TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 2 Part 3


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Chapter 2 Part 3

Next, we headed to what looks like a large hall in the school grounds.

It seems that students who have finished their exams in other locations are also gathering here one after another.

“Hey, that guy…”

“Yeah, I heard that he destroyed ten Mud Dolls in one fell swoop during the target exam”

“Ten of them in one fell swoop? It’s already amazing if one can even hit it, so breaking it should be impossible!”

“What’s more, he seems to have defective magic power”

“That’s unbelievable…”

When I reached the hall, there were people staring at me and that made me feel rather irritated, but I decided to put up with it.

Until the exam starts, I lean back against the wall.

“Oh, Kurt!”

Lara came running up from the entrance.

“That magic earlier was amazing! As expected of Kurt!”

“No, they’re not”

I shrug my shoulders.

In fact, I wasn’t being serious at all, so being praised for something like that is making me uncomfortable.

While we are having a conversation, the other examinees are staring at us.

Lara is a beautiful girl.

A girl as beautiful as Lara is talking to me…and that might have made them quite jealous.

“At any rate, I have to thank Kurt for that”

“Thank me? If it is about the incident from yesterday, there’s no need for that”

“It isn’t about the incident from yesterday…but today!”

said Lara, holding up her hand with the ring on it.

“This ring, Kurt tuned this ring yesterday, right? Because I’m pretty sure you said something about doing that”


“Then that should be the reason why I did so well on the target exam today! Thank you!”

said Lara, grasping my hands in hers.

Oh no.

It is the same as yesterday, but in this position, I could clearly see Lara’s chest. I felt like I could lose my head in this situation.

“……What makes you think so? Maybe the ring was that good to begin with”

“Hmm, it’s a hunch!”

said Lara cheerfully.


“Eh! Why are you looking at me like that! My instincts are often correct at times like this! Besides…there’s a basis for it as well, right?”

Lara flapped her hands.

Every single action of hers is big and amusing.

“Because this ring…it is amazing, but it wasn’t that good when I bought it, you know? At best, it might have been easier to use magic more than usual? That’s what it should have been!”

“Isn’t that what Lara is capable of?”

“No! That’s not it. I used to be the best in magic in my hometown…but here, I’m just as good as everyone else. So I owe it all to Kurt, right? So…thank you!”, said Lara as she lowers her head.

Lara might have misinterpreted the look I gave her just now, but intuition is important.

That is because it’s backed up by accumulated experience and knowledge.

There are times when I leave it to my intuition as well after having thought things thoroughly to the end and still couldn’t find the answer.

And since Lara’s intuition is actually correct, I can’t complain here.

“But! But! Kurt is a thousand times…or rather, billions of times more amazing! I can’t believe you’d break the Mud Dolls instead of just hitting them with magic”

“If one can’t do that, you won’t be able to defeat a dragon, you know?”

“I never thought of defeating a dragon though! Or rather, there’s no way a human could defeat it!”

Huh? What is she talking about?

I have defeated more than hundreds of dragons in my previous life.

Though, not a single one of them has ever been able to satisfy me.


“There are Dragon Hunters, aren’t there? What are they doing?”


Lara tilts her head.

“T-There’s no such terrifying people! Aren’t dragons just a myth?”


Apparently, the profession of ‘Dragon Hunter’ is not common in this world.

In my previous life, Dragon Hunters were always competitively hunting for dragons.

Once, they even over-hunted the dragons and incurred their wrath.

At that time, I went as a mediator and negotiated a peace treaty between the people and the dragons.

But then, I also came across a Dragon God that lived for a hundred thousand years, just that it wasn’t able to satisfy me…but, it’s still a good memory to this very day.

Now, let’s change the subject.

“You seem to praise me all the time, but I think Lara is amazing, too. You have Red Magic, and it will continue to grow as you train and hone in your magic”

I thought I complimented her, but Lara slumped down her shoulders.

“Thank you…but I’m still a long way off. After all, I have the Unfortunate Magic Power”

“Unfortunate Magic Power?”

“Kurt must have known as well, but Red Magic isn’t suited for offensive magic. Because of that, it will also be difficult for those with this magic power to become an adventurer…that’s why it’s called ‘Unfortunate’ for that very reason”

Red Magic isn’t cut out for offensive magic?

Isn’t that contrary to my perception?

Besides, even if Red Magic isn’t suitable for offensive magic, one with Red Magic can still train in Support and Body Strengthening Magic and still be a part of an adventurer’s party.

“That’s odd……”


“That perception is wrong. Red Magic is definitely suitable for offensive magic. I don’t know where you got that from, but you ought to have more confidence in yourself”

At this point, I would even believe that the nobles who were jealous of me a thousand years ago, spread that lie….

…No, it’s possible because it’s them we are talking about.

“You’re right! Thank you for comforting me. I like it when Kurt says that!”

I was just telling the truth, but Lara seems to have misinterpreted my compliment.

Good grief.

“—The final exam is about to begin”


It looks like the exam is finally about to start.

And it seems that they are using an amplification magic to have their voices echo throughout the hall.

“The final exam is a 1 versus 1 battle. After this, we will announce the matchups and the assigned stage number. Examinees must quickly move to the stage to which they have been assigned to and start the exam”


“Before the battle exam starts, we will place a magic barrier on each of you here. When the magic barrier is broken, or, one of you gives up, or, the time is up, then the exam ends. Also, we, the examiners, will be watching your fight as referees. Please note that if the referee stops the fight, the exam will also end”

I see.

Long story short, the point is to demonstrate that you’re stronger than your opponent within the allotted time, right?

I got excited when I heard that, because up until now, it had been boring exams like the written exam and the target exam.

“Whoa…a 1 versus 1 battle…. I’m not very good at fighting against other people…”

said Lara, trembling as she hugs herself.

Then the examinees’ numbers were called out.

“Examinee number 99—Examinee number 200, the exam will be held at Stage 1, so please proceed to the mentioned stage”

Oh, that’s my number.

“Kurt, good luck!”


“You are definitely going to win!”

“That’s a given”

“I pray that you won’t face a strong opponent!”

What is she talking about?

It’s obvious that the stronger the better, isn’t it?

Turning my back on Lara, I headed for the circular stage.

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