TRM Vol. 1 Prologue


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“Too weak”

I muttered to myself as I looked at the demon Vonbax who had collapsed in front of me.

“Even though I came all the way here…it isn’t what I expected”

I let out a sigh and stopped the magic that was surging from my body.

—Is there no one in the world who is stronger than me?

I continued to train and research day and night with the aim of becoming the strongest mage.

As a result, I found out that all the magic I had believed in were inefficient.

I smashed the old ‘common sense’ of magic to atoms and chanted new magic theories.

It was just to make myself stronger.

As I was just doing that, there was a revolution happening in the world before I even knew it.

It was later called the ‘magic revolution’.

People called me a ‘heretic’ for breaking the existing ways and opening the door to a new magical world.

I didn’t care that the magic civilization had a revolution or that I was called a heretic, but there was one thing that troubled me.

The thing is that before I knew it, there was no one left who could compete with me on equal terms.

Even if I develop new magic, there’s no one for me to hit with all my power.

Therefore, I had come to sincerely seek out strong individuals.

Then I heard a story and went to the ruined castle.

There is a demon here called Vonbax.

Apparently, he is also called the God of Slaughter, and when he appeared in this world, he destroyed the Empire without any warning.

After the demon destroyed the Empire, he declared, “Is there no one who can relieve my boredom?” and is said to be waiting for a strong person in the castle.

That’s where I felt sympathy and headed for the demon.

I thought that Vonbax could be the strong guy I was looking for.

However, the outcome was disappointing.

“I can’t believe the Empire was destroyed by such trash”

The moment we met, I cast grand magic instead of a greeting.

It looks like the demon was deploying barrier magic, but to me it’s like a piece of paper.

And now—the demon is lying on the floor in a sorry state.

He died on the first blow.

It was a very short scene of an act.

“Could it be that there’s no one in this world who can entertain me anymore?”

—I’ve always been all alone.

There was no one to walk alongside me, and even if such person appeared, they naturally left me.

Even if I had brought about a magic revolution and enriched this world with magic—people would call me a ‘heretic’ and no one would praise me.

But I thought it was okay.

Because even if I didn’t have any friends, I thought it would be fine if I could master magic alone.

But…what is this empty feeling in my heart?

Having defeated the demon Vonbax, there is no one in this world who can compete with me anymore—I wonder if that’s what I’m despairing of?

This me?

An empty laugh came out of me.

…I had enough.

—I’m already bored of this life.

In that case.

If the world were 1000 years from now, wouldn’t there be something that can keep me entertained?

For a long time, I had considered the possibility that the demon was trash.

Besides, I’m also tired of being envied by the nobles and being harassed for no good reason.

That’s why I was creating a certain kind of magic.

“Reincarnation magic—deploy”

A magic formula was being formed.

That’s right, it’s reincarnation.

This life is no good anymore.

In that case, let’s reincarnate to a world 1000 years from now.

If it is a world 1000 years from now, I’m sure there will be even more breakthroughs in the art of magic.

I’d like to see such a world.

Because there might even be someone who can satisfy me if it’s that kind of world.

“Good. It looks like the reincarnation magic will activate with no issue”

The light of magic filled the castle.

Gradually, my vision became blurred and I felt like my soul was being pulled away.

I prayed—

Wishing there would be someone stronger than me in a world 1000 years from now.

Thus, without telling anyone about this, I activated the reincarnation magic.

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