Chapter 12 – I Ended Up Fighting A Former S-Rank Adventurer


Chapter 12 – I Ended Up Fighting A Former S-Rank Adventurer

“I wish I could have fought more”

Although the battle with Marise ended up with my victory, I am still feeling kind of unsatisfied.

While thinking of that.

“You were doing something interesting, weren’t you? Let me join in too”

I thought I heard a voice and a man came up on the stage.

“D, Desmond-sama! You can’t! You’re just here for an observation today, aren’t you?”

Seeing that, the referees who were also the examiners seem to be in a panic.

The man they called Desmond is an old man, probably around the age of sixty or seventy based on his appearance.

He has gray hair and elegant beard.

But I had something else on my mind.

This guy, is he strong?

At first glance, he may look like a frail old man, but I can comprehend this much.

Underneath the clothes are muscles of steel.

In front of those piercing eyes that were staring at me, even if I were to launch a sudden attack now, he would be able to avoid my attacks.

“It’s fine isn’t it. I was just bored. Let me join in too”

Desmond made a cracking sound with his fists.

“If you can beat me, I’ll let you pass even if you get 0 point on other exam. Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen though”

“I refuse”

“Huh? By any chance, are you intending to escape from me out of fear—?”

“I’m going to pass the exam anyway without you telling me”

I said it half provokingly, but Desmond smiled broadly,

“Gahaha! You’re quite an interesting kid, aren’t you!”

He said that with a belly laugh.

“Y, you! Are you going to fight Desmond-sama, by any chance?”

In response to the examiner’s question.


Immediate reply.

Then the examiner became even more flustered, and

”Y, you, do you even know who Desmond-sama is! I know you’re strong and I understand that well enough. Get out of here quickly before you get hurt!”

“I’ll be fine”

I pushed the examiner aside and went in front of Desmond.

Incidentally, I don’t know who this guy is.

But, it’s enough to know he is strong.

“Kukuku. You’re really an interesting kid. I will be using a wooden sword, and you can use a real sword as you wish. Or do you prefer using magic only?”

Desmond assumed a stance with his wooden sword.

“No good. If you do that, you might end up injuring yourself”

“Oh? You’ve got some interesting things to say huh”

I’m not going to go easy on you.

My blood is boiling.

I want to fight to my heart’s content.

“Well, let’s fight equally then. It’s pointless to add a handicap, that will just make things boring. Hey, prepare another wooden sword for me! And then… Ojou-chan, get off the stage. Ojou-chan looks strong too but, still not strong enough”


Much to her chagrin, Marise rushes off the stage.

Desmond called out, and out of nowhere, one of the examiners brought out a wooden sword.

“I’m always ready. I can’t use magic, but you may use it”

Desmond was tapping his shoulder with the wooden sword in a composed manner.

At first glance, it seems to be an opening.

However, it was obvious that if I rushed in carelessly, I would face a severe counter.

Interesting. Let’s purposely fight him within his range of field.

“Well then, here I go!”

I took a step forward, and in the blink of an eye, I closed our distance.

Then, without a moment’s delay, I swung my sword down on top of Desmond’s head.

“Hah…you’re young after all”

For a moment, Desmond let out a grin.

Desmond sweeps the wooden sword aside.

He’s trying to counter by avoiding my attacks.

If he continues to receive my attacks without using any defensive magic, I might be able to take a bone or two from him.

So I activated Quick Move here.


As if in response to my sudden increased movement speed, Desmond turned his sideways wooden sword into defense.


The swords clashed with each other.

“You, what is the meaning of this? You seem to be faster all of a sudden”

“Oh, it’s an elementary magic”

“Magic? Is there such a magic? As I thought, you’re not an ordinary person huh”

“You’re pretty good too”

Anyhow, I thought it would be settled by attacking with Quick Move.

But he defended against it…….

As expected of this guy.

It made me feel entertained.

“I’ll tell you my other (my past life) nickname”

I broke out of the sparring, while still wielding the sword, I unfolded my nickname.

“It’s Magic Swordsman!”

Mixing physics and magic in a battle was what I was best at.

That way, it was more convenient for me to fight alone.

I tried to make some friends, but no one else could keep up with my level.

It has 3 layers of basic body strengthening magic such as Quick Move, Eye Sight, and Rise Power.

Then I showered Desmond with endless sword attacks.

“I, incredible… I can’t see any of the movement”

“What the hell is happening on the stage?”

The audience are making confused voices.

For those who can’t see well, it must look overwhelming to them.

However, I was surprised by Desmond’s movement.

“Hahaha! Interesting, interesting! There’s nobody in this country that can go toe-to-toe with me!”

Desmond managed to keep up with my onslaught.

With that one sword, Desmond continued to receive my attacks.

This old man didn’t use any body strengthening magic, did he?

And to be able to contend with me….he’s a monster!

“Don’t laugh in the middle of a fight. Old man”

“It looks like you’re laughing too though”

Certainly, I might be laughing right now.

If it keep going like this, I’m sure I’ll be the one to push through due to the difference in stamina.

However, that’s too lavish for the fight.

If that’s the case……

“I saw an opening. Boy!”

Desmond’s gaze became even sharper.

After switched from defensive position. Desmond swung his sword in a flash.

It hit me straight on the head.

However — that’s the another me.

“Wha….! What is this?”

After Desmond finished swinging his sword, he was stunned by the smoky presence of me.

I used a magic called Create Avatar.

It uses magic power to create a humanoid mass and create an alter ego.

Since it does not have a real form, therefore the alter ego cannot perform an attack, but it can be used to deceive the opponent in this way.

“I guess this is the end of it”

In the meantime, I went behind Desmond and placed my wooden sword on the back of his neck.

“If this is a battlefield, you’re finished. Do you still want to continue the fight?

“……It’s my loss”

Desmond shoulders dropped after saying that, he dropped his sword to the ground too.

At that moment, an explosive cheer erupted in the hall.

“Who the hell is that guy? He has defeated Desmond-sama!”

“Desmond-sama is a legendary former S-rank adventurer, isn’t he? To defeat such a person… that guy is a monster!”

“There is a rumor that the demon Desmond, who was driven to war, single-handedly slaughtered a hundred of enemy soldiers…!”

“I heard his strength hasn’t diminished yet, even though he has already retired!”

A former S-rank adventurer?

“You’re an adventurer, aren’t you?”

“I’m already retired. But without knowing it, you still fought with me….you are making a fool out of me, boy!”

Desmond laughed cheerfully.

“It’s just that the information is wrong”

“A mistake?”

“It’s rumored that I slaughtered a hundred of enemy soldiers… but it was actually a thousand of enemy soldiers!”

……It seems like he is quite an unprecedented person.

I thought he was just kind of strong.

However, he has only used elementary magic, and it seems like he is not being serious yet.

“Who are you exactly…?”

Marise’s voice was shaking as she stepped off the stage.

I still can’t find someone who is stronger than me yet.

However, the royal capital is more than I had expected—and the magic school seems to be a fun place to be.

While feeling my heartbeat gradually throbbing, I left the venue.

<Author’s Note>

This will be the end of the entrance exam.

Thank you for reading!

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