Chapter 30 – The Battle With The Empire


Chapter 30 – The Battle With The Empire

Well…what should I do now.

Now that I know their location, let’s use the Transfer Magic to attack the base.

“What do you mean by that?”

“The Empire’s side is cheating? What makes you think so, Kurt?”

When I tried to use the transfer magic, Lara and Marise questioned me.

Should I explain it from the beginning?

But they might escape from there during the process?

While I was wondering what to do,

“There they are! The Royal Capital’s defective mage and his teammates!”

“Let’s do this at once!”

When I turned towards the direction of the voice, I saw the representative players of the Empire’s side coming towards us and trying to unleash their magic.

“These cunning little guys”

As it was too sudden, everyone was not able to react to the actions of the representatives from the Empire’s side.

“Gather yourselves together in these hands, O flame. Be a spear, pierce the enemy and burn them!”

The Empire’s representatives began to chant.

They are slow.

I’m starting to feel sleepy.

I raised my hand and casted the Dispel Magic.

As I have said before, dispel magic is a technique used to make your opponent get betrayed by their own magic.


“Why isn’t it activated yet?”

The guy on the Empire’s side had a puzzled look on his face.

By using the dispel magic, the opponent’s magic formula was removed before it was activated.

”Eh……why would the people from the Empire attack us? Is this the cheating that Kurt was talking about…?”

“Y, you guys! This is against the rules!”

Finally realizing what was going on, Lara and Marise spoke up at the same time.

In response to that, the Empire’s side showed a wicked grin on their faces.

“Shut up! The last thing you need to do is to keep your mouth shut”

They said.

I see.

I didn’t see any of the teachers around.

“So they were finding for the right moment huh……”

“Kurt. What do you mean?”

“It was set up from the beginning. The Empire’s side has no intention of engaging in a proper friendly match”

Lara’s eyes widened in surprise.

They were keeping track of our actions with the surveillance magical devices.

Furthermore, direct obstruction was prohibited in the friendly match.

At least that was what we were told.

“Besides, you guys were very experienced in doing this. This isn’t the first time you’ve done this, right?”

The Empire’s side only smiled with a smirk and didn’t answer the question.

So that’s it huh.

The reason why the Royal Capital have a record of 10 consecutive defeats.

”But I crushed all the surveillance magical devices. So when you saw that the situations were getting worse, then you came to deal with us. Or could it be that you came to steal the items we’ve collected……”

“There’s no need for us to explain about it”

That being said, it seemed that the other party’s intentions could be read from their facial expressions.

As expected of the Empire. Vulgar.

It was the same even from 1000 years ago.

In any case, the teachers from the Empire’s side probably said something to the teachers from the Royal Capital’s side to keep them away from this place.

In short…….

“Stop spacing out! It might have failed just now, but it won’t happen again! Gather yourselves together in these hands, O flame……”

This is a direct battle with another school that I didn’t expect to take place in the friendly match.


I sighed.

They are using the chanting magic orderly.

If they’re that slow,


“Yes! I understand!”

Lara shot the Fire Spear faster than before the opponent’s magic could be casted.

Without chanting, of course.


One of them was hit by the Fire Spear and got blown backwards.

“W, what the hell! What happened?”

“Was that the unfortunate magic power……? How can the unfortunate magic power activate faster than our perfect magic power?”

……analysis completed.

Apparently, all the five members on the Empire’s side have the white color which was considered unsuitable for combat……or the so called perfect magic power.

There’s no way they can win against the red color that excels in offensive magic.

Moreover, the opponent was chanting magic.

“G, get them!”

“Don’t you guys dare to go easy on them!”

“Gather yourselves together in these hands, O flame……”

It seems like we had made the Empire’s side mad.

However, to think that they won’t go easy on us……

How kind of them!

Honestly, it was about the time I was getting bored of just collecting the items in the <Treasure Labyrinth>.

”Lara, Marise. It’s time to show the results of your special training”

“Y, yeah! But I haven’t had a PvP since the entrance exam……”

“It’ll be fine! Let’s have faith in all the hard work we had done……and in Kurt too!”

“Use your power to your heart’s content”

At the same time as I said those words, Lara and Marise began to form a magic formula.

There’s a tremendous difference in speed between chanting and chantless.

While the opponents are still chanting, Lara and Marise casted the Fire Spear and the Lightning Arrow respectively.

”What’s with that speed!”

“How can they cast magic without chanting?”

In a blink of time, the Empire’s side fell into confusion.

Lara and Marise took advantage of it and continuously casted magic without stopping.

Fire, Lightning……and Ice magic were all casted towards the Empire’s side as if a violent storm was heading towards them.

The opponents were also trying to cast their magic in a hurry, but they can’t keep up at all.

They were blown away by the power of the magic, hitting the nearest tree as hard as they could or rolling to the ground.

“T, this is the power of the first year students……!”

“What did we just witness?”

Corey and Glenn of the third year students exclaimed in surprise.

They were trying to help, but I guess they couldn’t keep up.

“This is normal for the first year students”

“Normal…? Are you telling me that chantless is normal!?”

“Yes. Chantless has become a part of the first year students. It’s not surprising that the Empire’s side can’t keep up with their chanting magic”

”……I’ve been observing you since just now, and the normalcy in me is crumbling”

“What on earth had happened to the first year students of this year?”

Corey and Glenn were dumbfounded.

Since that ‘practical’ class, I have had the opportunity to teach magic to people other than Lara and Marise.

As a result, most of the first year students had been able to cast magic even without chanting.

”Even so……”

I have something on my mind.

The representatives of the Empire’s side that were blown away by the magic of Lara and Marise, were trying to get up slowly.

“……Aren’t they quite tough?”

“That’s true. Maybe it’s because I thought they could die, so I went a little easy on them…”

“Even so, it is still unusual. They are not supposed to be able to stand up right away, can they?”

Of the remaining ones from the Empire’s side, some smiled, and some haven’t given up too.

……I see.

As it was of low quality, so it took me some time to notice it, but those guys had deployed the barrier magic.

That must have absorbed some of the damage.

“You guys……don’t you get carried away!”

One of them raised his hand.

“We will show you our true power!”


There’s a magic formula deployed around him.

I’m sure someone is directly pulling the strings behind the scenes.

At first glance, it looks like he’s about to cast a magic called Meteor Burn.

But it’s obvious to me that someone else is deploying the magic formula.

”Haa! Meteor Burn!”

A huge meteor-like object appeared from above us and was about to fall.


“Too slow”

I point the palm of my hand upwards.

Intervening the magic formula.

……as expected huh. Although it’s a bit more powerful, but I was able to re-arrange the magic formula that easily.

The barrier magic has also been deployed, so I guess they won’t die.

The meteor that was about to fall on us changed direction and ran into our opponent.


“W, why is the magic that was casted on them is heading towards here……!”

With a scream, the people from the Empire’s side that had been hit by the meteor were thrown into the air due to the impact.

Just like that, they crashed into the ground.

No matter how capable the barrier magic was, I guess it couldn’t absorb all the impact……They all seemed to have rolled on the ground and passed out.

“Is this……over?”

“Lara. Don’t let your guard down! They may still come up with something!”

Marise hadn’t released her tension yet and was in a position where she could deploy the magic formula at any time.

Yeah. As expected of my favorite pupil.

“Marise, you’re right. It’s not over yet”


Let’s take out the real performer.

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