TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 1


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Chapter 1

My consciousness returned.

“Hmm, looks like the reincarnation magic was a success”

I opened my eyes and slowly sat up. Could this be…inside the forest?

I took a look at the nearby lake. Though looking a bit slim, the reflection of a youthful face and body was being reflected on it. By the looks of it, I’d say he is around 15 years old?

“Not a problem. Now…I also sensed the presence of a monster nearby, let’s further investigate it”

Just as I was about to leave the place after muttering to myself.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing here?”

I was scolded out of the blue.

Slowly, I turned towards the origin of that voice.

“Do you know there are a lot of dangerous monsters lurking around here? A guy who looked as weak as you will only be killed in a heartbeat. Unless you’re a mage with perfect magic power like me. Hahaha!”

The proud looking boy laughed loudly.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Me? I’m Cyril. My father is in the militia, so I thought I’d help him out with that, and that’s why I’m here on my rounds!”

Cyril informed me in an arrogant manner then stared at me.

“Come to think of it…I don’t think I have ever seen your face around here before? Who are you?”

“Me? I’m…um…Kurt. You can call me Kurt Lepracta”

This is a slightly modified version of my past life’s name.

Even so….

“What’s that perfect magic power you mentioned?”

That’s a word I hadn’t heard of a thousand years ago.

I wonder if a new type of magic power was born again over the past millennia?

“Hmph! Want me to show you? Fine, then. If it’s just a Wolf, I think we could find one easily…”

“Wolf? It’s hard to tell with a monster that weak”


Because Wolf was a monster that even a child who could barely use magic could hunt back then.

The art of magic has probably advanced over the last one thousand years, so it wouldn’t make sense to test it on a mere Wolf.

“I can sense a larger monster nearby. Let’s head over there”

“Hey-hey, you. What do you me—an?”

Without waiting for Cyril’s reply, I activated the Transfer Magic.

And then what appeared before us are—


A gigantic bull-like monster—White Bison that was roaring.

It is about the size of a house and is a far stronger monster than Wolf.

“W-w-w-what just happened? Why did a White Bison suddenly appear out of nowhere! And…this is not where we were earlier!”

Cyril looked around restlessly.

He looked as if he doesn’t know about the existence of Transfer Magic.

No, that should not be possible. I don’t really like Transfer Magic because it uses magic power needlessly…but still, it should be a very commonly known magic.

Moreover, I knew that there was a White Bison in the forest with Detection Magic, so I just transfer us to it.

“What’s wrong? Just the right opponent, don’t you think so?”

“It’s a White Bison, you know? Just what are you talking about? Shouldn’t we be running for our lives!?”

“Likewise, what are you talking about. Running away from the White Bison is out of the question. Or do you not have the confidence to do it? Is that why you’re saying something like that to escape from here?”

“—! I won’t allow you to talk to me like that, for I who have the perfect magic power! I’m not sure what’s going on here…but since you say so, then I’ll just have to show it to you!”

cried Cyril, while holding his trembling right arm.

“Gather yourselves together in these hands, O flame. Be a spear, pierce the enemy and burn them!”

said Cyril, not knowing what it was, a weak Fire Spear appeared from his hand, and headed for the White Bison.


“I-it’s not working at all!?”

The White Bison which received a direct hit from the Fire Spear became very agitated.

Cyril looked to be surprised by that, but in the meantime, I was calmly analyzing the color of his magic power.

—That’s a White Magic.

Maybe it’s just me—but that’s the worst magic power.

It’s easy for beginners to handle, but it will soon reach its limits.

The so-called ‘unsuitable for becoming a powerful mage’ magic power.

“Why is it called by such an exaggerated name as perfect magic power?”

That provoked more questions.

“What’s the matter, is that your limit?”

“…! Don’t make fun of me! If magic doesn’t work, then I’ll just tear it to shreds with my magnificent swordsmanship!”

Saying that, Cyril pulled the sword out of its scabbard that was hanging from his waist.


With a roaring cry, Cyril raised his sword and headed for the White Bison.


Looking at that, I was shocked.

—He didn’t even use Body Strengthening magic, is he planning for a suicide attack?

That is unbelievable.

It should be normal for a mage to stack one or two layers of Body Strengthening magic.

But to foolishly charge in without any is….

“T-tough! It’s not working at all!”

Of course it is.

Without using any Body Strengthening Magic, such a toy-like sword would never pierce a White Bison’s body.



The White Bison gets enraged by Cyril.

“At this rate, he’s going to die”

The White Bison raised its feet and tries to crush Cyril.

I am not obligated to help him, but it can’t be helped.

And besides, I’ve found a monster other than Wolf.

“It’s a good opportunity. Maybe I’ll try using my magic too”

And I deployed an ice attribute magic.

The moment the White Bison tries to crush Cyril.

The magic that I was forming activates.

It’s a slightly stronger magic called Freeze Nova.

Thereupon—the White Bison became frozen in ice.

“W-White Bison being frozen in ice!? Moreover, just now, you…had the defective magic power, don’t you! How can a defective magic power cast such magic!”

“Defective magic power? I don’t know what you mean, but don’t shout. It might even shatter the ice”

“It is still alive…? Aaghh—”

Apparently, Cyril seemed to have fainted and collapsed like a broken doll.

I was just joking.

It seems like he was really scared of the White Bison.

“He’s exaggerating. Even a child who just learned magic could defeat a White Bison”

At any rate…I have a defective magic power?

What is this guy talking about?

Isn’t what I have in this world, not defective magic power, but the most suited magic power of all—–the Gold Magic?

Let me explain it again.

There are different types of magic power, and they are colored.

It was also the same a thousand years ago.

You can think of the color as a wave of magic power that you could see in when one cast magic.

