Chapter 32 – The Sealed Magic


Chapter 32 – The Sealed Magic

“Kuh…! Don’t you get carried away just by blocking the magic once!”

Arnold shouted and continued to deploy his magic formula.

Then a storm appeared and swirling around him.

Is this……the Tempest Dragneel?

Oh? This is a magic that was ranked as an advanced magic 1000 years ago.

That’s pretty impressive given that the same advanced magic, Efreet Flare is classified as a Lost Magic.

But what I am more concerned about is…….


My thoughts were interrupted briefly by the voices of Lara and Marise.

Both of them……and even the third year students, Corey and Glenn were clinging to me while trying to resist the Tempest Dragneel.

The wind is blowing violently, it is a magic that blows everything far away into a distance, but to me it is just like a breeze.

“What’s the matter? You can get more serious than this, you know?”

I aimed the palm of my right hand at Arnold and shot the Fire Spear.

Originally, the weaker Fire Spear would have been blocked by the Tempest Dragneel’s wind and wouldn’t reach him.



The Fire Spear cut through the storm and pierced Arnold.

”W, what is the meaning of this……? How can it counterattack against my magic?”

I was planning to take him down with one blow, but Arnold slowly raised his upper body.

This is…….

“The robe you’re wearing is quite sturdy and well-made. It’s a good piece of work for this world”

“Shut up! W, what kind of technique did you use to defeat m, my Tempest Dragneel with a mere Inferior magic?”

Arnold thrust his hands into the ground while trembling.

The deployed magic formula was interrupted by the attack, and the storm had stopped too.

“Although this kind of magic formula is good. But unfortunately, the quality is too low. Tempest Dragneel is supposed to be a magic that can change the surrounding landscape in an instant though? And yet, not a single tree over there has come off the ground”

That’s why it was defeated by the so-called ‘Inferior Magic’……the Fire Spear.

“Could it be that this is all you got?”

“Screw youuuuuuu! An inferior bug like you is challenging meeeeeee!?”

Arnold roared.

“I didn’t want to use this magic because it’s too much of a burden……but you leave me no choice!”

“Kurt! What the hell is going on!”

Marise exclaimed.

Arnold’s body was engulfed in light.

And I can see that an armor is being completed as it gradually wraps around his body.

”Oh……? The Gigant Deformation huh…….”

Although the quality is low, but he uses one magic after another that I thought I wouldn’t see in this world…….

The magic used by Arnold is one that uses magic power to create a thick armor.

It’s a magic that prevents all attacks and also greatly increases one’s physical abilities.

”Hahaha! The current me can win even against a dragon!”

Arnold laughed pleasantly while being wrapped in the armor and also had his face covered by it.


What is this guy talking about?

“You can’t even defeat a dragon like that”

I think it wouldn’t be a surprise for Arnold to be blown away and killed if the dragon just knocks him off with its tail.

“What’s going on! I heard what sounded like an on-going battle and……th, this is……!”

“Kurt? And……is that the representatives of the Empire’s side lying over there? What’s going on!”

Meanwhile, Erika-sensei and Desmond also rushed to here.

I guess they heard the sound of us fighting and sensed that an emergency was happening, so they left their posts and finally arrived.

”Sensei……we’ll talk later. Please step back for a moment”

Even if it is Desmond, the opponent is a bit too much for him.

“Kukuku……are you the teachers of the Royal Capital? In that case, for the sake of the Empire’s victory, let’s take care all of you together!”

Arnold slowly moved his arms.

He grabbed a nearby tree and pulled it straight out of the ground.


A big tree was thrown at us.

I immediately used the body strengthening magic to catch the tree that was thrown at us with one hand.

“As expected, this transformation is really sweet. Maybe I can even throw a dragon with this after all?”

After the throwing of the iron ball, now it’s the throwing of a big tree huh…….



“I am going to try what you taught in the class”

Just like that, I threw the tree at Arnold.

The tree headed straight for Arnold, but…….


Although the tree hit Arnold directly, but apparently it could not destroy his armor.

Arnold had only taken a step backwards due to the impact.

”Hahaha! How’s that! This is the power of God that I had obtained! I didn’t expect you to throw the tree back at me, but that won’t be able to put a single scratch on my divine armor!”

I wasn’t thinking of destroying his armor just now.

He threw it at me, so I just threw it back.

Well, now I have a general idea of Arnold’s power.

“It’s about time to wrap this up”

And……I finished analyzing the magic as well.


