Chapter 14 – I Was Suddenly In The Spotlight


Chapter 14 – I Was Suddenly In The Spotlight

“Kurt looks good and cool in the uniform!”

As soon as the announcement day of the examination results was over, Rosanlila Magic Academy handed out the school uniforms to the students, so I quickly put them on.

It seems to be made of a pretty good material for this world.

The material is light and tear-resistant.

“It looks good on you too, Lara”

“Thank you! Look at me~ Look at me~”

The skirt fluttered as Lara spun around.

I don’t mean to be flattering or anything, but I think it’s really cute.

“Frolicking in your uniforms….are you guys still kids!”

“Then Marise-chan is a kid, too”

“I, I’m not frolicking in my uniform! Wearing this uniform means that I am a student of the Magic School. I also won’t feel embarrassed when I go out….”

“From what I saw, Marise seems to be in high spirit too”


Marise suddenly sharpened her gaze.

However, truth to be told, the current Marise in her uniform sounded more excited than usual.


“I think Marise looks good too. It’s very pretty”

“Those words again…”

Marise’s cheek suddenly got dyed red.

…….Well, let’s put the uniform thing aside.

We then headed towards the <First> Class.

“I’m glad I’m in the same class as Kurt~”

“So I’ll get to see your magic a lot while we’re in the school!”

Apparently, it seems like I’m in the same class as Lara and Marise.

I’d be feeling lonely if there’s no acquaintance​s, and these two have good talents in magic.

Thinking ahead, it’s lucky to be in the same class.

When we arrived at the classroom, there were thirty students in the <First> class, including us.

I wonder if the other classes have the same number of students.

“First thing first, everyone. Congratulations on your admission. My name is Erika, and I’m your homeroom teacher of this <First> class”

And as soon as we sat down in the classroom, sensei told everyone.

Although she is a woman, she seems to be a strict sensei.

“You can affectionately call me ‘Eri-chan’”


Silence fell over the classroom.

Apparently, what Erika-sensei just said was sloppy.

“Ko, kohon”

While feeling awkward, Erika-sensei cleared her throat.

“All of you will be spending the next three years in this school. It’s up to you to decide how you want to spend your three years’ time. It would be good to use it to practice some difficult magic. You could be diligent in your study. But let me tell you one thing. The person who spent the three years lazily, even if he or she had graduated from the magic school, would have a bleak future ahead of them. I want all of you to keep that in mind and live out the next three years in a fulfilling way”

The atmosphere in the classroom became tightened at Erika-sensei’s words.

“Nice to meet you~, Eri-chan!”

”H, hmm. Nice to meet you”

But only Lara was waving her hand and calling out sensei’s name in her usual tone.

Erika-sensei also looked a bit happy to be called Eri-chan.

Lara is healing this classroom for real.

“Well then, let’s start with the self-introduction. First, the top student, Kurt”

She looked at me.

I’m screwed…….

I don’t know what I should say.

Well, I don’t have to be like Erika, trying to be hilarious.

Let’s end it peacefully.

With that thought in mind, I move back my chair and stand up.

“I’m Kurt. Kurt Lepracta. I hope to enjoy a peaceful and happy life in this school. Nice to meet you all”

When I finished introducing myself, the students began whispering to each other after the sparse applause.

“Kurt of the first place. Oh, it’s that examinee number 99, right?”

“He broke five mud puppets in one fell swoop”

“It’s not just that. I heard that he was able to make a giant Sword of Light to appear, and even defeated the Knight Commander during the practical exam”

“But I heard that it’s a defective magic? That’s just impossible. I didn’t watch the fight but… that’s definitely a lie!”

Is it because I was being a little too conspicuous during the entrance exam?

It was only my first day of admission, and I’m already like a very famous person.

“Excuse me! Can I ask you a question, Kurt-kun!”

One of the girls raised her hand and stood up.

”Kurt-kun, you had an exam score of ∞, right? The full score is supposed to be 300 points only though…what does that mean?”

“I’m the one who wants to know about that too”

I shrugged.

Erika-sensei replied on my behalf as I was unable to answer that.

“It means exactly as it is. That’s because Kurt does not fall in the 300 points’ category”

“He doesn’t fit into the 300 points’ category……?”

“To be precise, we couldn’t score him, something like that. That’s right….Kurt. Can you try to solve this question for me?”

After saying that, Erika-sensei smoothly wrote out a magic formula on the blackboard.

Hmmmm..….It looks like the Efreet Flare magic.

In my past life, it was an Advanced Magic.

I never thought I’d be able to see something like this in this world….

“Hmm? But that’s….”

There are too many mistakes.

It’s going to blow up like that and the magic cannot be activated.

“Sensei. Isn’t it wrong, that magic formula”

“Oh? You think it’s wrong? Then write down the correct magic formula”

I didn’t expect that she would suddenly set a trick question.

I took the chalk from sensei and started writing the correct magic formula.

Efreet Flare is a relatively easy magic for me, but if I wanted to group it together properly, I would have to use the whole blackboard.

I finished writing that in a minute.

“Yes. This is the correct magic formula for the Efreet Flare”

Good grief.

If I could group it together in my mind, writing it in just 1 second will be an easy-peasy task too.

As expected, I can’t help but feel sluggish when writing magic formula by hands.

Erika-sensei looked at the magic formula I’d written seriously,

“Ohhh…! Awesome! It’s certainly more logical and beautiful in this way! I don’t think I have enough magic power to materialize it though… this will definitely get a lot of attention if I present it to the institution”

For some reason, she looked very excited.


“I, I’m sorry. It seems like I was overly excited”

“So… how is it, is it correct?”


Sensei nodded and then,

“It’s not correct”


Does that mean it’s a wrong answer?

“There is no correct answer in the first place. This Efreet Flare magic, I also just know about it now”

“What do you mean, sensei?”

“This is one of the ‘Lost Magic’ that is said to have been lost a long time ago. There is no one in this school– or in the entire world who can handle this”


No matter how advanced the magic is, if it was someone who could use a little bit of magic, that person would surely be able to release the magic with a bang.

It’s the kind of magic that’s good for attacking a wide range of area.

If the opponent hadn’t put up a barrier or anything, one city could be blown away easily, but in reality, that’s not possible.

This is because after the magic revolution 1000 years ago, it was common for a city to be destroyed by this level of magic.

”However, the description of the lost magic that remains in the old literature… the result of deciphering it and restoring it as much as possible was the magic formula I wrote earlier…… The one written by Kurt was several more splendid. It’s on a different level”

Sensei mumbles.

In contrast, the students who were watching,

“Is a magic formula supposed to be that long?”

”Wouldn’t it take an hour to set up in the middle of a fight? And what’s with the chanting?”

And said that something’s a little off with it.

“……everyone, do you understand now? The exam also had a same level question as this. With this, we had no choice but to give him an ‘∞’ score. Without a doubt, he’s the undisputed top student”

Upon hearing this, nobody appears to ask questions or complain about it.

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