Chapter 13 – I Came To See The Examination Results


Chapter 13 – I Came To See The Examination Results

“What do you think of this year’s examinees?”

Inside the conference room of the Rosanlila Magic Academy.

The staff had gathered there to discuss this year’s exam.

“It’s very good”

One of the staff members said.

”First, from the famous family of mage, the daughter of the Sizenosna family, Marise Sizenosna. Even though she has ‘inferior magic’, her talents are amazing. She had also used superlative magic in the practical exam. She’s by far the most outstanding student in the examination”

“That girl Lara, was splendid too. Even though she couldn’t hit the mud puppet, but she was able to unleash a high-powered spell. She will get stronger with training”

Everyone in the conference room seemed to be excited as they uttered their notable examinees one after another.

The headmaster crossed his arms and listened to it in silence but,

“Hmm. I understand what you guys were saying. But there was only one boy with extraordinary powers, isn’t it? A boy named Kurt”

At the mention of that name, the previously talkative examiners stopped talking.

The magic of that boy, Kurt, was too overwhelming.

So much so that it was as if they were witnessing a pipe dream.

“What about Kurt’s test scores?”

“Of course, he has exceeded the passing score for both the target and practical examinations”

“What about his written exam?”

“His written exam was splendid too. The magic formula he drew was several levels higher than what we had expected, and the best one was the final question”

“The final question… Oh, that question was made based on the assumption that it couldn’t be solved”

”That’s right, it’s from the lost magic theory from 1000 years ago. What he wrote on his answer sheet was supplemented by the theory of the lost magic, which was said to be ‘unfeasible’”

“What did you say…?”

”If you present it to the institute, there will be a revolution. That’s the kind of content. Besides, our current ability hasn’t reach there yet”

The staff members shrugged.

Upon hearing this, the headmaster was totally at a loss for words by the arrival of great talents.

It is possible that Kurt — will be able to achieve the ‘revolution’ that the headmaster desired.

“Then it has been decided”

“Yeah. No complaints”

“Good. Kurt Lepracta will—”

◆    ◆

Time flies, finally the day of the examination result announcement had arrived.

“I’m nervous”

As I made my way to the magic school, Lara said, “Kurt! Let’s go see it together!” and ran over to me.

There was no particular reason to refuse, so we decided to go see the examination result together.

“I guess so”

“Do you really think so? Kurt, you look the same as usual….”

“That’s not true. I’m also worried about whether I’ve really passed”

This is a truth.

I was confident in the exam content, but it’s also possible that I may have made a huge mistake.

Perhaps the examiner was not satisfied with my performance, or maybe I had been disqualified.

”If it’s Kurt, it will be a pass for sure! Or rather, if Kurt can’t pass, no one can”

While having such a conversation, we proceeded to the place where the scores of the examination result were presented.

When I observed the surroundings, everyone looked tense.

At that moment.


Just as I thought someone called out, a girl approached us in increasing steps.

“Kurt Lepracta!”

“You’re…if I’m not mistaken, it’s Marise right?”

“So you still remember me”

Marise patted her chest in relief.

However, she quickly shook her head.

”O, of course, right! We did fight during the practical exam after all! Though there was a difference in our abilities……”

“You’re mumbling something, are you all right?”

“I’m fine!”

Marise crossed her arms and looked away.

Marise… In the low level exam, she was the only one who used the intermediate magic Holy Sword.

Lara was the same too, I noticed she has good aptitude.

“Besides… it’s shameless to bring a girl with you on an important day such as the announcement day of the examination result!”

“Huh? Me?”

“I’m right after all, isn’t it? It’s truly regrettable! How could I lose to such a guy…”

”Wa wa wa, Kurt and I don’t have the kind of relationship that Marise-chan was thinking about! Though that is what I’m hoping for eventually…”

Lara was murmuring something.

I know a thing or two about magic.

However, since I was unfamiliar with such experiences from my past life, I don’t really understand what a girl is thinking about.

“Marise-chan. I’m Lara. Nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you…eh, I didn’t come to this school to make friends!”


It seems like they are getting along well.

“Oh. They’re going to post the examination results”

While we were doing that, a person who seemed to be the staff member came over and posted a large piece of paper on the notice board.

There were the examinees’ number and something that looked like the scores written next to it.

“The test score for each of the written, target and practical examinations are 100 points respectively. That’s a total of 300 points, and 170 points and above will be the passing score this time”

The staff member announced that,

“Eh? 170 points! It was just 140 points last year…”

“Does that mean the level is higher this year?”

Lots of complaints can be heard from the surroundings.

I don’t know about last year, but the current moment is much more important.

Starting from the bottom of the large piece of paper, I looked at the examinees’ number in order.

……don’t have.

It’s not easy to find it, huh?

Where the hell is it?

Could it be I failed?

At last, there were only the top five examinees left.

With my heart thumping, I continued to look up.

‘Examinee number 99 | ∞ points’  <— (Infinity)

There it is.

99 means it’s me.

“A, ah there it is! I did it!”

”Wow, I did it too! Though it’s not the kind of target that I was aiming for…”

It looks like Lara and Marise had passed too as they were jumping up and down happily.

“So I had passed too. I thought I had failed because my number weren’t showing up”

“That can’t be true!”

”That’s right. And what does the ∞ points mean? Even I, in the second place, have a score of 285 points only…

That’s what I want to know too.

“In any case, I’m glad I passed the examination”

With this, I’m now a first-year student at the Magic Academy.

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