TDK Vol. 1 Chapter 11 Part 3


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Chapter 11 Part 3

“Guiel is saved! He’s all yours now, Odette!!”


Odette simultaneously draws two crests with her fingertips.

She brought forth a flowing chant with her beautiful voice.

“‘Ancient Magic’!! ‘Earth God Boisterous Dance, Force of Earth’!!”

Several ‘Stone Spears’ are formed from the ground.

All at once, the ‘Stone Spears’ flew up and pierced the dead priest.

‘Arrggghhhh!! Y-You little girl…!!’

“‘Fire God’s Relentless Barrage, Ifrit Blow’!!”

I lay Guiel on the ground and drew a crest on the palm of my hand.

Immediately after, I strike the dead priest with another ‘Ifrit Blow’.

‘Gyaaaaahhhhhh!! Gaaaahhhhhhhh!!’

“Departed spirits possess the living to gain magic power. They feed on magic power to materialize. Now that you are separated from Guiel, you can no longer replenish your magic power!!”

‘Boy! How did you know so much at such a young age!?’

“You are one to talk. A nearly two hundred years old dead spirit in such a sorry state, what a shame!!”

‘── What!?’

“Don’t you talk about human evolution now! Even those ‘Demi Humans’ were eliminated for that purpose!! As a result, you started the war and annihilated them. But in the end, you have turned into a dead spirit and possess a child! I feel sorry for those who have perished because of you!!”

Seriously. These people started the war and messed up the world even after all the sacrifices I made.

“If you feel frustrated, evolve and fly off far beyond the stars. You incompetent priest!!”


shouted the dead priest.

‘Give me the holy sword! If I study the sealed holy sword ■■ solve the puzzle of evolution, ■■ I can be reborn!!’

“Reborn, you say?”

Odette muttered to herself.

“What we have here is a holy sword that can destroy the wicked. Supposedly, the dead wouldn’t want it, but… just what is the secret behind it…?”

“Okay. Let’s check it out.”

“……What? Yuuki!?”

“Here goes.”

I grasped the hilt of the holy sword buried in the wall and pulled.

‘──── Welcome back. My Lord.’

A voice that I had heard before echoed in my head.

‘You are registered as a user of the Holy Sword Rinkal, My Lord.’

‘The Holy Sword Rinkal is currently sealed.’

With an unpleasant sound, the holy sword was pulled out.

The blade of the holy sword has bright red rust on it. It was as if ── the blood had dried on the blade ──?

“‘Erosion, Hacking’.”

I cut my fingertips and put a drop of blood on the hilt of the holy sword.

Magic power starts to flow into it.

I am going to use ‘Erosion, Hacking’ on the ‘seal’ of this holy sword.

Internals of the magic ── Analysis Begin.

Analysis of the magic structure ── Confirming the Sealing Magic.

Magic power patterns ── Analysis Complete.

I see.

It’s got the blood of a monster that died about two hundred years ago stuck to it, and that was what sealed it.

Unless someone with the same magic power as the monster appears, it cannot be removed from its scabbard.

The coarse, dried blood is stuck to the blade.

The blood carries the same magic power as that of Dean Nosferatu, the ‘Immortal Mage, Lord of Nosferatu’.

“This is… the holy sword that killed me?”

I continue the analysis with ‘Erosion, Hacking’.

Permeating the old magical blood ── Eroding the Seal.

Reactivation of the Holy Sword Rinkal ── Successful.

Analyzing its unique abilities ── Deciphering.

The ability of this Holy Sword Rinkal is ──

‘The annihilation of the soul of the wicked, and bestow reincarnation to the righteous. However, the power of reincarnation has been used up.’

…Wait a minute.

I was stabbed by this sword. So this is how I was reincarnated.

The sword’s ability is “If the person stabbed is a good person, they can be reincarnated”.

So it reincarnated me, the ‘Immortal Mage, Lord of Nosferatu’ and ‘Vampire King, Vampire Lord’? Isn’t its verdict a little too sloppy?

Moreover, we are linked to each other.

Because it was sealed with my ‘Magical Blood, Mistel Blood’, and the blood has seeped inside.

This sword can probably only be used by one other person and me.

“Well, that’s fine. Hear my call. Holy Sword Rinkal!!”

The rust stuck to the blade crumbled away.

The silver blade that appeared… looks awfully familiar to me.

Lyle was in tears at the time.

I thought the holy sword might know what happened to Lyle after that, but this sword only talks in systemic terms. It’s just a magic item without a will.

“Y-Yuuki!? What are you doing!? With the Holy Sword!!”

“Didn’t Odette say it just now? That this is a holy sword that can destroy the wicked.”

“But is there anyone who can just pull it out!?”

“I’m sorry. I was careless. I’ll put it back now.”

“Stop! Is there anyone who would just put it back!?”

“So what should I do?”

“You are just absurd! How did the sealed holy sword get……”

“We’ll talk later. I’m going to go get rid of the dead priest.”

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