TDK Vol. 1 Chapter 11 Part 2


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Chapter 11 Part 2

“Stay away from him! Yuuki Grossalia, Odette Sorey!!”

“I will not have a dead man in Her Royal Highness Princess Iris’s knight escort examination!!”

Shouts were heard.

At the same time, there was the sound of skeletons being blown to pieces.

Beyond the undead horde were the mage, Demeter, and General Barnes.

Demeter casts her spell, and General Barnes swings his axe, as they head toward us.

“Please make way, General. I’ll stop the departed spirits myself!!”


General Barnes swings his long-handled axe and charges into the skeleton horde.


With a scream, the skeletons and ghosts disappear, and a path opens up.

With that, Demeter took the chance and started to run.

“Stay away from my students, departed spirits! Activate!! The ‘Thorn of the Underworld, Darkness Thorn’!!”

Demeter’s magic activated.

Thorns made of magic power sprouted from the ground and surrounded Guiel’s body.

She tried to entangle him with the spirit ──


“── What!?”

The barrier created by the dead priest stopped her magic.

‘This is the extent of magic in this era, huh? The spell activation is slow and also not powerful enough.’


‘I. Of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’. Will have to be the guide, after all!!’

A windstorm swirled.

It was so strong that Demeter and Barnes were blown away.

Furthermore, the dead priest shot through the ceiling of the cave with his magic.

Parts of the cave ceiling collapse, forming a wall in front of Demeter and Barnes.

“Yuuki-dono! Odette Sorey!!”

“What are you going to do to the apprentices, departed spirit!!?”

‘I have no use for humans. Thus, my only wish is to take back the ‘Ancient Artifact’.’

The departed spirit laughed with a gaunt face.

‘Then we of the ‘Sanctuary Church, Elysium Temple’, will guide the people. For the sake of human evolution ──’

“Shut up.”

My dagger cut off the arm of the departed spirit.

‘── When did you get close!? Boy!?’

“The dead don’t disturb the living. Get lost. Departed spirit.”

Finally, I can move at last.

Odette and I are allies, after all.

I had to hold her and stay down until the windstorm died down.

‘To have cut off my arm, the mage of this era is not so bad…’

The dead priest laughed.

The arm I had cut off is slowly regenerating.

‘Still, this is not enough. I am the great Seventh Priest ──’

“Activate! Skill ‘Purification’!!”

A sizzling sound can be heard. And the spirit’s hand vanished without a trace.

‘Gyaaaaahhhhhh! Damn you! W-What is thi──!!’

The dead priest exclaimed.

My ‘Magical Blood, Mistel Blood’ can be freely manipulated for a certain period of time even after it leaves my body.

If I apply the blood to the dead priest and activate my ‘Purification’ skill, I can even wipe the dead priest from existence.

‘What ── are you!? N-No, just who the hell are you!!’

“You look pathetic. Aren’t you the Seventh Priest?”


“You people who called me a monster and the king of vampires and then tried to get rid of me, yet now you look so pathetic. What are you doing, human!?”

‘What? What are you talking about!?’

“Silence! Departed spirit of the past, just get the hell out of here or go somewhere else where you won’t be a nuisance!!”

I kicked the ground, flew, and raised my dagger at the neck of the departed spirit.


Blades of ice formed around him and flew towards me.

I dodged it just in time and landed on the ground.


“I’m fine, Odette.”

I just got a little cut on my left arm. But it will heal soon.

‘H-How is it? Don’t get carried away! Boy!!’

“── ‘Purification’.”

I activated my purification skill again and ‘purified’ Guiel Wolfgang, who was bathed in my blood.

‘── G-Gaaaahhhhhhhh!!’

The dead priest then left Guiel’s body.

At that moment, I took Guiel in my arms and moved to the depths of the cave.

I got hit by his magic earlier was for this exact purpose, and that’s to shower my ‘Magical Blood, Mistel Blood’ on Guiel.

Using ‘Purification’ in that state allows me to remove the possession.

I still have to extract information from this guy. So I can’t let the departed spirit devour his mind.

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