TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 6 Part 3


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Chapter 6 Part 3

“T-That’s ridiculous…”

The boy was startled and shaking nervously.


Thanks to Lara and Marise, I think I have got the hang of it.

It is my turn next.

“B-But you won’t defeat me with your defective magic power! You can just run away if you’re scared, you know?”

“No way.”

I ignored the boy and held the steel ball in my left hand.


I will keep the use of body strengthening magic to a minimum.

There is no need to get serious here.

“Then, sensei. I’ll throw it, okay?”

“Anytime you are ready.”

Alright, let me do it right away.

“Here I go!”

I threw the steel ball as if it was a pebble.

It’s just that… I made a mistake again.


The steel ball, which I threw lightly, flew straight and pierced a tree trunk at the edge of the school grounds.


The boy was left slack-jawed.

“T-The tree is going to fall!”

Oh no.

I hurriedly cast a restoration spell on the tree and restored it so that it would not fall.

“Hmm, maybe I put a little too much force into it?”

I tilted my head.

Well, well, holding back is a very difficult thing to do.

“W-What’s going on here…?”

The boy who had started the contest fell to his knees after witnessing the whole scene.

“There’s no need to be so depressed.”

“I-I thought that I would win this contest for sure… This can’t be happening…”

He was mumbling a lot of things, so I just kept quiet.

Earlier, I threw it with my left hand.

But my dominant arm is my right.

The first mistake I made was using my non-dominant left hand because I thought I shouldn’t throw the steel ball too far away.

Telling the boy about it would make him even more depressed, so I would not tell him.

“Well, that’s about it for today…”

After all, even though it is a class, it was still just a child’s game.

There was no need to get any more serious.

“B-Boy! What the hell was that!?”

As I was about to get back in line, Desmond came running up to me.

“Sensei, your face is too close.”

“I don’t care about that! How the hell did the steel ball fly so far? I… or rather, there’s nobody else in the whole world who can do that!”

“…Isn’t that because they didn’t use magic?”

“Magic…? Does that mean that it is possible to throw the steel ball further away with magic? Come to think of it, at the time of the exam, your movements were quite out of the ordinary… so even back then, too?”


It seems that the body strengthening that everyone would have used 1000 years ago is not the norm in this world.

I continued talking to Desmond, who looked puzzled.

“It is a type of magic called body strengthening. With this, it is possible to dramatically increase your physical strength and speed.”

“Such dreamlike magic…?”

“Yes. Please watch me.”

I use Rise Power to build up strength in both legs.

With that, I kicked the ground and leaped.


Desmond’s eyes widened.

I jumped so high up that I could see the rooftop of the Rosanlila Magic Academy.

When I landed on the ground, a cloud of dust rose.

“How’s that? Easy, isn’t it?”

“““I don’t think so!”””

Not only Desmond, but all the classmates on the school grounds responded.

“Mages are great, and they can use magic, but… not me. I have no talent. If only I could use magic, I might also be able to defeat a dragon.”

“Have you ever fought a dragon?”

“It’s just a metaphor. There’s no way we would encounter a mythical creature.”

Honestly, I think Desmond could defeat at least one dragon if only he could learn magic.


“Desmond-sensei. I think you can use magic, though?”

“…What are you talking about? Like I said, I have no talent ──”

“Well, if you want to reach a higher level, it will have something to do with the color of your magic power or the talent itself. But anyone can use at least some magic.”

“T-That’s not possible! Wasn’t magic only for the chosen ones!?”

Desmond raised his voice.

Well, such a misunderstanding is kinda disheartening.

Let me teach him a little of it.

“Desmond-sensei… so…”

I quickly taught Desmond the basics of magic.

“Now, try it out.”

“Mm… then here I go!”

Desmond activated Rise Power on both legs and jumped in the same way I had just done.

He was aiming for the rooftop of the school building ── but not quite, just barely reaching the second floor.

Well, it was his first time, so I guess it is fine.

“Ohh… I’m flying! I just used magic…!”

Desmond’s voice sounded lively as if he was on a high.

But soon he began to fall.

“W-What should I do!? I’m going to hit the ground!”

…Is landing a little hard?

I got right under Desmond and cast gravity magic.

Then, as he approached the ground, Desmond’s fall slowed, and he landed safely.

“How was it? Sensei can use magic too, right?”

“I-I never thought magic was this simple…”

Desmond had a blank look as if he still could not believe it.

The other classmates also started to make a fuss when they saw this.

“W-What just happened?”

“It doesn’t look like sensei was chanting?”

“I’ve never seen this magic before in the first place!”

“I want to use it, too!”

And so my classmates rushed to me.

“Oi-oi, stop pushing.”

What a pain.

I have to teach them about the body strengthening magic to stop the commotion.

But still, I’m just a student.

No matter how much the other students ── including sensei ── want to learn more about magic, I do not think it would be a good idea to disregard sensei by teaching them.

Besides, we are in the middle of a class right now.

It would be a different story with Lara and Marise.


“Mmm. I know what you want to say, boy.”

Desmond puts his hand on my shoulder.

“Just go ahead and teach them! Don’t worry about me!”

said Desmond.

…This is really getting troublesome.


I sighed.

Well, it cannot be helped. I’ll just accept it as a punishment for getting a little too worked up over a child’s game.

“Then I’ll show all of you one more time, and then I’ll teach you how.”

“““Yes! Please!”””

After that.

By the end of the class, all my classmates were able to use simple body strengthening magic.

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