Chapter 36 – I Fought The ‘Disaster Class’ For Exercising


Chapter 36 – I Fought The ‘Disaster Class’ For Exercising

The neutral city of Sifrea, where the conference with the Empire will be held, is said to be a five days carriage ride from the Royal Capital.

So, we decided to leave one week earlier with time to spare.

By the way……it is treated as an official absence during this period.

Since Lara and Marise were also allowed to tag along, so there are five of us going to the neutral city of Sifrea. Me, Lara, Marise, the headmaster……and Erika-sensei, a witness to the <Four Great Sages> battle.

Incidentally, Desmond was supposed to go there as well, but because he wasn’t suitable for a conference in the first place, so he ended up staying at the school instead.

It seems that he lost his cool on the other day’s conference and punched a hole in the wall, or so I was told.

……yeah. When I heard that, it seemed inevitable that Desmond would stay at the school.

“Well then, shall we head out”

We gathered at the gateway of the Royal Capital early in the morning.

There were two fine looking carriages.

It seems that we are going to the neutral city using those carriages.

“A carriage huh……I took it when I came to the Royal Capital from my hometown”

“If it’s Kurt, I’m sure he can get to the neutral city in an instant if he used the transfer magic and such~”

Lara said it while having her hands placed around the back of her head.

“Lara. Even if it’s Kurt, there’s no way he can use the transfer magic. It’s a lost magic that is said to have been used by the Gods of the mythological era……”

“I suppose so. I’ve only seen it in the fiction myself. It was just a joke, a joke~”

“I can use it”


Lara and Marise were very surprised.

“T, then! Why don’t you use it to get there!”

“Still, transfer magic has many flaws. It can only be used after you’ve been to the place for at least once”

Even 1000 years ago, transfer magic has high difficulty.

Moreover, if it is activated to travel over a long distance.

And you won’t know what’s at the transfer destination.

There could be a threat to life.

So it is not a good idea to indiscriminately use the transfer magic.

“……something like that. Therefore, I think it’s best to travel by the carriage”

“As usual, Kurt uses the lost magic like he breathes……”

“I’m starting to see Kurt as a character who came out of a book”

As I explained, Lara and Marise were amazed.

If they were in the world 1000 years ago, I guess they would be so surprised that their hearts would burst.

“There are monsters outside the city, so don’t ever let your guard down”

said the headmaster.

“Headmaster……with all due respect, I think Kurt alone can deal with most of the monsters”

“I agree with you, but it is still important to keep that in mind”

Erika-sensei interrupted, and the headmaster seemed to agree with her too.

At any rate, we departed from the Royal Capital.

Me, Lara and Marise are in the same carriage. The headmaster and Erika-sensei will be riding in the other carriage.

To be swayed in the carriage and looking at the surrounding scenery while it moves slowly, I have not disliked it since 1000 years ago.

About three days have passed since we left the Royal Capital.

“Hmm……? There’s a monster’s reaction in the distance”

I’ve been deploying a wide range of detection magic at all times……but it looks like the big one is finally hooked.

“Monster? Is it so strong that Kurt went out of his way to say it?”

“Not really”

Up to this point, there were wolves, slime, and all sorts of other monsters that can be seen on the road.

But……this one is a rare monster.

Although it’s weak.

“How far ahead?”

Marise asked.

“Hmm……if we keep this up, we are likely to reach the spot in an hour”

“An hour later? How can you know that far ahead?”

“Hmm? Didn’t I teach Lara and Marise how to use the detection magic? You should be able to do at least this much”

“Ours are at most 5 meters in radius from ourselves!”

Marise pointed out.

“Then should I tell the driver to take a different road?”

Lara looked worried and tried to get up.

“No……if it is just a monster this weak, that wouldn’t be necessary. If we were to take a different road, that would only lengthen the time. Besides, my body is growing dull, and I want to fight it too”

“Well, if Kurt says so……”

“A weak monster huh……I have a bad feeling about this”

Then it has been decided.

The carriage continued on its way as planned, and after about an hour….

“Isn’t that a Hydra!”

Marise looked up at the huge snake and exclaimed, after she got out of the carriage.

“Yeah, it’s a Hydra”

“Isn’t that a <disaster-class> monster! Kurt’s words are still unreliable as ever. If you knew it was a hydra, then please say it!”

I was scolded by Marise.

We……Lara, and, Erika-sensei and the headmaster on the other carriage also got out from the carriage.

“Damn……! It’s unlucky to run into a <disaster-class> monster in such a place! I’ll hold it back here! So all of you should get away from here quickly……”

“Erika-sensei. That won’t be necessary”

“Kurt! Don’t approach it carelessly”

Ignoring Erika-sensei’s words, I approached the Hydra.

As expected, the Hydra noticed when I got closer to it. It is now approaching us at great speed.

The Hydra is a snake-like monster with nine heads.

It can regenerate quickly even if one cut its head off, so it’s necessary to kill it in the fastest possible way….

“Hmm……that’s it”

I was deciding how should I kill it when the Hydra is coming at us.

Such a daredevil.

1000 years ago, the monsters would have run away when they saw me, so I’m glad to see such a fool.

I formed a magic formula and activated the Meteor Bomb.

Meteor bomb is a fire attribute magic that attacks the opponent by creating multiple explosions.

The explosions occur around the Hydra and spread in a chain reaction.

Eventually……after the explosions stopped, there was nothing left but the body of the Hydra, which had been charred black.


“So this is it huh”

I dusted off my hands.

“Erika-sensei, it has been defeated, so it should be fine now”

“W, whoa……a <disaster-class> monster…in a matter of seconds…? What had I just witnessed?”


I wonder if she got caught up by the explosions from earlier?

Erika-sensei is staggering with her hands on her head.

That’s weird……I’ve placed a barrier around Erika-sensei, so I think she should be fine but….

“Hydra is so easy to be finished off”

“Lara. Don’t get it wrong. It can be done because it’s Kurt, right? After all, only Kurt would call a <disaster-class> monster weak”

Lara was poking at the charred black Hydra and Marise watched it from behind.

“Kurt……what was that magic you used earlier?”

“It’s a magic called Meteor Bomb. I used it because it looks flashy and wakes me up, but it’s really inconvenient. I have to set up a barrier around me so that I don’t get caught up in it……”

“Calling a magic that had defeated the Hydra with one blow as ‘inconvenient’……that’s really you……”

For some reason, Marise let out a sigh of dismay.

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