TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 3 Part 1


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Chapter 3 Part 1

“What do you guys think of this year’s examinees?”

‘—Inside Rosanlila Magic Academy’s conference room—’

The staff had gathered there to discuss this year’s exam results.

“It’s pretty good”

One of the staff members said.

“First of all, coming from a distinguished family of mages, the daughter of the Sizenosna family, Marise Sizenosna. Despite having ‘Inferior Magic Power’, her talents are amazing. She used the highest-ranked magic during the practical exam. She is considered by far the most outstanding one among the examinees” 

“That girl, Lara, is incredible, too. Even though she couldn’t hit the Mud Dolls, but she was able to unleash powerful magic. She will get stronger with training”

Everyone in the conference room looked excited as they talked about their notable examinees one after another.


At the far end of the room, the headmaster folded her arms and listened to all the chatter in silence.

The headmaster—she has the appearance of a young girl. 

However, there seems to be a thick solemn atmosphere around her, as if she had been through many experiences.

“Hmm. I understand what you guys are trying to say. But there is only one boy with abnormal power, isn’t it? A boy called Kurt”

When the headmaster mentions that name, the examiners, who have been talkative, immediately stop.

The magic of that boy, Kurt, was too overwhelming.

So much so that it was as if they were witnessing a fantastical dream.

“What are Kurt’s exam scores?”

“As one would expect, he has exceeded the passing score for both the target and battle exams by a large margin”

“What about his written exam?”

“His written exam was excellent, too. The magic formula he drew was several levels higher than what we had anticipated, especially that last question”

“The last question…. Ohh, is that the question that was made based on the premise that it wouldn’t be possible to solve by just anyone?”

“That’s right, it’s a question based on the long lost magic theory from a thousand years ago. What he wrote on his answer sheet was evidence that supports the aforementioned theory of lost magic, which many would regard have been impossible with our current understanding of magic”

“What did you just say…?”

“If we present it to the ‘Institute’, a revolution will occur. It has that kind of content. But even if we try to use it now, it still won’t be up to par with our current capabilities” |Editor’s Note: That ‘Institute’ is subject to change|

The staff member shrugged.

Upon hearing this, the headmaster was at a loss for words with the sudden arrival of such great talent.

However, if it’s Kurt—he might be able to achieve the ‘Revolution’ that the headmaster had very much desired for.

“Then it has been decided. He has passed the entrance exam” 

None of the staff members disagreed.

◆    ◆

After the practical exam ended, there was some free time before the day of the results was supposed to be announced. 

“I’m nervous”

I wandered aimlessly around the city until the day of the announcement of the results arrived before heading towards the magic academy. 

Lara ran up to me and said, “Kurt! Let’s go see it together!”.

There is no particular reason to refuse, so we decided to check the results together. 

We proceeded to the location where the numbers of every candidate who passed the entrance exam are posted.

As I observe the surrounding area, everyone looked very nervous.

In the midst of this,


Just as I thought I heard a voice, a girl rapidly approached us.

“You’re…Kurt Lepracta!”

“And you are—Marise, right?”

“—! So you remembered my name”

Marise’s cheeks blushed momentarily from happiness.

However, she quickly shook her head.

“O-Of course! We did fight hard in the practical exam after all! Though there was a slight difference in our abilities……”

She was muttering to herself.

Marise, huh…. During that low-level exam, she was the only one who used the intermediate level magic, Holy Sword.

As for Lara, I noticed she has good talents, too.

“Besides…it’s so shameless of you to have a girl accompany you on the day of the announcement of the results!”


“I mean, isn’t that true? What a pity! I don’t know if she is your girlfriend or maybe not, but to lose to such a guy…how could I…”

said Marise, looking really frustrated.

“Whoa, Kurt and I don’t have the kind of relationship that Marise-chan is thinking about!”

“Though that is what I’m hoping for eventually…” 

Lara mumbled.

“Marise-chan. I’m Lara. Nice to meet you!”

“Likewise, nice to meet you—wait, I didn’t come to this academy to make friends!”

Marise with a pouty face immediately folded her arms and looked away. 

However, she seems to be a tad bit delighted. I don’t really understand this girl’s emotions.

“Oh. They’re finally going to post the notice of successful candidates”

As we were having our conversation, a person who seemed to be a staff member came and started to post up a big piece of paper on the notice board.

There were the examinees’ number and something that looked like scores written next to it.

“The exam scores for each of the written, target and battle exams are 100 points respectively, totaling to 300 points. The passing score this time will be 170 points and above”

The staff member announced

“Eh?? 170 points!? But it was just 140 points last year……”

“Does that mean the standard is higher this year?”

cried the people around me. 

I don’t know about last year, but what matters is now.

Let’s see…I wonder what’s my score.

I doubt it, but I didn’t fail, did I?

When I looked up, it was written in a prominent place, right at the top,

‘Examinee Number 99      ∞ Points’

There it is.

99 is me.

“Ah, there it is! I made it!”

“T-There’s mine, too! Though it doesn’t seem to be the top spot that I was aiming for……”

It looks like Lara and Marise had passed as well, and they are quite happy right now. 

“Hmm, looks like I’ve passed, too. I’m glad that I didn’t fail. I would be the only one among the three of us if I did fail”

“Obviously! There’s no way Kurt would fail”

“That’s right. More importantly, what do the ∞ points mean? Even I, in second place, only have a score of 285 points…”

That’s what I want to know as well.

—At any rate, I’m now a first-year student at the Magic Academy.

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