Chapter 24 – My First Lips


Chapter 24 – My First Lips

“The tricks to chantless magic are in the construction of the magic formula, the flow of magic, the imagery and so on”


Lara sat on the sofa and nodded.

”Until now you have been chanting the half-baked magic formula that would be constructed on its own to unleash the magic. So, you never really cared about the flow of magic, did you?”


“Because that’s the common sense of this world. So, it is inevitable”

“This world…?”


It was a slip of the tongue.

Lara tilted her head.

I’m still thinking of keeping the reincarnation magic as a secret from everyone. After all, I don’t like making unnecessary fuss.

Ahem, after a deceptive coughing fit.

“A, anyway! Let’s practice the flow of magic this time. if it’s just that, it can be done in this room too”

“Please do!”

And Lara bowed deeply.

Whew. I’m glad she didn’t poke into it too much.

“But what do I have to do with the flow of magic?”

“Let’s see……hmm that’s right, I’m going to hold your hands for a while”


She looked surprised when I took her hands.

While facing each other, I hold her hands to intertwine our fingers and then a very small amount of magic was sent through it.

”How are you feeling?”

“I, it’s amazing! My body is starting to feel kind of hot and kind of strange too!”

Lara blushed and said.


For me, it was supposed to be a drop or so, but was it too much?

Isn’t the heat generated only when there’s excessive magic?

…let’s further reduce it.

“What about now?”

“Y, yeah……I’m calmer than just now”

Gradually, Lara’s complexion returned.

Umu…… There’s too little magic being sent, it’s a difficult task but there’s no choice.

”I did something similar when I taught you before……but it was only to assist you. This time I need you to do your best to figure out the flow of magic on your own”

“Y, yeah”

“Besides, by applying this, we can supply magic to those who are running low on magic”

“Eh…? So, you’re saying that if a mage is energetic, they can help someone who are running out of magic?”

“Well yes…but I don’t really recommend it. The magic color…has different types such as the defective one and so on. If it matches then it’s quite useful, but if it’s not then it’ll causes unnecessary tiring. Lara has the unfortunate magic and mine are the defective one, so this time it’s just for practice”

“Is that so……”

“Hmm? You should know, right?”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it~!”

Wasn’t the knowledge of magic supply a common sense too…?

Well, let’s leave that aside first. It’s irrelevant right now.

“All right. I’m going to try moving Lara’s magic around”

“I understand—kyaa!”

Lara lets out a short shriek.

“How is it. Do you feel anything?”

“It makes me feel weird~~~. But it’s like there’s water moving around inside me”

“That’s right. That’s the flow of magic. Right now, I’m moving your magic around to the right, but do give it a try and stop it”

“Y, yeah”

Lara desperately tries to stop the flow of magic.

“Put more strength into it. Maybe it’s easier to do it if you try holding your breath first”

“Yes! If I also move my body around a bit, it’s even easier to do it!”

“That’s right. You have good talents”

While holding both of my hands, Lara moved her body in an arc.

Although her strength is weak, but she seemed to be slowly learning the tricks.

“Alright…shall we end it here?”


The moment we separated our hands, Lara pressed her hands against the back of the sofa and let out a breath.

“It’s very tiring”

“Well, it’s a special training after all. Now, think of the Fire Spear’s magic formula and try to unleash it. But, don’t unleash it by mistake”

“I understand! …Waa! It’s even easier than when I did it in the labyrinth!”

Lara held her hands up in front of her and looked surprised.

I can see that she has gotten better.

Her flow of magic has improved and are able to unleash less wasted magic.

With this, she will be able to consume less magic than the time she did it in the labyrinth, and can unleash high-power magic too, I think.

“Even though I assisted you earlier, but you can check the flow of magic on your own when you are free. Because I’m sure you will get better like that”

“Yeah! Thank you, Kurt! Although it was just a bit…… but under Kurt’s guidance, I feel like I have become stronger!”

Lara broke into a big smile.

I unintentionally got captivated by that.


“What’s wrong, Kurt?”

“Be quiet for a while. There’s someone outside the room”

“Ehh…! Mmmm!”

I raised the index finger of my left hand to my mouth and covered Lara’s mouth with my right hand.

I focused on my detection magic.

This form is……Erika-sensei?

“That’s weird. How come… I can hear a girl’s voice coming out of Kurt’s room?”

Erika-sensei’s voice came from the other side of the door.

After hearing that, Lara must have guessed it too, so she shrank back and hid her breath.

”Could it be……illicit sexual relationship! If that’s the case, then even if the other party is a non-standard genius, they must be punished too!”

She looks angry.

“Uwa… I think she’s going to enter the room”


We hurriedly hid into the closet.

Fortunately, I had just moved into the dormitory, so there’s almost no clothes inside the closet.

After a while.

”……seems like she has left”

Using the detection magic, I confirmed that Erika-sensei didn’t enter the room and had went somewhere else.

As expected, she wouldn’t do something like entering the room without notice.

However, I’m likely to be questioned tomorrow…….

“I’m feeling depressed”


“Ah, I’m sorry. Your mouth was still being blocked”

I moved my hand away from her mouth.

I was too preoccupied earlier to be aware of it, but to be in close contact with a girl in such a dim place….

I felt the beating of my heart was rising.

“Hey Kurt”

“What is it?”

Lara’s face is right in front of me.

She is as cute as a cute little animal.

Lara fidgeted and continued.

“How does Kurt feel about me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh… do you like me or hate me, that’s what I mean!”

What is Lara saying in such a place?

Oh, I get it.

Did she think I hate her for making me to go along with her for a special training this late at night?

If that’s the case.

“It’s okay. I don’t hate you”

“Does that mean…?”

“If I don’t hate you, that means I like you”

I said that with the intention to cheer her up.

However, Lara interpreted it differently,

“I’m glad……hey Kurt”

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Can you close your eyes for a while?”


I did as she asked.

Then — something soft was pressed against my lips.


I reflexively open my eyes.

There was Lara’s lips, touching mine.

“……Fuu. I’m sorry. For doing something like this suddenly”

“No……it’s okay. It was too sudden, so I’m just feeling surprised”

Although I could barely say that, but I was definitely shaken up.

I wasn’t familiar with this kind of experience in my past life, so it can’t be helped.

But still……that was dangerous!

My mind went blank for a moment.

If we were to be attacked by a monster during this time, we might be in a bit of danger.


“What is it?”

“……Can I do it again?”

I moved my head up and down in response to her question.

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