Chapter 2 – I Reincarnated, And It Was A Decadent World


Chapter 2

I Reincarnated, And It Was A Decadent World

Let’s conclude.

My reincarnation spell was a success.

Moreover, the world was exactly 1000 years later.


When I found out, I secretly performed a gut pose to myself. However, I’m still just a baby.

“Oh…! So, I’m finally the father of a child”

“Look, Dad! Kurt-chan, you have an angelic look on your face!”

My parents hugged me and let me rub their cheeks against mine.

Now I was born into the world as the eldest son of the Lepracta family.

My father’s name was Alois. My mother’s name was Emilia.

And I was given the name Kurt… Kurt Lepracta.

The house was not exceptionally wealthy, nor was it poor. It’s a middle-class family.

I’ve received a lot of affection from Alois and Emilia, who were a bit of a silly parent, and I’m twelve years old now.

So far, my life has been without any problems.

But apparently, it was the world that was the problem.

“What has become of this world…?”

I put down the book I was reading, and I was appalled.

It’s been twelve years since I’ve been here.

Is that possible?

Is something wrong?

I’ve been living my life wondering about it, but apparently, I’m not wrong.

This world was more declined than it was when I lived here 1000 years ago.

Especially when it comes to magic techniques.

1000 years ago. I’ve revolutionized magic, and all of mankind was going to benefit from it.

However, in this world 1000 years later, it seems that magic was considered special, as ‘it can only be used by those with a certain amount of talent’.

I am surprised by this.

Before the Magic Revolution, even children around here were using magic in general.

I guess you could say that the magic was infused into our daily lives.

But in a world 1000 years from now, almost no one uses magic.

In addition to that, we don’t see any of the magical tools that were so well developed.

“What the hell has happened in the last 1000 years…?”

What kind of magic techniques will be developed after 1000 years?

What kind of useful magical tools were used in the city?

It was disappointing that I had my heart pumping.

…but it’s too early to tell yet.

The village where I was born was quite rural.

Maybe it’s just in this small village.

Left behind in a magical civilization…

Looking at the current situation, it seems unlikely.

“Well, Dad, Mom. I’m going out to play again today”

“Oh, be careful”

Dad replied while reading the newspaper.

“Kurt. I’ve said it many times, but you can’t go to the nearby woods, can you? That’s where the monsters live, after all”

“Yeah. I know”

I waved to my worried mother and then left the house.

The place I’m heading to was, of course, the nearby forest where the monsters live.

It was just a short walk out of the village.

My father and mother…or rather, the people of the village tell me that I can’t go to the nearby forest.

However, the only thing I can enjoy in the countryside where there was nothing was the so-called ‘monster hunting’.

If I don’t unleash my magic on a monster occasionally, my body will become sluggish.

“But there are no monsters to entertain me”

As I was walking in the forest, a wolf-type monster named Wolf appeared from the front.

I am able to find one quickly today. I guess I’m in luck.

“Let’s… do it”

As soon as the Wolf saw me, it turned it’s fangs on me and charged at me.

There’s only two seconds left for it to get here…

In my past life, fighting within 0.001 seconds was the norm, as this was considered as slow, so I yawned.

I decided to slowly assemble the magic formula.

By pouring magic power into the completed magic formula, the magic was then set in motion.

While the Wolf was still far ahead, a flame in the shape of a spear appeared in front of me.

It was a lower level magic known as Fire Spear.

That should be enough for this guy.

The Fire Spear went straight ahead with a grunge and pierced the Wolf.


With a surprisingly cute squeal, the Wolf was pierced by the spear and tumbled to the ground.

“Well, in my past life, most of the monsters ran away as soon as they saw me, so this kind of monster is pretty valuable”

It was when I was about to approach the fallen Wolf.

A pack of Wolves showed their faces as they surrounded me.

“So, you’re saying your friend got beaten up and came to check on him…?”

Of course, it was intentional to allow them to get this close.

Using detection magic, I had already noticed a pack of Wolves were approaching since long ago.

“All right, come on, you’re on. It will be a good exercise”


The wolves howled and charged at me in unison.

And the pack of wolves tumbled in less than five seconds after the battle had begun.

“Whew. I’ve gotten a lot of my strength back”

I open my fist to check the familiarity of the magic.

I’m still far from the heyday of my past life.

But I could tell it was getting steadily closer.

“Now, let’s continue the hunt some more”

After an hour or so of monster hunting, I went back to the house.

“I’m home”

“Welcome home. Kurt! I was worried about you!”

As soon as I get home, my mom hugs me.

I had only left the house for a little while…

“You worry too much, Mom”

“But, but! Kurt-chan is…”

Mom stares at me intently with tears in her eyes.

‘Yes, Kurt. If you run into a wolf in the woods, it will be a big problem. Even a vigilante would put his life on the line to take one down”

…I’ve already killed over 30 Wolves since then though?

“It’s okay, Dad. If any monster appear… I’ll use my magic to defeat them”

”Hahaha, that’s reassuring. Well, I’m sure you’re gifted in some ways… but magic is a very interesting joke”

I’m not kidding. It’s been a while since I killed a monster.

Incidentally, I did not tell my parents that I can use magic.

It was because I didn’t want to be bothered by the unnecessary fuss.

“That’s because you have a defective magic. But magic is not the only thing that is appealing though”

“That’s right, Kurt. I don’t know about you but… you know, defective magic is the least suitable for magic, right? So, Kurt-chan, don’t do anything dangerous!”

Yes, this common sense of ‘defective magic’ was what surprised me the most.

There were different types of magic and they were colored.

It was the same as 1000 years ago.

But… defective magic?

What are you talking about?

I’ve got the most suitable magic color for magic in this life – the golden color, isn’t it?

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