Chapter 17 – I Tried To Get Them To Stop Chanting Magic


Chapter 17 – I Tried To Get Them To Stop Chanting Magic

As we descended to the second layer, there was a lush green forest.

“Eh, why?”

“Kurt said the labyrinth is like a different dimension, didn’t he?”

“That’s how it is”

When changing layer, it is not uncommon for the surrounding landscape to change completely.

“It’s just the second layer after all. The one I have conquered—-no, from what I’ve heard, there’s a whole field covered in magma in the labyrinth”

“No way, we won’t even be able to walk on it”

“It’s true. So you’re saying that no human can conquer it?”

…but I conquered it in my past life.

It’s not particularly difficult.

To withstand the high temperature, you only need to modify the magic for body protection.

Other than that, in the labyrinth where you will be transferred between the space of the dimension if you let your guard down even a bit was more troublesome.

The encountered enemies were weak, so it was easy to get carried away.

It was difficult to return to the original place by interfering with the time axis every time I was transferred from one space to another space in the dimension.

“Then let’s proceed into the second layer”

“The deeper the layer, the harder it is to be conquered, right?”

“That’s right”

I answered Lara’s question.

“I wonder if I will be fine. I already had to give it my all back in the first layer”

“Don’t worry. Based on my observation, even if it’s just the two of us, we should be able to conquer the second layer”

That’s my true opinion.

And from what I saw, first layer and second layer doesn’t have much differences.

We proceeded through the forest while looking at the scenery around us.

“Gather yourselves together in these hands, O flame. Be a spear, pierce the enemy and burn them”

A club of monsters appeared and Marise unleashed her magic.

By the way… basically, I let Lara and Marise in handling the extermination of the monsters.

For magic, it’s important to know the theory but having actual battle experiences will be more crucial than that.

I promised to teach them magic after all.

So I have to assign them to do at least this much.

“What’s the matter, both of you? You look tired”

”Haaa, haaa… I’m okay. I don’t want to drag Kurt’s feet”

“I can still do it too!”

With that said, both of them are breathing heavily.

In addition to walking around, they are consuming their magic power.

It can’t be helped.

“Maybe we should take a break around here”

“I, inside the labyrinth?”

Marise open her eyes wide.

“Is that weird?”

“There’s nothing weird about that. It’s just that I can’t stay calm when I think the monsters could attack us at any time…”

”It’s not unusual to take a break inside the labyrinth. It can take days to conquer a labyrinth after all. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the monsters”

I went to a slightly open area and casted a barrier magic, Holiness Circle.

“I’m setting up the barrier here now. If it’s a weak monster, it shouldn’t even be able to find us”

“You just used a difficult magic as easily as that didn’t you?”

”I’ve heard that barrier magic is quite difficult to use though?”

Lara and Marise were surprised, but I don’t mind because I already know that this world has low magic skills.

I sat down on the ground.

“Phew, I’m alive again”

Lara and Marise also sat down in a circle.

”But still…with our magic power, we’ll have a hard time defeating even one monster”

Marise’s face darkened.

“That’s true. Kurt can defeat that many Lizardmen in an instant”

”Why is there such a difference between us and Kurt’s magic? It’s the same Fire Spear after all…”

The two of them seemed to be wondering.

”If it’s a lizardman of that size, both of you will be able to hunt it quickly too. There’s no need to panic”

”I’m feeling frustrated. How can I unleash a magic like Kurt’s?”

Marise got up on her knees and place them together.

The scene where both of them were casting their magic appeared on my mind.

”Hmmm, that’s right… why don’t you try to stop using the embarrassing chanting?

”Stop chanting…? Unleashing magic without chanting…”

“Yeah. And it’s easier that way once you get used to it”

“It’s just Kurt!”

Marise replied with a strong tone.

I looked at Lara and saw her nodding her head while saying “Yes, yes”.

Why’s that?

”It’s not hard to do it without chanting. Besides, if it’s a chanting magic, the magic power will be fixed, so it wouldn’t be as powerful as it should be”

Chanting magic is a method of automatically forming a magic formula when you chant it.

It was a common method used before the magic revolution.

However, because the magic formula is automatically formed, it is inevitably inapplicable.

In addition, since you have to say the chanting words one by one, the speed of deploying the magic will be slowed down too… and since it’s also difficult to make improvements to the magic formula in the first place, so the limit will be reached soon enough.

No matter how well talented Lara and Marise are, if they stay as they are, they’ll soon reach a wall.

“Have you two heard about the chantless magic?”

“I’ve heard that if you don’t chant, the magic formula will be constructed in an imperfect state and become useless”

”I also heard that you can only pour a tenth of the usual amount of magic without chanting, right?”

“What the hell?”

Good grief….

Why is it that the magic revolution that was supposed to have happened became like it has never happened before?

Such a classic way of using magic.

In my world, that would be a laughing stock.

“But how can we use the chantless magic?”

“That’s right. You should be aware that your common sense is not the same as our common sense”

”If it’s the current Lara and Marise, you’d be able to use the chantless magic in no time. That’s right, first of all Lara”


I got Lara to her feet and took her hand from behind.

”Ku, ku…ku…kurt! What are you trying to do all of a sudden?”

“You’re shameless!”

“…what on earth are you two mistaking me for? Listen. I’m going to assist you now, so gather magic in your hands”

“Umm, like this?”

I can feel the magic gathering in both of Lara’s hands.

“That’s right. What does it feel like, now?”

“What do I feel…I feel like my hands are getting warm and cozy. And my heart is pounding”

“Good, that’s it. I’m sure your heart rate is rising too”

”Maybe, but I think it’s because Kurt is holding my hand…”

Why does her heart rate rise just because I’m grabbing her hand?

“Try forming the magic formula for Fire Spear in your mind”

”Hmm…is this okay?”

“That’s enough. Just keep your eyes open”


Lara was surprised.

That’s because from her hand, a Fire Spear flew out and landed on the ground.

“J, just now! Even though I didn’t chant any magic, a Fire Spear flew out!”

“That’s right. This is chantless magic”

”The magic gathered with a bang and flew out of my hand with a bang!”

It’s a pretty abstract expression, but if she does it a few more times, she’ll get the feeling of chantless magic.

That way, the rest will be quick.

“Kurt! Me too!”

“All right, all right”

I did the same to Marise, holding her hand from behind.

“Ugh……it’s my first time holding hands with a man……”

Why is her neck up to her face dyed in bright red color?

–About an hour after that.

I taught both of them the chantless magic.

And the outcome.



The two of them called out at the same time.

Then a small Fire Spear was shot from Lara and Marise’s hands.

“We did it! It’s the first time we’ve made it without Kurt’s help!”

“But…as expected, this is all I could do, aren’t the chanting magic stronger in this case”

Certainly, in terms of power and accuracy, the Fire Spear released from both of them now seemed to be weaker than before.


”That’s because you’re not used to it yet. If you keep practicing a few times, you’ll soon be stronger with the chantless magic”

“How soon will it be?”

At Lara’s question, I thought about it for a moment,

“About three days”

“Three days! That fast?”

“Yeah. It’s a longer estimation though?”

After hearing my words, Lara and Marise’s eyes twinkled.


First of all, even if it’s just the two of them, I’m glad they are aware of the inefficiency of chanting.

”Well then, it’s about time we get going, shall we? The second layer doesn’t seem particularly unusual, let’s move on to the third layer”



After removing the barrier, we headed to the third layer.

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