Chapter 29 – Impropriety Is Not Allowed


Chapter 29 – Impropriety Is Not Allowed

“My God! This is the 12th surveillance magical device that has been crushed!”

In a short distance away from the <Treasure Labyrinth>.

Inside one room, there was a great uproar over what the boy had done.

“Is it possible that the surveillance was being crushed?”

“Im, impossible! They must have looked like a bug only! The only people who can see through them are the <Four Great Sages>!”

There is a monitor in the room.

The situation in the <Treasure Labyrinth> is being projected through a surveillance magical device that look like a bug at first glance.

The boy knocked down every surveillance magical device that was sent to him.

Because of this, only fragmentary footage on the information of the Royal Capital’s side could be displayed.

”It seems like there’s a bug over there that’s a little bigger than we had expected”

In a noisy room.

One of the men looked around in a calm manner.

“B, but…it’s just a coincidence, isn’t it?”

“You are still saying that even after he had already destroyed 12 of them?”


“Thou art too thoughtless”

“A, as expected of one of the <Four Great Sages>……Arnold-sama. You can still remain calm in a situation as such”

The man in the robe stood up.

His name was Arnold.

There were wrinkles deeply etched on his snapped fingers.

(That boy is undoubtedly strong. However, in front of me who had enjoyed the power of true magic, he’s no better than a bug)

I had never lost to anyone before.

Eventually, I began to reject others.

I was convinced that they couldn’t satisfy me

(Maybe that boy could quench my thirst)

When the man took a step forward,

“Pl, please wait a minute! Where are you planning to go?”

“It should be obvious, right? I’m going to the <Treasure Labyrinth>”

“What are you talking about! Even if it’s you, to set foot into the labyrinth is……guh!”

As Arnold held up his hands, the man who stood in front of him was grabbed by his neck and began to writhe in agony.

Then slowly his body fell over and stopped breathing.

“If you guys plan to stand in my way, then feel free to come at me too. This will be a good warm-up exercise”

No one answered Arnold’s words.

“Then let’s get right to it……hmm?”

When Arnold was about to leave the room.

He felt a strong hostility from the monitor and turned around.

”What in the world is this…?”

At that moment.


The monitor broke down and an electric shock hit Arnold and the others.

◆   ◆

“This is really annoying after all…….”


I had just crushed the 12th bug today and I’m really starting to get angry .

“What’s the matter, Kurt? To suddenly do that”

Marise looked at me with a dubious look.

I guess it can’t be helped if she doesn’t notice it…….

The surveillance magical devices that were flying around us restlessly were obvious to me.

At first glance, this magical device looked like a bug.

However, the footage can be transmitted to a distant place through the magical device.

That means someone was watching us.

But for what purpose?

Are the teachers using it to prevent the students from falling into danger during the friendly match?

No that can’t be, there was no such explanation being mentioned, and given that the current civilization of this world…….

”The surveillance magical device is a technology beyond the current civilization’s capabilities……..”

And even if it’s true, there should be a given explanation regarding this before the friendly match begin.

If that’s the case.

“Everyone listen up”

“What’s wrong, Kurt?”

“Even though we have been collecting the items at a good pace…”

Everyone stopped.

Right now, we are in the forest area.

We had obtained the supreme treasure in the first layer.

Unfortunately, it was a disappointing item for me, ‘The Fool’s Staff’, but the other members seemed excited and said, “I, it’s an amazing treasure! An SSS rank item!”.

However, such kind of thing cannot satisfy me.

After that, we came to the second layer while smoothly collecting the items.

“We’ve got to pull ourselves together here. Be careful”

I gathered everyone together and told them that, then they all looked surprised.

“……Kurt. It’s already an easy victory”

”That’s right. I suppose I shouldn’t let my guard down either, but this is……”

Lara and Marise said so.

The other two third year students too,

“Honestly, I didn’t think the first year students would have this much power”

“That’s true……I’ve lost my confidence”

“Or rather, is the storage magic something that easy to use?”

He spoke in a puzzled tone.

But if I say it’s an ordinary magic……I’m likely to be told “It’s not normal!” again.

Instead of answering the third year student, Corey’s question,

“Everyone listen up. Someone has been watching us for a while now”


The four of them had their voices aligned.

“Kurt, that means…”

“That’s exactly what it means. Those surveillance magical devices had been flying around us for a while now. I destroyed them one by one as soon it was spotted, so I think it should be fine for now……but I think it was probably the work of the Empire’s side. And it could be an intervention from the outside”

“S, something like that is against the rules!”

It’s exactly as what Marise said.

Originally, it is against the rules to intervene from the outside during the friendly match……for example, it is a foul play to let students borrow the power of the teachers. If you are in danger and the teachers intervene, then you will be disqualified at that point.

We might be able to win if we show one of the broken surveillance magical device and point out the violation of the rules on the Empire’s side.

But that would be boring.

And…..apparently the Empire in this world also seemed to be a ‘Cowardice’.

With just one piece of evidence, it’s also impossible to know what kind of excuses they will come up with.

That’s why.

“From now on, we’re going to keep those who are watching us in check”

When I declared that, another surveillance magical device that looked like a bug came flying to us again.

The others didn’t seem to have noticed it.


I raised the palm of my hand towards the flying surveillance magical device.

The magic formula of the electric shock that was formed in an instant turned into the shape of a bird and headed towards the surveillance magical device.

At this rate, a direct blow would only destroy one of the many bugs.

So…this time I’m going to be a little bit more creative.

Originally, the surveillance magical device and the relay point are connected by magic power.

The principle is that……this magic power become like a cable and transmit the footage.

If that’s the case.

With that magic power, it is also possible to send magic to the relay point.

“Kurt. You shot magic again……could it be that there‘s another surveillance magical device flying around us?”

Marise asked a question, but I’ll explain it to her later.

This is because I have to concentrate a little bit from here on.

My plan was successful, and the Voltbird pierced the relay point through the surveillance magical device.

At the same time, I reversed the magic power stored in it.

Then as the magic reached the relay point……I can see the footage of the other side too.

The footage of the other side vaguely appeared in my mind.

“Whoa! What just happened! T, there’s a sudden electric shock coming from the monitor……”

“What’s going on here? Is there a malfunction?”

The other side seemed to be in a panic as the Voltbird rampaged in the room.

Voltbird is a spirit magic with lightning attributes.

It has a certain degree of autonomy and will continue to face its target.

What’s in the footage……hmm? As expected, there were some teachers from the Empire’s side mixed in as well. That included the faces that I saw before entering the <Treasure labyrinth>……looks like I was right about it.

But still……they were quite careless.

It was a common sense from 1000 years ago to reverse the surveillance magical device like this and send magic to the other side…….

To prevent that from happening, one or two Jamming Magic would be added into it, but that might also feel a little insufficient.

‘Hahahahaha! What a surprise! I thought it was only theoretically possible, but to think that someone could actually make it happen! And that such a monster would appear not from the Empire, but from the Royal Capital!’

Among them.

There was only one old man wearing a robe who looked very composed.

“Hmm? Hmm?”

“What’s wrong, Kurt? You seem like you’ve got a lot on your mind”

I heard Lara’s voice, however, I was surprised when I looked at the footage floating around in my mind.

Oh……? He’s deploying the Barrier Magic.

Therefore, only he was able to endure the Voltbird’s attack.

“It looks like there’s someone who are a little better in this world too”

“Kurt. What were you mumbling about since just now? Please explain it to us too”

At any rate, this has been settled.

“It has been confirmed that the Empire’s side is cheating”

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