“Waa! There’s a lot of magic coming our way!”

said Lara.

Arnold sprinted towards us while firing 18 Fire Spears at the same time.

“Don’t worry”

I set up a barrier around Lara, Marise, the third year students and the teachers to protect them.


If that’s the case, they will be fine even if a stray bullet hits them.

With this, I can finally fight to my heart’s content.

I drew my sword from its sheath and intercepted Arnold.

”Hey, you”

I speak to Arnold while taunting him with my sword.

“You’ve been using chantless magic for a while now, didn’t you? What do you know of?”

Considering the level of this world, his power is clearly the only one out of the norm.

”Let me tell you before you die. All the common sense of magic we have now is bullshit”


Arnold aimed his right fist at me.

I parried the Fire Spear with my sword while listening to him

“I also don’t know all of the truth either. But it is said that there was various dreadful magic used about 1000 years ago”

1000 years ago……that’s exactly the time I lived in.

“It is said that this was due to a man who was called a heretic and later called the ‘Demon King’. Our ancestors had sealed the ominous magic created by the Demon King. And we called the magic of the Demon King the <Demon King’s Magic>”

“Heretic…… <Demon King’s Magic>……”

People called me a Heretic for bringing about the magic revolution.

But I don’t remember being called the Demon King.

Why must they say stuff like that?

”Though……the magic created by the Demon King is ominous, yet all of it has the power to destroy the world. So, the Empire secretly evoked the sealed magic and continued to perform research on it. And then, the magic and theory were taught to us, the <Four Great Sages> who were originally known as mages to experiment on it. This is the result”

Arnold slowly aimed the palm of his hand at me.

Then an explosion occurred around me.

Seems like it’s the Efreet Flare which is considered as a lost magic in this world.


I heard Lara and Marise’s voices.

Are they worried about me?

But to me, such a thing…….

“Can’t hurt me though?”

Before the explosion of the Efreet Flare……I modified my body to be able to withstand even the high temperature of the magma.

Because of that, I didn’t get a single burn even though I was at the center of the explosion just now.

“Let’s continue what you said earlier. If that’s the case, does that mean the magic civilization has declined was because the magic of the Demon King has been sealed?”

“That’s right. According to our Empire’s research, it seems that the Demon King has suddenly disappeared from this world”

If that Demon King is ‘me’, then it’s because I was reincarnated 1000 years later in this world.

“I see”

I understand the reasons for the decline of this world.

But……there are still mysteries to be solved.

Why did they seal the magic and theory that I made?

Because it’s dangerous?

No-no, it was supposed to be convenient.

In fact, everyone was honestly enjoying the magic civilization 1000 years ago after all.

In that case, I guess the Empire must be one or two of the reasons and also the key to the decline of this world after all.

”Is that all you know about the truth?”

“As I thought, it seems thou also knew as well based on thy reaction”

I can’t see his face, but I’m sure the corners of Arnold’s mouth are hanging like a half-moon.

It looks like I’m not going to get anything more out of this guy.

“Again! Efreet Flare!”

Arnold tried to cast the Efreet Flare again.


“What’s going on? Why isn’t my magic activating?”

Arnold looked surprised.

I had seen through all of his magic.

“It’s the dispel magic. It can negate the opponent’s magic. Don’t you know that?”

“Im, impossible! A magic that negate other magic, you said? I’m sure that couldn’t be done without a significant difference in ability……or more like it’s already done! What else do thou know……!”

It was a good way to kill time.

Now I know part of the reason for the decline after 1000 years, and I have seen a little bit better magic.

But it’s about time to end this now.

“Let me show you what a true magic is”

I raised my hand to the sky.

Deploying magic formula……to prevent the barrier casted on Lara, Marise and the others from breaking……I adjusted its power…….

”What the hell is going on!”

Arnold is horrified.

“This is what you called, the true — <Demon King’s Magic> — that was sealed 1000 years ago”

—Holiness Gate.

It is the name of the magic that opens the gate to Heaven and destroys the opponent with holy light.

”Ahh……you mean to say that such holy thing is the power of a Demon King……?”

Arnold’s armor gradually melted, and soon his figure was obscured by the light.

The divine light gradually diffused and became a pure white world.

A lot of things were learnt from this battle.

Though not all of the reasons for the decline of this world.

And……it looks like there’s still no one stronger than me.

By the time the Holiness Gate was closed, Arnold had vanished.

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