Chapter 4 – The Former Demon King, Acquire A Base


Chapter 4 – The Former Demon King, Acquire A Base

On my way back from the dining hall, I saw Lumia practicing her magic in the garden.

It’s almost nightfall and she is still taking otou-sama out for chanting spells.

“……’The one who controls the light’……”


The one next to Lumia is otou-sama.

From my position, I can only see his back.

“’Respond to my voice, O Light’ —- ‘Light Sphere’!!”

A ball of light with the size of a pebble was formed on Lumia’s palm.

Otou-sama next to her clapped his hands.

Wide back, thick limbs. Cut short golden hair.

That’s otou-sama, Georg Grossalia.

“Isn’t that amazing, Lumia! When did you become able to chant accurately!”

“…T, that I can’t say. It’s just that I’ve practiced”

”That’s very nice of you to be so enthusiastic. It’s amazing”

“………The person who are more amazing….is someone else. Otou-sama……”

Lumia then succeeded with her magic a few more times. The curly-tongued chanting still seems to be hard for her.

Finally, my father activated the magic to show an example.

It’s the same ‘Light Sphere’ magic with about the size of a person’s head.

There’s no difference from the common magic back in my era. It’s not developing or declining.

After confirming that, I returned to my room.

“…………Really, it has already been 200 years since I died huh………”

I was sitting on a chair in my room, remembering the words of Kachel-sensei.

Kachel said it has been 220 years since the discovery of the ancient magic and items by the ‘Sanctuary Church’.

The former me, Dean Nosferatu, died 20 years after the discovery of ancient magic and items.

In other words, it’s been 200 years since I died in my past life.

Honestly, I don’t really feel it.

200 years later. Lyle and Alice also……aren’t here anymore…….

……I guess it’s inevitable huh.

Back then, I had no choice but to reincarnate.

But… 200 years huh.

I thought it was a much shorter time because the grammar of magic hadn’t changed.

The social system hasn’t changed much either.

The ‘Ancient Magic’ is still a secret technique that can only be used by a selected few, and those who can use it are at the top of society.

That’s why Kachel-sensei who can use the ‘Ancient Magic’ is very arrogant, nii-sama is trying to join the ‘Magic Guild’ too.

The only difference from 200 years ago is that no one talks about the ‘Sanctuary Church’ anymore.

“……I wonder what happened in the last 200 years”

I’m going to have to investigate it.

I’m sure there was a room in the main building that store the books. If I investigate it, I might be able to find out something.

However, I’m just the illegitimate child, so I don’t have the rights to enter the main building.

I’ll have to come up with a strategy.

“In order to do that, I need to experiment with my skills”

Also, I want to eat meat.

The dinner I had with my maid, Martha, had barely any meat in it.

It can’t be helped. Our meals were divided from the main building after all.

In addition to experimenting with magic, I’m going to hunt the meat myself.

During midnight.

I decided to sneak out of the house as planned.

Baron Grossalia’s mansion is enclosed by a tall fence. There are guards patrolling the yard.

However, I know the course of their patrol.

By using skills, it’s not that hard to sneak out.

Before heading out, I made sure to check my current skills.

‘Yuuki Grossalia’

Age: 13

Race: Human

Stamina: D

Strength: E

Agility: D

Magic: C

Dexterity: D

Skill: None

In order to not surprise Lumia and the others, I usually disguise myself with this status.

The following one is my real status.

‘Yuuki Nosferatu’

Age: 13

Race: Unknown

Stamina: B

Strength: B

Agility: A

Magic: S

Dexterity: B

Skill: Flight. Magical Blood. Stealth. Ice Magic. Servant Creation. Erosion. Purification.

Having this much skill are more than enough.


I kicked the window of my room at the second floor and flew outside.

Lightly, my body rise up from the surface.

As if I didn’t have any weight, my body slid through the air and flew straight out of the premises.

This is nothing. I just temporarily removed my weight through the magic.

With this body, floating like this is the limit. It’s nice to feel like a human.

“Here goes”

I landed on a tree branch outside the premises.

Kicking the branch again, I jumped up.

The guards are unaware of it. My ‘Stealth’ skill is working too.

“…I’ll have to return by morning”

I increased my movement speed.

Several tens of minutes later, I reached the mountains behind the mansion.

This is the mountain where monsters appear and is usually used by otou-sama and Xellos nii-sama for hunting and doing magic training.

This is a perfect spot.

Let’s turn the mountaintop where nobody set foot on into my magic test site.

I jumped from tree to tree, aiming for the mountaintop.

‘I’ve been expecting you’

A servant bat greeted me on a tree near the mountaintop.

“Thank you for the welcome. Well then, let’s perform some magic experiment. Please tell me where the prey that can be used as my practice kit is”

‘Before that, may I? Master’

“What is it?”

