Chapter 18 – It Seems The Small Animal Was A ‘Disaster Class’


Chapter 18 – It Seems The Small Animal Was A ‘Disaster Class

“Third layer is a plain?”

“Seems like it”

As we descended to the third layer, Lara with rounded eyes looked around restlessly.

It’s understandable.

The first layer was like a ruin and the second layer was like a forest.

It is understandable to be perplexed by such a spacious field all of a sudden.

“Isn’t this the area that will be used for the rookie’s match?”

Marise asked.

As Marise said, the friendly match will range from the first layer to the third layer.

I’m thinking it’s okay to dive deeper, but it seems to be for the safety of the students.

To explain the rules in more detail, it seems that each school will have a party of five people to be the representatives of respective school.

The party who gets more valuable items within the time limit wins.

“Oh, the monster is coming. Without any delay, both of you try using the chantless magic I taught you earlier”

“Ehh! Try it on a monster?”

A bird-shaped monster is coming from a distance.

Is that an Evil Bird….

Lara and Marise assumed a ready stance.

“If it’s the power of two people, it should be fine. I’ll lend you a hand if you’re in any danger”

“I’m feeling anxious, but I’ll do my best!”

“I understand!”

Lara and Marise shot a Fire Spear towards the flying Evil Bird.

Although they shot it several times, but it was difficult to hit the Evil Bird.


“It got hit!”

The Fire Spear shot by Marise directly hit the Evil Bird.

The Evil Bird was knocked down and slowly fell then rolled to the ground.

”Does this mean the chantless magic battle ended with Marise’s victory?”

“You’re amazing~, Marise-chan!”

“O, of course!”

Marise, who was embraced by Lara, turned her gaze away, but her cheeks were slightly pink.

”Alright, let’s keep going like this…hmm?”

“What’s wrong, Kurt?”

“The atmosphere has changed”

A large monster was caught by the detection magic.

It seems to be coming from a distance.

This is….

“Both of you, Behemoth is coming in this way”


“This is just the right place. We’ll engage it here”

”T, that’s absurd! When you think of Behemoth, isn’t it a ‘Disaster-class’ monster!”

So Behemoth is a ‘Disaster-class’…?

In my past life, it was the kind of monster that children used to hunt just for doing some practices, wasn’t it?

Without a doubt it’s stronger than a Lizardman or an Evil Bird.

But to me, they’re just small animals rather than monsters.

It’s not even a threat.

“Hmm, what’s wrong? Perhaps both of you are excited about the arrival of Behemoth?”

“”We’re scared! (is!)””

Their voices were aligned together.

In the meantime, Behemoth came right in front of us.

“B, big!”

Lara looked up at the Behemoth.

Behemoth is a large four-legged monster.


Behemoth raised its front legs, intimidating us.

“Both of you stand back, I’ll settle this in 5 seconds”

“No matter how capable Kurt is, 5 seconds is just impossible!”

What are you talking about?

For me, it’s like yawning for five seconds.

Behemoth came at us with a roar.

I pulled out my sword and leaped after overlapped myself with body strengthening magic.

“You’ve got some nerve to come at me”

I overtook Behemoth’s head in a blink of an eye.

Behemoth doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with my movements.

I granted the sword itself with the [Sharpness] magic.

Then I went to the other side and cut off the Behemoth’s head and torso.

“If it’s Behemoth, then this is the way it should be too”

Behemoth’s body slowly collapsed to the ground.

“W, what happened!”

“I don’t know. It was too fast for me to see”

Lara and Marise came running up to me.

”It’s called granting magic. Instantly strengthening the sword…hmm?”

Then I looked at the sword I had brought with me.

A crack.

“Oops! It’s cracked!”

It made a sound like glass shattering, and the sword shattered into pieces.

“Hmm…as I thought, I need a better sword otherwise it can’t withstand my granting magic”

I stroked my chin as I looked at the sword that had left with its handle only.

It was a sword that I brought with me everywhere since I left the village.

It’s the kind of sword that will immediately be chipped off even if it’s used by ordinary people who can’t use magic.

It’s not that it couldn’t handle the impact from just now.

The sword disintegrated from the inside because it couldn’t withstand my magic power.

If it’s a cheap sword, it wouldn’t be particularly surprising in this case.

Or rather, it had endured well for this long.

“I’ll have to buy a new sword when I return to the royal capital”

I muttered to myself.

“Well then… it’s about time we return to the royal capital. That’s it for today. I’d like to get to the 100th layer if I could, but…”

“Please don’t say outrageous thing such as going to the 100th layer!”

“But strangely enough, if it’s Kurt, I cannot help thinking that he might just be able to do it”

But I didn’t bring enough of money with me to buy a new sword.

I want to use the magic stone to process weapons and so on….

In that case.

“Should I bring back the Behemoth with me?”

I glanced at the fallen Behemoth.

“How to bring it back though?”

”Lara, it has to be dismantled to bring it back. Even so, it’s not possible for the three of us to completely dismantle all of it…”

“What a waste”

“It cannot be helped”

What are the two of them talking about?

“Let’s bring back all of it”


“Here goes”

When I hold my hand up to the Behemoth, a pale light appeared.

And by the time the light was gone.

“Be, behemoth is gone?”

“Where did it go!”

Lara placed a hand on her mouth and Marise leaned forward in surprise.

“I used the storage magic. This way, we can take all of it back with us without the need to do troublesome job such as dismantling, right?”

Having said that, I personally don’t really like the storage magic. In order to carry it around, I would have to consume magic at all time while using the storage magic.

This is not enough to cause me to run out of magic yet, but it makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable.

“Storage magic! Wasn’t that a lost magic?”

“I’ve only heard of it in books….”

Apparently, storage magic isn’t common in this world either.

Which on earth is the common one and which isn’t…

Well, let’s look into that slowly.

”With this, I don’t have any regrets anymore. Let’s return to the royal capital”

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