TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 7 Part 1


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Chapter 7 Part 1

On a holiday morning.

── Knock, knock.

I woke up early and was relaxing in my room when there was a knock on the door.

“Hm… What’s the matter, Lara? It’s early in the morning.”

I opened the door and saw Lara.

“Kurt. It’s our day off, and I’m thinking of heading toward the city. I was wondering if you’d like to go with me?”

“I don’t mind, but… what about Marise?”

“Marise-chan is still sleeping. She was up late last night practicing her magic.”

She is as ambitious as ever.

But ── why does Marise work so hard?

I will ask her when I get the chance.

“Mmm, sure. I was free anyway.”

“Thank goodness…! Thank you.”

“I’ll get changed, so please wait a minute.”

With that, I closed the door.

But still, for Lara to say that… I wonder if something happened.

At any rate, I put on the best clothing I had brought with me from the village and set out for the city with Lara.

“Wow, those crepes look delicious!”

While wandering around the city with Lara, we arrived at a large central plaza.

There, she was enticed by a crepe stall.

“Why don’t we eat now? It’s just about lunchtime, too.”


I used some of the rewards from defeating the behemoth in the <<Treasure Labyrinth>>, and paid for Lara’s crepe, too. We then sat down on a bench in front of the fountain.

“Mmmm, it’s delicious!”

Lara was smiling blissfully as she ate her crepe.

She was right, this is pretty good.

The fluffy dough is filled with fruits such as strawberries and grapes, which are then covered with whipped cream.

It was difficult to eat without leaving behind a mess, but once in the mouth, the sweetness spreads quickly.

“Does Lara like sweet things?”

“Yes, I do! There’s no girl who doesn’t like sweet things!”

“Haha, I see.”

In my previous life, such peaceful moments were rare, so I feel quite comfortable in these moments.

“Oh, Lara. You’ve got cream on your mouth.”


I then wiped the cream off the corners of Lara’s mouth with my index finger.

“You are just like a child.”

*Muuu*, “Don’t say that. It’s quite difficult to eat a crepe cleanly.”

Lara, who was acting a little upset, was cute and made me smile.

We were having a leisurely time while chatting about such things.


Lara suddenly exclaims.

A balloon floated away from the hands of a child who was running near us.

“Ahh, my balloon!”

The child jumped several times as he chased after the balloon.

But he could not reach it.

The balloon was soaring higher to the point that it went over the roof of a building.

“Kurt…! Can’t you do something about that…?”

“Leave it to me.”

I stood up and raised my right hand to cast a gravity spell on the balloon.

The balloon, which had flown higher and higher, suddenly descended and returned to my hand.

“Here you go. Don’t let go of it again.”

“Yes! Thank you, big brother!”

I returned the balloon to the kid, and he thanked me and left.

“Kurt is really amazing. That was so cool!”

“That was nothing. If you want… I can grab that sun for you, too.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m kidding.”

That being said, it is possible to do that if I really want to, but there is no need for that now.

After finishing the crepe, we left the central plaza.

“Hey, Kurt. Can you listen to me?”

As we were walking, Lara suddenly stopped and looked back at me.

“What is it?”

“E-Err… I’ve got something I want to tell you, Kurt. Don’t be surprised, okay?”

Just me?

I wondered if she had taken me out to the city to talk about it.

Lara, however, was reluctant to speak.


“What’s the matter?”

“Kurt, you might come to dislike me if I say it. So that’s why…”

“I can already guess what you are going to tell me.”


I continued, disregarding Lara, who looked surprised.

“It’s about Lara’s mother being… the Great Spirit?”

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