Chapter 41 – The Advice For Capturing Dungeons


Chapter 41 – The Advice For Capturing Dungeons

After having noticed a more powerful monster lurking in the depths, we then dived deeper into the Payago cave.

“Since we’re here, let me give you a lecture on dungeon capture”

I say that to them as we walk.

“Dungeon capture…? Can’t we just do the same thing as we did in the <Treasure Labyrinth> at school?”

“Of course, the basics are the same. But until now, I’ve been working on improving the basic skills of you two. I’ve never properly taught you guys anything about dungeon capture”

In the future, we will be forming a party together to enter the <Treasure Labyrinth>.

But if I had to say, I would like to capture dungeons that are higher in rank.

So I think it will be worthwhile for me to teach them.

“Having said that, lesson number one. It’s about the division of roles. Well, this is a general one in battle…but in dungeons which are often long dives, it becomes even more important”

“Is it a swordsman fight with a sword, and a mage fight with their magic?”

“Lara. It’s not the right answer, but that’s what I’m trying to say”

As I have said many times before, it is ideal to fight with a combination of sword and magic.

1000 years ago, I didn’t make any friends, so I dived alone in dungeons.

That’s why it was necessary for me to be an all-rounder who could do everything.

But…if I were to form a party in this world, I’d want to distribute the burden.

It would also reduce the risk.

I think this will make it easier to capture dungeons.

“Sword and magic…don’t separate the two. But there must be someone who are better or worse at handling a sword or fighting with magic”

“In other words, be aware of own strengths and divide the roles. That’s what Kurt is trying to say, isn’t it?”

I nodded at Marise’s question.

“That’s it. Furthermore, the magic color can change the strengths and weaknesses of a person too”

“Aren’t the types of magic power just for determining who’s better?”

“Ah, hmm…that’s a false perception. I want you to forget about it”

For example, even if the white magic (called perfect magic in this world) is a disappointing magic color to me, but I think it is suitable for those who want to become a blacksmith.

The magic color does not determine the superiority or inferiority.

It’s just a matter of suitability by that.

“But I’ve never heard of that before? Which book was it written in?”

“I don’t think it’s written in any of the books”

In this world.

“If that’s the case…”

“Which is more reliable, a book written by some guy or something that I said?”

This time I asked a question.

In response to that, they only stayed silent.

“Good…let’s have a brief explanation on the magic color, shall we? First of all, Lara’s is red color…or rather, it’s called the unfortunate magic power, right?”

“Yeah! But I was taught that it’s not suitable for offensive magic…”

“As I said before, that’s not true. The unfortunate magic power, on the contrary, is better suited for offensive magic”

“When I remembered what Kurt had taught me, I started to feel the same too…”

“But on the other hand, it has a short range. It’s more of a close combat magic”

Just like how I’m good at combining physics and magic in a fight.

If it’s the unfortunate magic power, it can unleash powerful magic from close range.

So from now on, it might be better to teach them little by little about the barrier magic to fortify themselves.

“And Marise”

“Y, yes…”

Marise straightened herself.

She has a nervous look on her face, wondering what will be said.

“Marise’s is purple color…it’s called the inferior magic, right?”


“What have you heard about it?”

“They said it couldn’t unleash delicate magic, and I could only use dull magic that lacked stress…”

“What the heck is that?”

I almost burst out laughing for a second.

What is the delicate magic? I think that’s too vague.

And after all, based on my knowledge, Marise’s perception of it is wrong.

“The inferior magic power, contrary to the unfortunate magic power, has a long range”

“You mean I can unleash magic from a distance?”

“That’s right”

So it’s more about finding a distant target and taking the time to form the magic formula carefully.

And the vanguard will defend against the opponent’s attacks to some extent.

In that sense, one might need something like ‘delicacy’.

As I thought, the perception of the inferior magic power is also the exact opposite of mine.

“So if it’s at least the Fire Spear, I’m sure Marise already can create 2 copies attached with tracking feature at the same time too”

“Is, is that true?”

“Yeah. The Skeleton King fight may have been a bit of a rush, but if you take your time…Oh! The monsters appeared in just the right time and place”

There were two monster bats appeared in front of us.

It is also known as the ‘vampire bat’, which is not a very strong monster.

“Marise, I’ll hold off the bats, so don’t panic and form the magic formula. You can unleash it whenever you are ready”

“I understand!”

That’s a good answer.

I drew my sword and jumped in front of the bats.

The bats aimed for my neck, trying to suck my blood.

“So slow”

I deliberately avoided them by a hair’s breadth.

I also pretended to attack them with my sword.

That’s why the bats only target me.

“It’s done!”

As I was easily dodging the bats’ attacks, Marise’s voice came from the back.

“Good! Unleash it now!”

At that moment.

Two Fire Spears flew past my side and headed for the bats.

The bats are weak, but they are highly agile monsters.

Despite being caught off guard, the two bats still tried to avoid the Fire Spears.

But…the Fire Spears which were heading straight ahead quickly changed direction and pierced the bats.

“I did it!”

Marise jumped to express her joy.

The bats which were hit by the Fire Spear, fell to the ground with a flutter like paper.

“See? If you do it calmly, even Marise could do it, right?”

“Kurt was right! Thank you very much!”

“………, hey…!”

Marise grabbed my hands happily and made small jumps.

The Marise that I know are always so proud of herself, so seeing her like this kind of confuses me.

“Ah, I’m, I’m sorry! I got a bit excited with what I did…”

Marise blushed and let go of my hands.

We could have stayed like this for a while though…wait…what am I saying?

“Flirting around is prohibited!!”

“I didn’t do that”

For some reason, Lara puffed out her cheeks angrily.

“…Well back to the topic, so this is what I meant. From now on, we should be aware of our own suitability based on the magic color”


Both of them strongly replied.

As for me, I think the battle will become easier if both of them become stronger.

What else can I teach them? While thinking about it, we went deeper into the cave.

The deeper we went, the thicker the magic elements became.

I see…perhaps no one has ever explored the Payago cave thoroughly.

I think that’s why the Skeleton King would periodically comes out from the depths.

“Speaking of which, I had a question”

“What is it?”

“I was wondering if Kurt could just break the walls and the ground of the cave and move on in a second”

“Lara. There’s no way that can be done. After all, the walls of the dungeon, including the labyrinth, are something that can’t be destroyed”

“Yeah, you’re right~”

Marise denied what Lara had said.


“I can do it”


They are both surprised to hear that.

“I think I’ve seen this pattern before too…”

I continued without replying to Marise’s murmuring.

“The walls and the ground can be destroyed. But if you do that carelessly, the entire dungeon could collapse. Except maybe in a pinch, but basically, you can’t do something so risky”

Besides, even though the dungeons may have the threats of monsters, but they were regarded as ‘resources’ in 1000 years ago.

The items and monsters taken from the dungeons could be exchanged for a high price.

I think it’s not a good idea to break the walls or the ground just to capture it quickly.

“Moreover, you will be wasting your magic too. If you don’t excavate immediately, it will be restored by the magic elements…there’s no need to do such a risky thing here”

“It is not a matter of being risky or not…aah, my common sense…”

Marise lamented.

At any rate, let’s move on.

We descended the stairs and walked into the lower layer.

“Hmm, this is…!”

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