master? That’s Benedict-san, isn’t it?”

”I’ve heard that he rarely appears in public, and not many adventurers have seen him too…”

Apparently, he is a famous person.

Well, I’m sure I will depend a lot on the guild in the future, so it wouldn’t hurt to meet him.

We were guided by the receptionist to a room inside the guild.

“Is that you? The outrageous person who brought the Behemoth’s corpse here”

When we got there, a large man was sitting on the sofa.


“In addition, I also heard nonsense lies that it was brought using the storage magic…so how did you bring it here?”

”It’s not a lie. Storage magic is an extremely common and ordinary magic”

“There’s no way the storage magic is common!”

I was being questioned sharply.

As expected of the Guild Master, it seems I can’t deceive him.

We sat alongside of the opposing sofa.

“Wa wa wa! It’s the real Benedict-san~……!”

“I had hoped to see you at least once, but I never thought I would see you so soon”

I looked next to me and saw Lara and Marise were nervous.

“So what do you want from us?”

“The Behemoth was brought using the storage magic…. moreover, I heard it was a child, that’s just impossible, isn’t it?”

As if amazed, the guild master, Benedict sighed.

“I’ve heard that an outrageous genius was enrolled into the magic school this year… I never thought it would be this much”

“The information is coming in fast, isn’t it?”

“Of course. There are many people who become adventurers after graduating from the magic school. Information comes in whether you like it or not. Moreover, you’ve defeated that combat mania Desmond in the entrance exam, didn’t you?”


Oh, that S-ranked adventurer guy.

He was the man with the most backbone in this world, so I remembered him.

I would love to fight him again if possible.

“Desmond may have retired now, but he’s still the man who was famed as the strongest adventurer in the history. To have won against him……what kind of method did you actually used to achieve that?”

Desmond was certainly strong.

But, if Desmond is the strongest in the history…… let’s say 1000 years ago, what would I be then?

I feel bad for Desmond but if it’s the me from 1000 years ago, I’m confident that I can win even if I fought with one hand and one leg and furthermore with magic banned.

Come to think of it, in what way do they pass down my legends from my past life in this world?

I’ve done some quick research before but couldn’t find any of those stories.


“Hmm, what is it?”

“Do you know of such a person?”

I decided to ask Benedict about it by telling him my name from my past life.

I thought the guild master would know something about it.


“I’m sorry, I don’t know. What’s wrong? Is it someone that you know?”

“No, it’s not like that”

Well, since the magic revolution that should have happened 1000 years ago didn’t happen, so I was vaguely aware of getting this kind of answer.

“Now. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?”

Benedict folded his arms and leaned forward slightly as he continued.

“I’ll be blunt. Do you intend to leave the magic school right now and become an adventurer?”

So it’s that kind of talk huh.

In this world, even that Behemoth has become a <Disaster-class>”

And I took it down in five seconds.

It’s only natural that I would be recruited by the guild master.


“I refuse. I still have a lot to learn”

“I, I see……”

Benedict dropped his shoulders.

Or rather, why would you go out of your way to recruit a student who was just enrolled into a school?

Besides, I can always become an adventurer at any time.

Therefore, I want to enjoy the interesting school life that I have not experienced in my past life.

“I wonder if there’s anything for Kurt to learn?”

”A, as far as I’m concerned, I have a lot to learn when I study with Kurt, so it’s such a foolish question to ask!”

“Yes, me too! I’m not giving you Kurt!”

Lara and Marise from both sides grabbed my arm.

As they did so, the feel of their soft breasts on my arms made my body stiffen instinctively.

For me, it’s a hundred million times more nervous to have something like this done to me than to meet a guild master.

“But, Kurt. As I’m sure you already know about this, a student card from the magic school can also become a substitute for an adventurer license. You can take requests based on your ability, so please use it by all means”

“Yes, of course”

”Besides… if things get out of hand in the guild, I might ask Kurt to do me a favor… is that okay?”

“Well, as long as it’s reasonable”

I don’t want to make a fuss out of it, but if there’s a chance I’ll meet someone stronger than Desmond or even stronger than me, I’ll go anywhere just for that reason.

With this, I was able to kill time in a good way while talking with Benedict.

“Thank you for waiting! The cash conversion is over!”

The receptionist walked into the room while panting.

“How much was it?”

I don’t know what’s the value of a <Disaster-class> is in this world.

But I’ve defeated a pretty strong monster.

I think… I saw the reward was one gold coin!

”Y, yes! This is it!”

She placed a bag on the table in front of the sofa with a thud.

It looks heavy.

Could it be that it’s all copper coins?


“C, could it be that you are feeling unsatisfied?”

I seem to have freaked out the receptionist by letting out a sigh unconsciously.

“No, it’s not like that”

After a follow-up, I looked inside the bag without much expectation.

Hmmm, this doesn’t look like a copper coin to me. Or rather, it’s a gold coin.

1 gold coin, 10… hmm? It looks like there’s more than 100 of it.

“300 gold coins! This is the price of the Behemoth!”


It was 300 times more than I had originally expected.

“This is the first time I’ve seen this much of money~!”

“Of course. That’s what it means to defeat a <Disaster-class> monster”

Lara opened her eyes in surprise but Marise looked calm.


One thing I’ve learned in this case is this.

If this much can be obtained for defeating a Behemoth, then it seems like there will never be a shortage of money anymore after this.

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