TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 6 Part 2


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Chapter 6 Part 2

The following day, the practical class was to be held again.

“All right! Let’s try throwing a steel ball today!”

Desmond stood in front of everyone and said boldly.

“““Steel ball?”””

Hearing Desmond’s words, everyone tilted their heads and voiced out at the same time.

“Don’t you know how to throw a steel ball…? Guess it can’t be helped. Since it’s rather uncommon. Wait a minute.”

Desmond held up a black round ball in his right hand.

“Hey you, the boy over there. Try holding it.”

“Yes… Wha- It’s heavy!”

“Of course! It’s a steel ball, after all.”

It does not look that heavy to me.

I see. So throwing that steel ball is what this class is about.

Sounds interesting.

In my previous life, there was a popular competition called ‘Dragon Throwing’, in which you held a dragon’s tail and threw it.

“Why would that be of any use to a mage?”

There came such a question from among the students.

“Mmm… I told you that a mage needs physical strength too, didn’t I? Since the headmaster agreed with my idea, I have decided to become a teacher here. Train your body first before learning magic! Magic is important, but so is physical strength! If you neglect your physical strength, your body won’t be able to react in time to danger!”

I agree with Desmond.

Magic is important for a mage, but so is physical strength, especially on the battlefield.

But at the same time… I could not resist the urge to cut in.

“Um, can I have a word?”

I raised my hand.

“Kurt. What is it?”

“I have been listening to what you said… but why is it necessary to separate magic from physical strength?”

“…What do you mean?”

Desmond looked dubious.

“Of course, I understand what sensei was saying. But… magic and physical strength ── it should be the ideal to combine them.”

Well, I understand the whole deal with trying to throw without magic first to work on the fundamentals.

However, Desmond seems to think that magic and physical strength should be separated.

That made me feel uncomfortable.

Desmond turned and leaned forward curiously.

“Combining magic and physical strength? Is that even feasible?”

“Yes, it’s possible.”

As I was about to demonstrate it,

“Hey, hey! Don’t get carried away with your defective magic power! That’s just not possible!”

My classmates heckled me.

Well, well.

It seems like even here at the Magic Academy there are people like Cyril who despise defective magic power.

“It’s possible for me.”

“If you’re so confident, why don’t we have a little contest? I didn’t like you because you’ve been acting all pompous for a while now!”

A male student comes at me belligerently.

That’s some vigor there.

Did he not see my fight in the entrance exam?

“There’s nothing better.”

“Oh? You said it.”

The boy’s mouth formed into a grin.

As if he has a chance to win.

If not, he would not have challenged me to a fight.

“Then, sensei. Please lend me the steel ball.”


I received the steel ball from Desmond.

Hmm… The ball looked kind of heavy, but it was much lighter than I expected.

In that case, I might misadjust the force and send it somewhere far away.

Now, this is troubling.

“Let’s see…”

I look back, making eye contact with Lara and Marise.

“Lara, Marise. Can you two give it a try first?”

“Eh? Me?”

“I… don’t have confidence in my physical strength.”

“It’ll be fine. I’m going to teach you the body strengthening magic now ──”

I whisper to Lara and Marise.

“Oi-oi! If it ain’t you, it wouldn’t mean a thing!” 

“Stop with your chirping. I’ll do it later. Or are you afraid that you might lose to two girls?

“D-Don’t you make fun of me!”

The boy’s face turns red with anger.

“Don’t you regret it… I’ll go first then!”

The boy immediately takes the steel ball in his right hand and sets it on his shoulder.


The steel ball was then launched.

“How was it?”

“Mmm… ten meters. That’s pretty good.”

The boy rubbed his nose in satisfaction as Desmond told him after measuring it with a measuring device.

“By any chance, did you know about this game beforehand? You throw it differently from amateurs.”

“Hehehe. I wonder about that.”

The boy answered in a good mood to Desmond’s question.

He did not affirm it, but by the looks of it, Desmond was probably right.

That was why he was so confident.

He may know how to throw it, but still ── he just threw it with all his strength. He would not be a match for Lara and Marise.

“Then… I’m next.”

This time, Lara holds the steel ball.

With her thin arms, the steel ball especially looks heavy. Ah… No wonder.

“Lara. Magic. Use your magic.”

“Y-Yes! I forgot!”

Lara forms a magic formula to activate the body strengthening magic, Rise Power.

“Take that!”

She then threw the steel ball.

“Wow! What just happened?”

The boy from earlier exclaimed surprised.

Lara’s steel ball had clearly reached twice as far as the boy’s.

“2-20 meters…! You are quite the monster!”

“I did it! It’s all thanks to Kurt for teaching me!”

Lara was jumping up and down with joy. She is so cute.

“Then I’m next.”

Marise stepped forward.

She seems to have activated Rise Power from the start.

Oh…? Her magic formula formation is quite good on her first try.

“Here we go!”

With a similar cry, Marise released the steel ball.

The steel ball arced and fell to the ground as if it were an ordinary ball.

“…2-25 meters!? That’s ridiculous. You have surpassed my best record!”

The commotion of those around us grew louder at Marise’s record.

“Of course.”

said Marise, who had a calm face, but her cheeks were a shade of light pink.

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