Chapter 37 – We Entered The Degree Of Risk ‘A’ Forest


Chapter 37 – We Entered The Degree Of Risk ‘A’ Forest

After using storage magic on the Hydra, we then set off again.

Probably about three hours later.


“What’s wrong, Kurt?”

Lara stared in wonder.

“I have a bad feeling about this again…”

As for Marise, she has a sour expression.

“No, this time it’s a good one. There’s an interesting reaction”


“Yeah. There’s a magical reaction a little further down the road”

“Does that mean……an enemy?”

Lara’s expression stiffened.

But this….

“There’s no biological reaction coming from it. It’s probably an item that contains a large amount of magical powers. It will become clearer if we get a little closer to it……”

“By the way Kurt, how long will it take to get there, to your ‘a little further down the road’?”

“About two hours”

“……the range of your detection magic is as unreasonable as ever”

Marise sighed.

Everyone would be surprised if something like a Hydra appeared again, so I further expanded the range.

If I tell them earlier that there is a sign of a monster……they should be less surprised. Probably.

“Wait a minute. Two hours away from here is……”

Marise turned pale as she unfolded the map.

“There’s the Llobeza Forest!”

“You know it?”

“It’s a very famous forest that was designated as having a risk of ‘A-rank’. Maybe……the item that contains a large amount of magic power is there, isn’t it?

“I feel the same as you”

Lara agreed with Marise.

Lara has a sharp sense.

That means the item seems to be in the said forest.

And two hours later.

“Oh, there’s a reaction coming from inside the forest”

“I knew it was the Llobeza Forest!”

Marise cried out in the carriage.

Then I stopped the carriage and consulted with Erika-sensei and the headmaster.

“……so with that said, how about we enter the forest? Looking at the map, I think it could be a shortcut too……”

“Indeed. If we cross the forest, we’ll reach the neutral city a day early”

“It’s all good, isn’t it?”

“But……! It’s the Llobeza Forest we are talking about here though? Because Kurt is the only person who would ever think of crossing that kind of place, right? And our safety can’t be ensured! So, I disagree!”

Erika-sensei gave me a sharp gaze.

She was right, there’s also a sense of ominous magic power coming from the Llobeza Forest.

There are probably some monsters that are a little stronger than the wolf and slime.

But……to me, they were so weak.

I wonder why it was considered to be dangerous….

But on the other hand, I agree with what Erika-sensei said about the safety.

“If that’s the case, when the time comes, let’s use the transfer magic to escape”

“Kurt, are you saying you will be running away alone?”

“Of course not. I’ll bring the whole carriage back to the starting point here. It uses a lot of magic, so I really don’t like it……but if it’s dangerous, then it is unavoidable”

“……are you really a student……”

Erika-sensei let out a deep sigh.

“If you don’t mind, shall I just enter this forest alone and head to the neutral city? Erika-sensei and the others can take the regular route”

“No, it’s more dangerous to separate from Kurt. I trust Kurt, so do as you like. Is that okay with the headmaster?”

The headmaster silently nodded.


The teachers were convinced, so let’s enter the forest at once.

The carriages entered the forest and travel a little faster.

“Won’t the monsters come out?”

“You’re right……it seems like the detection magic is getting some reactions”

Lara and Marise looked puzzled.


“You two mustn’t let your guard down. The monster is following us. It could attack us at any time”

“Eh! Us?”

“And there’s more than one”

They are trying to remove their presence.

I guess it’s no wonder both of them can’t notice it with their detection magic.

“Tell me such an important thing earlier!”

“S, sorry”

“How many are there?”

“Just 100”

“Hya, 100!”

They hugged each other and voiced out.

The carriage was brought to a halt, and as we stepped outside, some of the monsters, the Evil Monkey, emerged from the grass and the trees.

“I’m sure Lara and Marise could do this too. Let’s review what you two had learnt so far. That’s right……a quest, this will be a quest for you two to take down 100 Evil Monkeys! Erika-sensei and the headmaster, please stay in the carriage”

“That’s an unreasonable request!”

“Lara, we have no choice but to do it!”

As Lara and Marise deployed their magic formula, the Evil Monkeys attacked them together.

“Wow! There’s a lot of them!”

“But as Kurt said, I think we can manage”

As they unleashed their magic, the Evil Monkeys were defeated one by one.

Although there are many of them, each Evil Monkey is probably only a little bit stronger than a wolf.

Even so, I was impressed by their growth, to be able to deal with the situation calmly.

“Haa, haa……is it all right now”

“No. They are just waiting for the chance”

Both of them are standing back to back and breathing heavily.

Yeah. Marise is alert.

“You guys are doing great. But there were a little too many wasted magic attacks. If you could just add this to the magic formula……”

In a moment’s pause in the fight, I gave them a word of advice.

But there wasn’t much time to spare.

“Here they come!”

The Evil Monkeys scattered and attacked them again.

“Just right. Let me show you how it works. You two stay back”

I faced the Evil Monkeys.

The deployed magic formula is……Fire Spear.

However, there are about 30 Evil Monkeys left.

So I shot 30 Fire Spears at them at the same time.

The Fire Spear tracks and hits the Evil Monkey as if it had its own will.

There was also an Evil Monkey trying to escape, but a Fire Spear pierced its back.

“What do you think of it. This is how you add tracking to magic. This way, it should be easier to hit the target with magic and avoid wasting your magic power”



They are kind of frozen.

“Was it a little difficult?”

“Um……no, I don’t think it is that hard to add tracking but……”

“Looking at Kurt, I don’t think I can create that many and make them as precise at the same time……”

Lara and Marise had their shoulders sagged.

Have they lost their confidence?

But they don’t need to worry about it.

“It’s okay. With some practices, both of you should be able to do this with ease. If it is to make 100 copies at the same time, I think it will take 3 years……”

“1, 100 copies! That’s absurd!”

“It’s not something a human can do”

What are you talking about?

In my past life, my best record was 936 copies.

If it’s the current me who don’t have enough magic power, then I think half of that will be the limit.

“Well, at any rate the monsters were defeated, so let’s move on. And it seems like we’re almost reaching the said item”

We got into the carriage and moved on again.

A little later….

“Oh, this is it”

I found some glowing medicinal herbs growing at the base of the trees.

“Waa, they’re beautiful!”

“What on earth are these…?”

“They are Izunia medicinal herbs”

I never thought I’d see it in this world.

I picked up a bunch of Izunia medicinal herbs.

The Izunia medicinal herbs have been absorbing the magical powers from the Earth’s veins over the years.

This……if I were to guess, it would be 400 years old.

For example, a high quality potion could be made from an Izunia medicinal herb.

And this forest is apparently dangerous, moreover, the Izunia medicinal herbs are growing a little off from the road.

In a world where detection magic isn’t common, I guess no one has ever been able to find it.

“I’m sorry for making a stop. Now that I have got what I wanted, so let’s get going”

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