Chapter 26 – Let’s Throw The Iron Ball!


Chapter 26 – Let’s Throw The Iron Ball!

The next day, it was the time for the ‘Practical’ class again.

“Good! Today you will be challenged to throw the iron ball!”

Again, today Desmond-sensei stood in front of everyone and said it excitingly.

“““Iron ball?”””

Everyone tilted their heads when they heard what Desmond said.

“Do you not know what that is……I guess it can’t be helped then. After all, it’s not common. Hold on for a minute”

Then Desmond held up what looked like a round, black ball with his right hand.

“Hey, the student over there. Try holding it”

“Yes……it’s so heavy!”

“Of course. It’s the iron ball after all”

Even though it’s said to be heavy but seems like it’s not to the extent that it can’t be held.

I see….

I wonder if the lesson this time is about throwing that iron ball.

Seems interesting.

In my past life, there was a competition where they held the tail of a dragon and threw it, but this will be the basic content of that, right?

“How can that be useful to a mage?”

“Well… I told you that a mage needs stamina as well, didn’t I? The headmaster also agreed with that idea, and that’s why I became a teacher here. Train your body before the magic! Magic is important too, but so is physical strength! If you keep on neglecting your stamina because of magic, then your body will become weak, you know?”


“And of course! You’re not allowed to use magic to throw the iron ball”

I agreed with what Desmond said.

Magic is also important to a mage but without stamina, one will be useless on the battlefield.

But at the same time… I couldn’t help but want to interfere.

”Umm, do you have a minute?”

“It’s you. What is it?”

I raised my hand.

”I just listened to what you said earlier, and I was wondering… why do you need to separate magic and stamina?”

“……what are you talking about?”

Desmond has a dubious look on his face.

“Of course, I do understand what sensei were saying. But…magic and stamina—namely, physics. Ultimately, combining them should be the ideal way, isn’t it?”

Well, I can understand the idea of throwing without using magic to work on the basics first….

However, Desmond’s words seemed to exude the idea that magic and physics should be separated.

Desmond suddenly looked interested,

“Magic and physics combined? Is it possible to realize such an incredible story?”

“Yes, it’s possible”

As I said that, I was thinking of demonstrating it first,

“Hey, hey! Don’t get carried away with your defective magic. There’s no way you can do that!”

Someone started jeering at me.

Good grief.

It seems there’s also someone like Cyril who despise defective magic in this magic school as well.

“I’m saying this because I can”

“Then let’s see you try it! Since you’re so confident, why don’t you and I have a contest in throwing the iron ball?”

“Oh, sure. If I lose, I will be willing to do anything other than apologize”

“Don’t forget what you just said, okay?”

A boy student came at me belligerently.

Didn’t he see how I fought in the entrance exam?

And I was just about to do it.

“So, Desmond-sensei. Can you hand over the iron ball to me for a moment?”


I received the iron ball from Desmond.

Wow……it looked quite heavy, but it was even lighter than I thought it would be.

If this is the case, I might make a mistake when adjusting my power and send it flying to a weird place.

This is troublesome…….

“Oh that’s right……”

I looked behind me and made eye contact with Lara and Marise.

“Lara, Marise. Both of you should try it too”

“Eh, me?”

“I… I’m not confident of my physical strength”

“It’s fine. Both of you should be able to do it too”

As it is, I whispered to Lara and Marise.

I taught them how to use their magic to send the iron ball fly farther away.

”Hey, hey! If it’s not you, then there’s no meaning to it!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll do it later too. Or is it that you do not have self-confidence in winning against two girls?”

“D, don’t make fun of me!”

The boy student’s face was dyed red.

“Don’t you regret it……I’ll go first, then? Uoooooooo!”

Without delay, the boy student holds the iron ball with his right hand and set it on his shoulders.

And then the iron ball was released from his hand as if it was being pushed out.

“How was that?”

“Hmm…… it’s 10 meters. Not bad”

The boy student looked proud as Desmond measured it with a measuring tape.

“Could it be that you already know about this game? The way you threw it was very different”

“Fufufu. I wonder about that”

The boy student replied to Desmond’s question.

I see.

Although he didn’t affirm it, but I guess that means he already knew about it from the beginning.

That must be why he was so confident.

However, he may know how to throw it, but it was done with his body strength.

He wouldn’t be an opponent to Lara and Marise.

“Then……it’s my turn, right?”

This time it is Lara who are holding the iron ball.

It looks heavy to her. After all, she has such thin arms. That’s totally understandable.

“Lara. Magic, magic”

“Y, yeah! I forgot!”

Lara formed a magic formula and activated Rise Power.


Just now, I was a little worried when teaching the magic formula and whether it would work in one shot, but it seems to have been constructed well.

It was a distorted magic formula but seems like it was able to be activated somehow.


And then she threw the iron ball as it is……

“Wow! What is the meaning of this?”

The boy student from earlier shouted in surprise.

The iron ball threw by Lara had clearly reached twice as far as the boy student’s.

”2, 20 meters……you. That’s quite impressive”

“It’s all thanks to Kurt~”

Lara was jumping up and down happily. Cute.

“So, I guess I’m next then”

Marise took a step forward.

It seems she had activated Rise Power from the beginning.

In terms of the manipulation of magic, Lara who had received the special training yesterday is better in it.

However, the degree of perfection of Marise’s magic formula was much higher than Lara’s.

Even though this is the first time she was taught of it…… seems like her nickname of ‘Genius’ was not just for show.

There are still many areas that require improvement, but the direction of her magic formula is not wrong.


With a similar shout, Marise threw the iron ball.


As if it was an ordinary ball, the iron ball drew an arc.

”……2, 25 meters? This is ridiculous. You have even surpassed my record?”

The commotion around us became even bigger at the record Marise had achieved.

”This is the body strengthening……magic?”

Marise looked surprised herself while opening and closing her right hand.

“T, that’s impossible”

The boy student looked surprised with his eyes wide open.


Thanks to Lara and Marise, I feel like I’ve understood most of it.

Now it’s my turn.

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