Chapter 35 – It Seems That I Hate The Empire Very Much Too


Chapter 35 – It Seems That I Hate The Empire Very Much Too

“A problem…? What could it be?”

The headmaster asked.

While thinking of the Empire that I knew from my past life, I answered.

“I think this alone will only give the Empire an excuse”

“Wha…! Even with all this evidence?”

“Yeah. Looking at headmaster and the teachers’ expressions, the magic I just used isn’t very common, isn’t it?”

They nodded in silence at my question.

“If that’s the case, then surely the Empire would say something like, ‘This stuff is fake. Isn’t that the magic of being able to create footage the way you want them to be?’”

Without a doubt, the Empire did used the surveillance magical device which is a super technology and even Arnold had used the lost magic.

So surely they should know about the magic I just used.

However, I think the Empire is not that stupid as to say it.

“Damn……so what you are saying is that the Empire will still make excuses even if we show them these footages!? How shameless!”

“That’s so cowardly of them”

“But given the attitude of the Empire so far, it’s very likely that Kurt is right”

The headmaster, Erika-sensei and Desmond were equally angry.

I also think that the Empire is cowardly……but knowing the evil deeds that they did in my past life, I feel like this is not the end of it yet.

1000 years ago, despite having signed a peace treaty with the neighboring country, the Empire still invaded them in the middle of the night.

Be it a woman or a child, the Empire had killed them all.

While placing the edge of a sword to the King’s daughter’s neck, they said, “If this girl’s life is spared, then she will be a slave to the Empire for the rest of her life”, which is sickening.


“……well at any rate, I’m sure it’ll work out somehow”

I spoke the truth.

The Empire in a world 1000 years later is cowardly too, but I felt that they have become weaker compared to how they once were in my past life.

I guess it’s not just the magic civilization that has declined, but their intellect too.

So I can’t help but feel like it will work out somehow.

“Is, Is that true?”

The headmaster leans forward from his desk.


In fact, this isn’t the only evidence that the Empire cheated.

“You’re much better than the teachers”

Erika-sensei murmured something.

“Headmaster. Why don’t you ask Kurt to do what we had originally planned?”

It looks like Desmond has a suggestion for the headmaster.

As originally planned?

What is it? I have a bad feeling again.

“Um……Kurt. Can you do me a favor?”

“It depends on what you’re asking”

Then the headmaster made up his mind.

“Please……! There will be a conference with the Empire in two weeks later, and I want Kurt to join us!”

“……are you being serious?”

I asked the headmaster, but he didn’t seem to be joking.

“I’m just a student, you know? Will it be okay for me to participate in the adults’ conference?”

“It’s fine. Besides, Kurt is not a guy who fits into the category of a student. Erika-sensei and Desmond-sensei also think so, right?”

And the headmaster looked at them.

“As a teacher, I feel frustrated……but no one can compete with the Empire better than Kurt. Can you help us?”

“I have a feeling you can handle it. To be honest, I’m not very good in dealing with a conference……”

Erika-sensei and Desmond seemed to agree too.

Oh jeez…….

But I don’t really like the Empire too.

I felt disgusted just by remembering the faces of the guys from the Empire.


Apart from helping the headmaster and Erika-sensei…

If I meet those guys from the Empire again, I might get more clues to the ‘truth’ of this world.

“I understand. I’ll come with you”

“Thank you…!”

The headmaster bowed so low that his forehead almost touched the desk.

For a person in a higher position to bow in such a way……I think it’s very admirable.

“So…..will the conference be held here?”

“No, it will be held in the neutral city of Sifrea”

Well, I guess it wouldn’t be fair if the conference is held in the home base of either side.

Even so……I don’t feel like it will be a peaceful conference.

There’s likely to be a fight.

As for me, I’m more than happy to fight, so I welcome it.

“I’ll have Kurt to join us, but you don’t need to worry about the outcome. I can’t let a mere student to bear all the responsibilities”

“What are you talking about?”

I declared to the headmaster, with his pathetic resolve.

“We must win at all costs”

◆ ◆

The next day.

I told Lara and Marise about it in the classroom.

“……that’s what happened”

“Eeehhh! The Empire still can spout such nonsense despite cheating!”

It’s Lara who looked surprised.

She was the first girl I met after arriving in the Royal Capital, and although she looked natural, she had a surprisingly sharp intuition.

“I was expecting it to some extent”

said Marise with a composed expression.

She’s a girl who I had fought against in the magic school’s entrance exam, and she hates losing.

“Why’s that, Marise-chan?”

“They are the people who have done all those things, you know? It wouldn’t be a surprise if they said this much, right? Besides……there are a lot of bad rumors about the Empire”

“Bad rumors?”

“There seems to be no evidence of it, but apparently there are rumors that they did a lot of injustice”

Compared to Lara, Marise seems to be able to analyze relatively calmly.

“But……I can’t believe Kurt is going to participate in the conference with the Empire”

“It’s a scary place to be but I feel like Kurt can manage it”

“Me too”

Lara and Marise also seem to be worried about me……no, I don’t think so.

“So, it seems like I won’t be able to teach the both of you magic in two weeks later. That’s why I made an independent training menu……”

Just as I was saying that.

Lara suddenly brought herself so close to my face,

“I want to go too!”


“I want to see how cool Kurt is! Besides……I can grow much better around Kurt than doing some self-training”

She said something outrageous.

“Lara! Th, that’s cheating! It’s like the Empire!”

“I’m not cheating. In that case, why don’t you come along too, Marise-chan?”

“I, I……don’t want to bother Kurt. Besides, it’s not like we might be allowed to tag along either……”

Good grief.

It’s going to be noisy again.

But Lara has a point.

And I have a feeling that the conference with the Empire won’t end in peace.

There will be a lot for both of them to learn there.

Moreover……unlike 1000 years ago, I don’t feel too bad about being with other people.

It’s more comfortable to be with children like Lara and Marise than with just adults like the headmaster and the teachers.

“I understand. Then I’ll inform the headmaster. I think it should be fine if I’m the one to request for it”

“Thank you, Kurt!”

“If Kurt thinks it’s good……t, then I will tag along too!”

“Of course, Marise”

So this is how Lara and Marise ended up coming along too.

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