Chapter 21 – I Came To Buy A Sword


Chapter 21 – I Came To Buy A Sword

“Well……I’ve got some money now, hope I can buy a good sword with this”

When we left the guild, I muttered to myself.

“300 gold coins are……some money!? Kurt, how rich are you!”

“That’s not true. I was born and raised in a village in the countryside with ordinary parents”

“But even then, how can you have no sense in the value of money…?”

No sense of it huh?

300 gold coins are a large amount of money.

Apparently, the monetary value hasn’t changed much since my past life, so I can understand that much.

However, if I wanted to buy a good sword, I couldn’t afford it with 300 gold coins only.

For example, the ‘Demon Sword Riadojiku’ has a value of 5000 gold coins.

It is a magic sword that was said to destroy a country with just a single swing of it. But that’s only limited to places that do not have decent barrier.

……Well, I made that magic sword myself.

“Kurt. Do you not think of making one yourself?”

Marise asked.

“Marise-chan! There’s no way a sword can be made that easily!”

”There’s that too… but I had a feeling that Kurt could do it somehow”

“It’s impossible, impossible! After all Kurt is a mage, right? He is not a blacksmith—-“

“I can make it”


Lara widen her eyes.

Each of her action is so big that I never get bored of watching it.

”So far, the swords I’ve obtained were never able to fit me nicely. So, I learnt that it’s faster to make my own”

“It’s faster to make one……I think that’s not normal”

“It’s said that to become a full-fledged blacksmith, one will require 20 years of rigorous training”

Marise replied with her arms crossed.

At any rate, even after 20 years, the stubborn craftsmen would still say, “You are 10 years too early to be in the forge! Until then, it will be all chores!”, it’s an inefficient way of training to be adopted, isn’t it?

I’ve had people like that in my past life.

Well, after the magic revolution, granting magic to weapons became the norm, so such craftsmen were naturally eliminated, but….

It’s because they don’t want to accept new things after all.

“I can also make it now. But the material is lacking. In order to create a sword that satisfies me, I might need to at least dive into the 100th layer of the <Treasure Labyrinth>”

But then it’s a small scale labyrinth, so it doesn’t seem to be possible to go to the 100th layer.

Buying a sword now is just a link to get there.

“As usual, Kurt says something outrageous without hesitation”

“No matter how capable Kurt is, I don’t think it’s possible to reach the 100th layer though?”

Lara and Marise were surprised, but if they also properly train their magic, they can even reach the 100th layer on their own.

Let’s get back to main topic.

”Well… do you know if there’s a good weapon shop in the royal capital?”

When I asked, Lara and Marise almost replied at the same time,

“I know! It’s No. 1 in royal capital… or rather, the weapon shop was said to be the best in the world!”

”That weapon shop is famous. That’s why customers from all over the world came looking for weapons there”


That seems promising.

“Then let’s get going. I’m counting on you two to guide me there”


◆   ◆

We arrived at the weapon shop they had mentioned, but I was shocked when I walked into the shop.

”This is the best weapon shop in the world……?”

Before I got here, I went into a few other weapon shops too.

Those weapon shops…well, they were junk shops as far as I’m concerned…but they are a little better than this.

However, all of them were too low level.

”Fufufu, youngster. Are you fascinated by my weapons? However, I only sell weapons to people approved by me”

The owner appeared and told us that.

”As expected of the great craftsman Abel-san’s weapons”

“All of them are magnificent products”

Lara held a sword and Marise held a bow, their eyes were sparkling.

……Neither of those two weapons have been granted with magic?

The brittle metal, Orichalcum was used?

Is that what I think it is?

I might offend the owner if I said something like that, so I decided to keep quiet of it.

“Do you have any weapons that… oh?”

Even so, I didn’t give up and rummaged through the weapons, and there it was, at the place where it does not stand out around the corner.

“……This seems to be a little useable”

I hold the sword.

It can’t be helped that the Orichalcum was used. In this world, it seems that magic metal made by processing the magic stones are not common.

I used the analysis magic’s Analysis to peek into the details of the sword.

”Oh, youngster. Do you like that sword?”

Before I knew it, the owner came up to me and asked me that.


“That’s my proudest weapon. I purposely placed it at a place that does not stand out…why do you think I did that?”

The owner looked at me suspiciously.

“First of all, the processing of the Orichalcum material is good. It must have taken a lot of time. It was done with care and has up to 87% purity remaining. It’s clear from the look of it that every millimeter of it has been taken care of”

“Youngster, you’re aware of what you’re talking about, aren’t you? Somehow I’m concerned about the purity but…”

The owner smiled.

“I like you! I didn’t know you could see that much with just one look! If it’s you, I will sell you my proudest product, the famous sword, Enmapeya!”

Are you calling it a famous sword yourself….

It’s not that good of a quality if I compare it to the common sense of 1000 years ago.

But this is definitely the most decent thing I’ve ever seen after I reincarnated.


“Yes. Then I’m going to buy this one. What’s the price?”

“Don’t be surprised when you hear it… the price is 100 gold coins! It’s a small price to pay for this magic sword!”

“Here are the 100 gold coins. Please check it”

”Fufufu, was 100 gold coins too much for a child? But you’ll have to scrimp to buy this sword! As for you who have seen through my famous sword, Enmapeya, you should be able to buy it if you work as an adventurer for 10 years……, eh?”

The owner was shocked.

He’s a funny guy.

I said I would buy it with cash in one go.

”Y, you are the child of a noble, aren’t you…! Then this would be convincing. You have received a special education as a blacksmith, didn’t you”

The owner crossed his arms and trembled lightly.

I’m not a noble or anything, and I’m not aiming to be a blacksmith but….

”Then from now on that sword belongs to you! Take good care of it”

“Thank you very much”

I lowered my head.

And gripped the sword again then held the blade over the light to have a look at it.

“Kurt, good for you! It suits you very well~”

“Yes, it’s cool……or not, Lara! You don’t need a cool weapon! Functionality is the most important!”

”Ehh, isn’t it better to be cool or cute~?”

While Lara and Marise were fussing about something, I had completely finished analyzing it.

“Well then, let’s get on with this sword at once”


“Let me process it”

After I said that, the owner opened his eyes wide.

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