Chapter 15 – It Seems There’s A Labyrinth


Chapter 15 – It Seems There’s A Labyrinth

My self-introduction was somewhat prolonged, but it continued without any particular problem.

“My name is Lara! Everyone, please be my friends!”

“I’m Marise. Please be nice to me”

Among them, Lara and Marise were the ones who attracted the most attention.

It can’t be helped.

In the exam, Lara and Marise’s magic was ahead above the rest.

I guess it’s no wonder they get so much attention.

“Well then. Now that all 30 of you had self-introduced, there is something that I need to tell all of you. Let’s talk about it today then call it a day”

Putting her hands on the teacher’s desk, Erika-sensei continued in an even more serious tone of voice.

”I suppose all of you are also aware that there is a dungeon called the <Treasure Labyrinth> on the grounds of this school”


Such interesting things exist.

I unconsciously leaned forward to listen to it.

“It’s a dungeon that leads to the underground of the <Treasure Labyrinth>. There are monsters living there and many treasures that no one has touched yet. Since you are a first year student, if you meet certain conditions, you will be able to challenge the <Treasure Labyrinth> and train your skills. At any rate, I’m sure all of you know about it too as it was written in the admission pamphlet given to you when you enrolled into Rosanlila Magic Academy”

I didn’t know that.

At any rate, a labyrinth huh….

1000 years ago, there was a dungeon called the labyrinth existed.

It was often used to earn a living and to collect materials for making magic tools.

The <Sorurahize Great Labyrinth>, which I had travelled to, went all the way down 1000 layers underground.

I had spent three days in the labyrinth, it was very enjoyable.

The <Treasure Labyrinth> is not as big as the Great Labyrinth, but I think it has about 300 layers?

“It is said that the <Treasure Labyrinth>, which is classified as the Great Labyrinth, has up to 100 layers. But no one has ever set foot on the lowest level, a labyrinth that is still shrouded in mystery”

I’ve been expecting most of this…. but apparently, it seems I’m wrong.

If it’s just 100 layers, isn’t that a very small labyrinth.

”Two months later in that <Treasure Labyrinth>. A friendly match will be held with the Imperial Magic Academy. Do any of you know anything about that?”

After sensei asked the question, about half the students in the class raised their hands.

Among them was Marise.

I suppose it’s quite well known.

“I’ll explain a little about the friendly match. To put it simply, it’s a competition with other schools. School representatives will dive into the labyrinth to see who can get more materials and treasure within the time limit. That’s what we’re competing for”

Oh, that sounds interesting.

”It’s being held for the purpose of a simple communication but… in the past few years, the Rosanlila Magic Academy has been losing to the Imperial Magic Academy — the Disaria Magic Academy. If we lose this time, it will be the first time in our history to have a 10 lose streaks”

That’s a lot of losses.

At any rate, the Empire was destroyed by the demon 1000 years ago.

But after so many years, they have succeeded in rebuilding the Empire.

There were many aristocrats that I disliked in the Empire, so it’s a country that I don’t want to remember too much about.

“I want to win this year at all costs! Let’s put an end to the disgrace of consecutive defeats! That’s why we need all of you to lend us your strength and help us out too!”

In the heat of it, sensei clenches her fist.

After that, sensei continued with a more detailed explanation of the rules.

The more I heard about it, the more questions I had in mind.

”Isn’t it a little strange to have so many consecutive defeats? Are the level between the Rosanlila Magic Academy and Imperial Magic Academy really that far off?”

So I asked sensei such a question.

Then sensei distorted her face in regret and,

”It’s not that….I don’t think there’s a huge difference in the level itself to that extent…we couldn’t win due to bad luck”

Bad luck?

There’s something fishy going on here.

It’s about the cowardly Empire after all. There’s also the possibility that they did something.

…No, that might not be true, because my knowledge of the cowardly Empire was from 1000 years ago.

They may be different in this world, it’s not good to have preconceived thoughts.

“But I think we’re going to win this year. After all, there are a lot of talented students this year. Everyone… let’s win this!”

“The first year students are going to be chosen as representatives?”

“Most of the representatives consist of third year students… but if there are any outstanding first year students, they will be selected. Or rather, one of them will definitely get selected this year!”

I had the impression that she was a bit cold, but it seems that Erika-sensei is actually quite passionate.

At any rate, it bothered me when sensei looked at me with a sparkling gaze while she was talking.

Well, that’s fine.

First of all, I have to become a representative and accumulate achievements.

And I do not intend to lose.

They say it’s for interaction, but a win is a win.

A complete victory will only be considered as a win.

◆   ◆

It was just as I was about to return to the house I was renting in the royal capital after sensei had finished talking.

“Kurt! May I have a moment?”

Lara walked over and tapped my shoulder.

“What is it?”

“I have a request… teach me some magic!”

Lara said that with a strong gaze while clenching her fists.

“What made you suddenly say that?”

“After listened to what Sensei said just now, I feel like I’m on fire! Besides, it was all thanks to Kurt during the exam. I don’t think I’m strong enough yet….”

“I don’t think that’s true”

“It’s true! That’s why I want to learn magic from Kurt and become stronger. Please, Kurt! No matter how hard the special training is, I’ll endure it!”


She’s a good child with an ambition to improve herself.

I don’t hate a child like this.

“Me too, please”

Just as I was wondering how I should reply, Marise also came over and said the same thing.

“Marise too?”

“Yes. I haven’t given up on my goal of graduating from this school as a top student. That’s when I figured that the best shortcut would be for you to teach me”

“So you’re trying to imply that you want to steal magic skills from me…?”

“I don’t mind if you think of it that way”

By looking at her eyes, it seems like Marise is all fired up too.

I’m not very good at teaching.

That’s because I was always acting alone 1000 years ago.


“Understood. I will teach both of you if you are fine with me”


“For real?”

Lara and Marise widen their eyes upon hearing my reply.


I pointed up one finger and continued talking.

“I want you to listen to my request too”

“Nani nani? If you’re fine with me, I’ll do anything for you~!”

“E, ecchi related things will not be accepted!”

Marise’s face was dyed red, what was she imagining?

“I want you to form a party with me for a while to dive into the <Treasure Labyrinth>”

“A party?”

They both spoke in unison.

It is fine for me to act alone, but I know it will be more efficient to conquer it with a party.

Besides, apparently first year students need to form a party of at least three people to dive into the <Treasure Labyrinth>.

For that reason, I’m going to train Lara and Marise.

It’s because I think they are the most talented in this class.

I’ve gotten tired of conquering the labyrinth all by myself 1000 years ago.

In that case — in this world, it would be interesting to try conquering it with a party.

“It’s kind of surprising”

“What’s that supposed to be?”

“You don’t look like that kind of person”

What are you saying?

It’s not like I like being alone.

In my past life, I wanted to make friends too but couldn’t.

“But, but! That’s two birds with one stone! If we are working together in the labyrinth, I’d be able to see Kurt up close”

“That’s true. If that’s the case, I look forward to it”

“Then it has been decided”

I couldn’t help but smiled naturally.

”If that’s the case, let’s dive right into the labyrinth as soon as we get used to the school life”

“What are you talking about, Lara?”


I don’t have time for that.

“We’re going to dive in now”

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