Chapter 40 – Because The Frequency Of Its Magic Power Was Different From That Of Human


Chapter 40 – Because The Frequency Of Its Magic Power Was Different From That Of Human

“Wah! It’s a monster!”

“Kurt, what’s going on?”

Lara and Marise both called out at the same time at the fallen man……or rather the monster that revealed itself.

“This is a monster called Mimicrydoll”


“Even Marise didn’t know about it?”

The Mimicrydoll is a monster that can transform into another person.

It’s almost impossible to tell the difference by just looking at them because they look exactly like a copy of the person they imitated.

“And yet how did you know that?”

“Well. The frequency of its magic power was obviously different from that of a human. The monster…or rather, only Mimicrydoll could transform like this…so I was able to figure it out quickly”

“The magic frequency…you can know something like that?”

“Marise can do it too if practiced”

“And…how quickly was it for you to figure it out?

“I said it before, right? From the very beginning”

Since he came to the guild.

It was obvious to me, but I intentionally took him up on his offer.

I was curious about the Immortal King too.

But there was also the possibility that this guy was lying…so I thought it would be interesting.

“To begin with, when we said we were going. This guy didn’t object or do anything, did he?”


“What are you trying to say, Kurt~? Looks like Marise-chan had noticed something too~”

The intelligent Marise seems to have noticed the meaning behind my words.

That’s right.

It is strange to ask for help from children of other country who aren’t even famous.

Probably because he was in a hurry, so he didn’t seem to know we defeated the Hydra.

Normally, one would object, saying, “Children? You guys are useless to me!”, right?


“This guy guided us normally. Mimicrydoll is a mischievous monster. I guess it wanted to further disrupt the situation by bringing in children who were obviously not going to be a good fit. And take advantage of the opening……”

The Mimicrydoll died after pierced by the Fire Spear.

Although it was in a human form, but it looked like a withered tree now.

And there’s a dagger in its right hand.

“…It must be planning to use that dagger to stab us when we let our guard down after defeating the Skeleton King. Though that foolish action ended up getting itself killed”

“Oh my…then if Kurt hadn’t noticed…”

“Yeah. Maybe not all of them, but one or two of them could have been killed by this guy”

Mimicrydoll fighting ability is low.

But by the standards of the adventurers in this declining world, I think it could be categorized as a pretty strong monster.

If it was Lara or Marise, I think they could beat one without difficulty.

“Even so, it’s disappointing”

“Kurt. What’s the matter?”

Lara stared at me in wonder.

The Mimicrydoll from 1000 years ago, will even change the frequency of their magic.

There were also some troublesome Mimicrydoll that could disguise their magic color.

Then it would be difficult even for me to tell them apart.

This is the first time I’ve seen a Mimicrydoll in this world.

So I wondered, “What are they up to?” and took the bait on purpose……but it turned out to be a disappointment.

“Whoa…I didn’t know such a monster existed!”

“Mimicrydoll? I’ve never heard of it before”

“Since there’s always different adventurers, so I didn’t really care if I didn’t know any of them…but I didn’t expect this to happen”

“I was desperate for a fight with the Skeleton King”

The adventurers around us started making a lot of noise.

“B, but! We defeated the Skeleton King!”

“What are you talking about? We didn’t do anything, right?”

“Don’t worry about the details”

“Let’s get back to the guild!”

“The Skeleton King body is yours, of course! It should be able to fetch a good price!”


After the battle, everyone seems to have let their guard down.

But in response to that,

“Please return without us. We will continue a little further into the cave”

I said.

“What do you mean?”

“I can feel the presence of a stronger monster coming from deep within the cave”

“W, what did you say? Is that true?”


“How do you know that?”

“Detection magic…ahh, because I was expanding my magic to grasp the terrain and monsters etc. throughout the cave”

If I’m not wrong……it’s probably a demon type monster?

It seems to be trying to erase its ‘Qi’, so I can’t be sure.

Even though it’s far from here, I am interested in the monster that I can’t completely grasp with my detection magic.

If the worst happens and it becomes dangerous, I guess I can just use transfer magic to escape.

“Muu…is that so? But still, detection magic? That’s very convenient. As expected of a mage”

“Hmm, well, anyone can do it if practiced”

The pursuit of range and accuracy is another story, but the detection magic itself is not that difficult, after all.

“……I feel like Kurt’s use of ‘anyone’ means something different than we do”

“Lara, what a coincidence. I was thinking the same too”

Lara and Marise stared at me with reproachful eyes.

I cleared my throat and,

“It may become a little troublesome if I leave it as it is. So I’m going deeper into the cave. Does Lara and Marise want to come too?”

“Of course I do”

“I can’t just leave you and go back to the town alone!”

“You guys sure are reliable”

This is the truth.

Lately, their power has been growing rapidly.

I can grasp what’s in the depths with my detection magic, but even so, unforeseen circumstances can occur.

It is definitely reassuring to have companions at that time.

“P, please wait! I’m coming with you too! I can’t just have the children to do something so dangerous all by themselves! It’s true that strong monsters are scary, but…”

cried one of the adventurers.


I crossed my arms and thought about it.

This is troubling…….

I’m glad he feels that way, but unfortunately, he is not strong enough.

If I were to say it in an inappropriate way, he will be ‘a burden’.

I just want to say no, but….

“It’s okay. We’ll just go by ourselves”

“B, but!

“Ah, and that was not the only reaction I’m getting too”


“There’s also the Skeleton King’s reaction coming from within the depths”

“You mean the Immortal King?”

This is not just a lie to turn him down, but the truth.

The guild’s staff member had said that the Skeleton King ‘comes out regularly’.

If that’s the case, the Skeleton King lurking in the depths of the cave would occasionally appear in front of humans……I guess.

“And there are five…no, six of them”

“S, six of them, you say? Even though it was hard to take down just one of them…”

“So, what do you want to do? It may be a little dangerous, but does anyone want to follow us?”

None of the adventurers raised their hands in response to my question.

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