Chapter 31 – The ‘Four Great Sages’


Chapter 31 – The ‘Four Great Sages’

As for the Meteor Burn from earlier, it was obvious that the representatives of the Empire did not use it.

Instead, someone else was forming the magic formula.

Analysis of analyzing magic is currently being used extensively.

Specifically, it’s a range that can cover the entire second layer.


He is surprisingly close.

By using a magic called Namereon Sympathy, he concealed his breath in the grass.


It was so lame that I let out a sigh.

This magic called Namereon Sympathy is a magic that assimilates one into the surrounding landscape and become harder to be found.

I guess the opponent think that he hasn’t been found out yet.

“Kurt. What’s the matter?”

“Is there anything?”

The proof of this is that Lara and Marise who are facing the same direction as me, don’t seem to have noticed him.

But still……why is he nearby?

He can just provide support from a longer distance.

I get it. If he is too far away, he can’t fake the activation of the formed magic formula after all.

Well, if it was me, I could send magic to the Royal Capital even if I was in my hometown.

“Hey, come out quickly. Drop the boring act”

I talked to the guy who camouflaged himself with magic.

“Seems like it doesn’t work on thee. So thou also know the truth?”

The old man removed the magic and appeared.

“Wow! Where did you came out from?”

“Could it be……magic? Does that mean Kurt was the only one who could see through it?”

Lara and Marise couldn’t hide their surprise at the sudden appearance of the (seemingly) old man.

This guy is……oh. The old man who was the only one that showed a calm manner when I looked at the Empire’s side through the surveillance magical device.

”Who are you?”

“I am Arnold of the <Four Great Sages>. I came down here to talk with thee”

The old man……Arnold told me in a proud manner.


What the hell?

“T, the <Four Great Sages> are the most powerful mage in the Empire!”

“It is said that they have the power to see through everything in this world and also the power to take over the world……I never thought I’d meet one at a place like this!”

Lara and Marise are standing ready.

The third year students, Corey and Glenn have the same reactions.

“It seems like you’re quite a famous person huh”

“That doesn’t matter to me”

Arnold let out a sigh.

Now……shall I get some answers from him?

“The Empire’s side is intervening in the friendly match. Do you acknowledge that?”

“Thou, why do thou think so?”

Arnold smiled wickedly.

”First of all, it’s that surveillance magical device. I was able to reverse the magic power in it and saw everything. Apparently, the Empire’s side was trying to keep track of us from a distance”

“You’re right”

“And the barrier magic that was placed on the students. That’s not something they can put up by themselves, judging by their abilities”

According to Lara and Marise, barrier magic is rather difficult to use in this era.

This can be seen in the dormitory of the magic school, which does not have a proper barrier.

Nonetheless, they were using the chanting magic sluggishly, so can it be used by the representatives of the Empire?

The answer is……impossible.

“Probably you were the one who placed it, weren’t you? The barrier magic that was placed on the representative players”


He’s too frank.

It’s hard to tell what he’s thinking from his facial expression. But at best it would be something like, “I’ll kill him soon enough to silence him anyway, so let him talk all he wants”.

“The Meteor Burn was deployed by you too. Moreover, you were so used to it? This is not your first time. At any rate, I guess you’ve done it many times before, right?”


Erika-sensei said that every time when the Royal Capital’s side was about to win, then ‘bad luck’ would happen.

It’s just that the Empire’s side was pulling the strings behind the scenes to make it look like bad luck anyway.

Just like today.

……well, the surveillance magical device had been destroyed too, and my spirit magic also had caused them to be in disorder.

I guess that’s why they came to take us by surprise in such an obvious way this time.

“Thou art wise. As expected, there’s nothing wrong with my judgment”

“Your judgment?”

“Now that I have heard thy story, let’s move on to the main subject……will thou join forces with our Empire?”


“Thy power is being wasted on the foolish Royal Capital”

“What makes you think that?”

“I can tell from the use of chantless magic. Thou knowest a part of the truth as well as we do. This I know”

“Just now you also mentioned it, the truth…? Do you happen to know anything about the decline of this world?”

I asked.

Lara, Marise and the others doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

“Kukuku……” laughed Arnold,

“As I thought……I knew only a part of it. In that case, come to the Empire. I’ll tell you the truth”

Arnold extended his hand.


“D, don’t go!”

Lara and Marise grabbed my arms.

……good grief.

They looked worried, but I don’t even have to consider it.

“I refuse. I’ve always hated the Empire. Why should I join forces with you guys?”

I spat out.

Certainly, I’m also curious about the <Four Great Sages>.

It’s possible that there’s a ‘guy stronger than me’ that I’ve been looking for……but looking at Arnold, it doesn’t seem so.

More importantly, it was the aristocracy of the Empire who harassed me in many ways for being the heretic who brought about the magic revolution 1000 years ago……

I’m glad they were destroyed by the Demon……but in the world 1000 years later, they are still making me feel unpleasant.

Even if ‘someone stronger than me’ is in the Empire, there’s no way I would join forces with them.

The reason is — I don’t want to be friends with the strong ones, because I want to fight them.

It would be easier to do this if we are enemies.

“Don’t you want to know the truth?”

“I guess all I have to do now is to fight you and get it out of you”

When I said that, Arnold with a more sinister smile on his face said, “Oh?”.

“How dare you say such a thing to the face of the <Four Great Sages>”

“Don’t keep on repeating the <Four Great Sages>, the <Four Great Sages>. You’re looking more and more like a lowly person”

”……very well. This answer was somewhat predictable. Then as originally planned”

Arnold deployed his magic.

“I will just have to kill you”

As he said it, Arnold tried to unleash his magic. By looking at the magic formula, I guess it was the Thunderbolt of lightning magic.


“We have to get out of here!”

Lara and Marise were frightened by the incoming Thunderbolt.

But as for me…


I raised my right hand.

Then a circular barrier appeared in front of us and completely blocked the Thunderbolt coming from all directions.


Arnold had a surprised expression.

I made sure that the Thunderbolt attack had stopped and removed the barrier.

“Now……can you make me get serious?”

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