Other than gold color, there are other magic colors as well, such as red, blue, etc., but they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

For example, Red Magic is suitable for offensive magic use, but it will be difficult to use other types of magic.

This magic color is something that one is born with, and it will be impossible to change it in our lifetime.

And my Gold Magic is something that is difficult to use but have unlimited potential if mastered.

However, it seems that in this era, the Gold Magic is regarded as a defective magic power and is looked down upon.

A millennia ago, I also had this Gold Magic.

I intended to master magic in this life as well, so I felt relieved knowing that I have the Gold Magic again.

“Despite this, the Gold Magic is being regarded as defective, but the White Magic is being regarded as perfect…”

I wonder if Cyril just happens to be a ridiculously weak mage that incorrectly remembered the knowledge on magic?

As I was thinking about that.

“Whoa! What the hell is this!”

A stranger appeared out of the blue and was surprised to see the frozen White Bison.

“I came to the forest to exterminate some Wolf—but why is there a White Bison here? Moreover, it has been frozen in ice? I wonder how many would be dead if it were to reach the village…! Just what in the world am I looking at?”

Apparently, he seems to be confused.

“I was the one who took down the White Bison. This child, Cyril challenged it first, but he didn’t have the capability to do it…”

Should I use honorifics for older people?

When I said that, the man seemed to have notice Cyril for the first time and,

“Cyril! Isn’t that Cyril?!”

He ran to him.

What is this situation?

“Aah, I’m sorry. I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Harold. Cyril’s father. So you were the one who took down the White Bison?”


Harold was surprised by my reply.

“It’s hard to believe that a child like you could defeat a White Bison. But since it actually happened, I have no choice but to believe you, huh?”

he said that with eyes wide with amazement.

“By the looks of it, you must be the same as my son too—a mage”

I nodded in response.

“I didn’t expect to find a mage who is far more powerful than my son here. Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?”


“I don’t mean to be rude, but this child, Cyril is merely all talk…”

“He may be weaker than you, but my son isn’t that bad too, you know? With the perfect magic power, I’m sure he will surpass me in the future”

For real?

“You might not believe this, but I think there’s hardly any people of the same age who can win against my son. That just shows how good he is”

said Harold, shrugging his shoulders.

Cyril is strong?

What has become of this world?

After that, I joined Harold who was carrying Cyril on his back, on the way back to their village.

The procedure was to dismantle the White Bison that had been frozen in ice. But to do that, a lot of manpower would be required.

I can shred the White Bison into small pieces in the blink of an eye if I used my magic.

But since it doesn’t taste good to eat White Bison.

So I don’t need it and have decided to leave the rest to Harold.

“If it’s you, you might even get enrolled into the Rosanlila Magic Academy”

said Harold along the way.

“Rosanlila Magic Academy?”

“Yeah. The world’s best Magic Academy in the Royal Capital. There, promising children from all over the world are gathered and educated day and night to become a mage. Those who have graduated from there would join the Chivalric Order or become an adventurer and leave behind their legends…achieving brilliant accomplishments. That’s the kind of place it is”


Is there really such a wonderful place?

It’s hard to imagine that there could be someone stronger than me among the children…but it might not be as boring as being here, and more than anything else, I can find out more about this era, I guess.

“What do you think of it? I think it would be possible for you. Besides, it will be a waste to let such talent be buried here. So why don’t you consider enrolling at Rosanlila Magic Academy…?”

A Magic Academy, huh? Sounds interesting.

I was thinking of becoming an adventurer and travel around the world, but I guess I can do that too after graduating from the Magic Academy.

Besides, I’m concerned about the difference in perception of magic from my past life.

Harold said that the Magic Academy is located in the Royal Capital.

Since there are many people living in the Royal Capital, I might even be able to learn one or two things about it.

“How can I enroll at that Magic Academy? I want to enter now”

“In that case, you should head for the Royal Capital. I’ll tell you the details when we get back to the village”

Thank goodness.

I was worried about what to do from here onwards…but for now, I have a guideline.

Enroll at the Magic Academy.

And find out more about this world.

I felt excited just by thinking about it.

◆   ◆

Harold then introduced me to his relatives, and they allowed me to stay in their home.

I had to explain to them the reason why I was near their village was because I had left my own village to become an adventurer but got lost in my journey.

It was a poor excuse, but perhaps because of what happened earlier, Harold and the others were willing to accept me.

And for the time being—I decided to investigate the magic civilization of this world until the entrance exam for the Magic Academy.

First of all, let’s say.

This world is certainly a thousand years after the time I originally lived in.

And maybe because the village is located in the countryside, and there was barely any literature on magic too which makes things difficult, but I got the general gist of it.

This world has declined since the one I lived in a thousand years ago.

Especially when it comes to magic.

A thousand years ago, I have revolutionized magic and all of mankind have benefited from it.

But in the world a millennium later, magic seems to be regarded as something that can only be used by the talented.

This is surprising.

I know not whether if it was before the magic revolution, but magic was a normal part of daily life even for children a millennia ago.

I think it is also right to say that magic has blend into our daily lives.

But in this era, almost no one uses magic.

On the contrary, I also do not see those magic tools that were so well-developed.

“What has happened in the past one thousand years…?”

I wonder what kind of magic arts will be developed in a millennia?

I wonder what kind of convenient magic tools will be used in the city?

Even though I was so excited, now I’m just disappointed.

However, it’s still too early to make any assumptions on that.

Maybe if I go to the Magic Academy in the Royal Capital, there might be something different.

Well, looking at the current situation, it’s quite unlikely to be the case.

There are still a few more days before the entrance exam.

Until then, I’ll try all sorts of magic to get used to this body.

—And in the blink of an eye, the entrance exam for the Magic Academy is coming up tomorrow.

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