Chapter 1 – The Mage Who Was Too Strong


Chapter 1 – The Mage Who Was Too Strong

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“Too weak”

I looked at the ‘Demon Vonbax’ that has collapsed in front of me and murmured that.

“Even though I came all the way here……but I’m afraid I have been deceived”

I thought he might be trying to catch me off guard by pretending to be beaten up, but apparently that wasn’t the case by the looks of it.

I let out a sigh and put away the magic power surged from my body.

–Is there no one stronger than me in this world anymore?

Just the thought of it makes me feel sad.

I had been training day and night aiming to become the strongest mage.

More efficient magic.

Stronger magic.

In this way, I continued to improve the existing magic and aimed for even greater heights.

As a result of it, I realized that all the methods of using the magic that I used to believe in were inefficient.

I crushed the old ‘common sense’ of magic into pieces and chanted a new way of using the magic.

It was just to make myself stronger.

As I was just doing that, there was a revolution happening in the world before I even knew it.

It is commonly called the ‘Magic Revolution’.

Some called me a ‘Heretic’ for breaking the existing ways and opened the door to a new magical world.

I was both praised and shunned.

But it didn’t matter to me.

I didn’t intend to be with the crowd, because I wish I could master the magic alone

So I went to the ruined castle in search of a stronger one.

There is a demon called Vonbax here.

He was also called the God of Slaughter. At the moment he appeared in this world, he destroyed the Empire without any warning.

The demon is said to be waiting for a strong person to appear in the castle of the destroyed Empire.

According to one theory, this demon is said to be stronger than the Demon King.

I also felt sympathy for such a situation, so I headed for the demon.

I thought this could be the strong guy that I’ve been looking for.

However, the results were disastrous.

“I can’t believe the Empire was destroyed by just a scum”

What a shame.

The moment I met this guy, I casted an oversized spell as a greeting.

It seemed that the demon had deployed a defensive magic, but such a thing was as good as a piece of paper.

And now this demon is lying on the floor.

He died on the first blow.

It was a very short scene of an act.

“Perhaps……there’s no one else in this world to entertain me?”

Thinking like that made me felt empty inside.

At the same time, fear surged in.

How many years do I have to live from now?

Even if I continue to train my magic, I don’t have the chance to show it.

At any rate, the magic that killed the demon with one blow this time was something that I had created ten years ago.

There was stronger magic, but I didn’t have to use it.

–I’m bored of this life.

In that case.

If the world were 1000 years from now, wouldn’t there will be something that can keep me more entertained?

For a long time, I had considered the possibility that the demon was a scum.

Besides, I’m also tired of being envied by the nobles and being harassed for no good reason.

That’s why I was creating a certain kind of magic.

“Reincarnation Magic — deploy”

I built up the magic power.

Yes, it’s a reincarnation.

I’m tired of this life.

In that case, let’s reincarnate to a world 1000 years from now.

If it was a world 1000 years from now, I guess the magic skills may have advanced by leaps and bounds.

That’s the kind of world I’d like to see.

Because there might be someone who can satisfy me if it’s that kind of world.

“……Good. It seems that the reincarnation magic is maneuvering normally”

The light of the magic fills the castle.

I poured all my magic power into it.

Gradually, my vision became blurred and I felt like my soul was being pulled away.

I prayed—

Wishing there would be someone stronger than me in a world 1000 years from now.

Thus, I activated the reincarnation magic without telling anyone.

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