Chapter 27 – I Became More Like A Teacher Than The Teacher


Chapter 27 – I Became More Like A Teacher Than The Teacher

“B, but I will not be defeated by the defective magic! It’s also fine for you to run away from here if you’re scared, you know?”

“No way”

I ignored the annoying guy and held the iron ball with my left hand.


Let’s keep the use of body strengthening magic to its minimum.

After all, there’s no need for me to get serious here.

”Then sensei, I’m going to throw it, okay?”

“You can throw it any time you want”

Let’s throw it immediately then.


I threw the iron ball as if throwing a pebble far away.

It’s just that…I made a mistake here too.


Because I made the wrong adjustment again.


The boy student looked shocked.

The iron ball, which I had thrown lightly, flew straight and pierced the trunk of a tree at the end of the schoolyard.

”T, tree…the tree is going to fall!”

Oops, not good.

I hurriedly casted the restoration magic on the tree in which the iron ball was stuck in it to prevent it from falling over.


“I guess I used a little too much strength”

Making the right adjustment is quite a difficult thing to do.

I tilted my head and thought about it.

“W, what’s going on…”

The boy student who picked the fight sat down on the ground and looked at the scene helplessly.

”Hey, hey, there’s no need to feel so depressed”

”I, I thought I would definitely win this contest……this can’t be happening……”

Seeing him muttering about various things, there’s nothing else I could say to him anymore.

Just now, I threw it using my left hand.

But my dominant arm is my right hand.

It seems that the mistake was using my non-dominant left hand while thinking that I shouldn’t throw it too far……

”Oh well……”

Even though this is a lesson, it’s just a child’s play anyway.

There’s no need to get too serious.

“B, brat! What the hell did you do!”

When I was about to get back in line, Desmond ran up to me in alarm.

”……sensei. Your face is too close to mine”

“I don’t care about that! How the hell did that iron ball flew so far? Me…or rather, even if one were to search all over the world, someone that could do the same thing as you can’t be found!”

”……Well isn’t that because the teachers have not used the magic until now?”

“Magic…? You mean it’s possible to throw the iron ball that far with magic? Come to think of it, I remember your movement were rather inhuman during the exam……so it was also the same during that time?”


It seems that the body strengthening which everyone used 1000 years ago, is not a general knowledge in this world.

I continued speaking to Desmond who looked dubious.

“It’s a magic called Body Strengthening. By using it, it’s also possible to dramatically increase one’s physical strength and speed”

“Such dreamlike magic…?”

“Yes. Please take a look at this”

I used the Rise Power and built up strength in my legs.

Then with the same momentum, I kicked the ground and jumped.


Desmond opened his eyes wide.

I jumped high enough to see the roof of the Rosanlila Magic Academy’s buildings.

A cloud of dust was raised when I landed on the ground.

”How’s that? Looks easy, right?”

“““I don’t think so!”””

Not just Desmond, but my classmates in the schoolyard also joined in with their voices.

“A mage sure is amazing huh……I can’t even use magic. I just don’t have the talent for it. If I had been able to use magic, I wouldn’t lose even against dragons for instance”

“Have you ever fought a dragon before?”

“It was just an example. How could I possibly meet a mythical creature?”

Honestly, if it’s Desmond, I think he can defeat at least one dragon just by learning the magic.


“Desmond-sensei. I think you can use magic though?”

“……what are you talking about? I don’t have the talent for it……”

“Well that’s only if you want to reach the top, then it may have something to do with the magic color or talent. However, anyone can use a minimum of magic”

“I, I don’t think so! Wasn’t magic meant to be used only by the chosen ones!”

Desmond raised his voice.

Right……now that he mentions it, that’s how this world works.

Everyone that came to this magic school can use magic, so I almost forgot about it.

“Desmond-sensei……just a minute of your time……”

I taught Desmond the basics of magic.

“Now try it”

“Yes……then, let’s do this?”

Desmond activated the Rise Power on his legs and jumped in the same way as I did earlier.

Hmm……this is because it’s his first time after all.

He didn’t reach the rooftop of the school building……but was able to reach the second floor just in time.

“Ohh……I’m flying! I……magic……!”

As if excited, Desmond’s voice bounces around.

But then he began to fall.

“W, what should I do! I’m going to hit the ground as it is!”

……Is the landing a little too hard?

I got right underneath Desmond and casted a gravity magic on him.

As he approached the ground, Desmond’s fall slowed down and landed gently on the ground.

“What do you think? Sensei. You can use magic too, can’t you?”

“I didn’t think it would be this easy…”

Perhaps Desmond hasn’t realized it yet, but his face looks blurred.

Seeing this, the other classmates began to make noise.

”J, just now, what was that?”

“Moreover, it looks like he wasn’t chanting?”

“To begin with, it’s a magic formula that I’ve never seen before!”

“I want to try using it too!”

My classmates are rushing over to me.

“Hey, hey, don’t push, don’t push”

Oh, boy…….

Seems like this uproar is unlikely to end if I don’t teach them the body strengthening magic.


“Yes. I know what you are going to say”

Desmond nodded as we looked at each other and indicated.

That’s right.

I’m just a student.

No matter how much the other students—or rather, including sensei—want to learn the magic, I don’t think it would be a good idea to disregard sensei by teaching them.

Moreover, we’re in the middle of a class right now.

It’s a different story from what happened with Lara and Marise.

Besides, I’m basically only interested in making myself stronger.

So, I thought I should refuse, and I’m glad Desmond was quick to understand it—

“Teach them to the fullest! Don’t mind about me!”

……Apparently, he didn’t seem to understand.



Well, it can’t be helped. I guess it’s the punishment for being a bit serious in a child’s play.

“Then I’ll show you by using it again before teaching you”

“““Yes! Please!”””


At the end of the class, all my classmates were able to use simple body strengthening magic.

<Author’s Note>

The friendly match with the Empire will start from the next chapter.

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