‘Can you tell me your name?’

“It’s Yuuki. What about you?”

‘I don’t have a name. You can name me whatever you like’

 “How about Dick?”

‘Thank you very much. It’s a good name’

“It’s the name of an old acquaintance’s father. Before he died, he asked me to take care of Lyle for him”

‘You’re young, aren’t you, master?’

“I was talking to myself. Forget about it. More importantly, where’s the prey?”

‘I’ll guide you. Before master arrive, I’ve marked them’

“I’m counting on you”

I jumped from branch to branch with Dick the bat as my guide.

After advancing for a while, I saw a rabbit at the foot of a tree.

It has golden body hair with horns growing on its head. It’s a ‘Large Rabbit’.

Just the right time. Let’s hunt it.

I’d like to feed the meat to my maid Martha once in a while.

‘The Large Rabbit is a wary beast’

“I know. It has a fairly strong horn and back leg kick”

‘As expected of master. Well educated’

“It’s just general knowledge. Besides, I’m not going to have a close combat. I told you I was going to experiment with magic”

‘It will notice the flame by the light and the wind by the sound, won’t it?’

“My specialty is ice magic”

In my past life, my motto was to keep a low profile.

If I use flashy grand magic, people will be wary of me.

Even so, I still caught the attention of the ‘Sanctuary Church’.

“There’s no sound, no light and no vibration in the air”

I put my hand on the trunk of the tree.

“’Rapid Freezing’ – ‘Frozen Line’”

A thread of ice was born from my fingertips.

It travelled along the trunk and extended to the foot of the tree.


In an instant, the ice thread entwined the Large Rabbit’s legs.


The Large Rabbit noticed the abnormality and started running.

But in front of it is a net of ice.

My magic had created an ice barrier at the foots of the surrounding trees.

‘——uu!! ——u!!’

The ‘Large Rabbit’ runs amok. It got stuck at the foot of a tree now.

The ice thread has completely entwined its body.

No matter how much force is used, it can’t move at all.

“I’m sorry”

I landed on the ground and stabbed the Large Rabbit.

Let’s hang it for a while to drain the blood.

‘A, amazing. Master! That kind of magic, even we won’t be able to escape!’

“It’s a simple magic”

‘No way, that can’t be true. There’s no sound and light! Your prey won’t even know you’re here! It’s the strongest magic to survive in the mountains!’

“Even so, it’s still no match against the ‘Ancient Magic’”

Normal magic is performed by chanting spells and using the magic power in the body to activate it.

That’s why it’s a hassle. Once activated, you must wait a while before it can be used.

I’ve simplified my ice magic as much as possible, but I still can’t use it continuously.

But ‘Ancient Magic’ is different. That one consumes less magic, and it’s also effective for rapid-fire.

In my past life, I’ve seen the priests of the’ Sanctuary Church’ wiped out the bandits using the ‘Ancient Magic’.

The priest shot flames continuously until the bandits were annihilated. Even when the enemy surrendered, they did not stop.

This was one of the reasons why I thought I’m not match for the ‘Sanctuary Church’.

Their ‘Ancient Magic’ was really specialized in combat.

“If only I could use more powerful magic…… I wouldn’t have become the person I am now”

‘Master. My fellow bats have found another ‘Large Rabbit’’

“You have colleagues?”

‘I told them about Master, and they all said they want to be a part of it’

The moment Dick said that, black shadow appeared in the sky.

I looked up and saw a large number of bats flying around.

I don’t know the exact number. Maybe there’s 40 or 50 of them. Something like that. This is unbelievable.

‘I wanted them to know how amazing master is’

Dick the bat flapped its wings proudly.

‘My fellow bats have already grasped everything about this mountain. Please think of this mountain as master’s territory’

“That’s very helpful. You’re a good servant, aren’t you? Dick”

‘I am honored by your praise’

I stroked Dick’s head with my fingertip as it climbed onto my shoulder.

If the bats led by Dick are on my side, I will have all the information regarding the mountain.

This is a good opportunity. I’m going to use this mountain as my base.

“Dick, pick a few liaisons for me. Tell them when a monster out of their league appears, or when a hostile intruder arrives. In return for their service to me, I will use my power”

‘Thank you very much for your kindness’

At the same time Dick bowed its head, the bats soared through the sky in unison.

“Well then, show me where the next ‘Large Rabbit’ is”

‘Affirmative. Please follow me’

Together with Dick the bat, I kicked a branch and headed for my next prey.

Confirmation of skill is completed.

Flight. Magical Blood. Stealth. Ice Magic. Servant Creation. Interspecies Conversation. It’s all available.

Let’s take full advantage of this and continue pretending to be human in this life with all my might.

“After hunted a few more of them, I returned to the mansion. With a plan”

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