Chapter 38 – It Looks Like I Saved The City Without Even Knowing It


Chapter 38 – It Looks Like I Saved The City Without Even Knowing It

After that, we headed for the neutral city of Sifrea.

Unfortunately, nothing particularly interesting has happened since then.

Perhaps it was because we had crossed the Llobeza Forest.

So we was able to arrive at the neutral city one day ahead of schedule.

“Thanks to Kurt, we have more time to spare”

said Erika-sensei as she stretched out, after arriving at the prepared inn.

“The conference with the Empire’s Disaria Magic Academy is in three days, right?”

“That’s right”

“Can I just walk around the town for a bit?”

“Of course”

It’s boring to sleep at the inn for three days without doing anything.

“If Kurt is going, then I will follow too!”

“I’m, I’m coming with you too. Lara, no running off!”

“Hmm……I thought I could go on a date with Kurt……”

Lara and Marise clung to my sides.

“Do what you want”

Either way, it won’t change what I’m going to do.

We left the inn and headed for the Adventurer Guild in the neutral city of Sifrea.

I was wondering if there’s any interesting talks……and to exchange the Hydra I had defeated for cash while doing that.

Fortunately, the guild was located in the middle of the city and we were able to reach it easily.

“Let’s go in right away”

“Wait. Marise”

I stopped Marise who were trying to enter the guild casually.

“What’s the matter?”

“Guilds are basically a bunch of nasty—oh, well”


It reminded me of the guild in the Royal Capital.

As far as I can see……it seems the guilds of this world are not so brutal.

I used my detection magic, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone inside who have murderous intent or are deploying magic.

1000 years ago, some people would set explosion in the guild if they had the chance.

At the same time as the decline of the magic civilization, the world has become peaceful.

I walked to the table in the back after entering the guild,

“Nice to meet you. What can I do for you today?”

The beautiful receptionist smiled at us.

“Actually……we came from the Royal Capital and we’re here to exchange monster for cash……but do we have to start with the creation of the license?”

While thinking it’s a bit of a hassle, I asked the question.

“Excuse me, but have you registered as an adventurer in the Royal Capital?”


If I remember correctly, the school’s student ID card can be used as the license.

“If that’s the case, then it’s fine. We have an agreement with the guild in the Royal Capital, so you don’t have to create a new one, because the license over there will be sufficient”

Good to hear that.

Since I don’t want to waste time.

“But you said you came from the Royal Capital……were you all right?”

“Why’s that?”

“A ferocious monster has appeared near our city right now. We’ve sent several adventurers, but they said it’s a <disaster-class>, so they couldn’t subdue it”

“Oh really?”

That pique my interest.

I’d like to fight it.

“Well anyway, can you show me the monster? And has it been dismantled? It doesn’t look like you’re bringing it with you……”

“Yeah. It has been dismantled. But I just cut it up to a suitable size”

“Heehh? For now, please show it to me”

I placed the Hydra’s head which was stored by storage magic on the reception table.

Thinking it’s a hassle, so I didn’t drain the blood properly.

That’s why it’s bloody.

But if it’s the guild, blood is so common that they shouldn’t be surprised now.

I thought so.


“Excuse me, receptionist-san?”

“Kurt. It looks like the receptionist has passed out while standing still”

Marise poked at the receptionist.

But there wasn’t any response.

With a pale face, the receptionist was about to fall backwards, so I hurriedly reached out my hand.

And that’s when everyone realized.

“Wow! What the hell is this bloody thing!”

“It’s different if you are an adventurer, but if it’s the receptionist, of course she would be surprised to see this! Bring it back after you’ve properly drained it’s blood!”

They scolded.

“This is unexpected”

“Their reactions are understandable”

“It can’t be helped”

While I wasn’t convinced, Marise and Lara nodded in agreement.

But on the other hand, I couldn’t hide my surprise.

The receptionist isn’t used to seeing blood……?

1000 years ago, I would often see adventurers fighting and having their arms cut off in the guild.

It seems the guilds in this world are much more peaceful than I expected.

“Hmm……? I couldn’t see it well because of the blood, but this head……I think I’ve seen it somewhere before……?”

“Wow! Could this be the Hydra!”

But when they saw the Hydra’s head that I brought, the guild became noisy.

“W, where did you get this?”

“We took it down on the way from the Royal Capital”

“On, on the way……”

The guild’s staff member who came in place of the receptionist was dumbfounded.

“This isn’t all of it, shall I take out the remaining of it? But the blood has yet to be drained, so the table is going to get dirty……”

“I don’t care if it gets dirty or not! Good job!”


The guild’s staff member shook my hands.

What’s going on?

Her eyes were sparkling, and she looked excited…….

“This Hydra is the ferocious monster that has recently appeared near this city! Everyone was standing by and doing nothing……but I didn’t expect the adventurers of the Royal Capital would defeat it!”

“Eh……? Is this it?”

 “We were even talking about how the Hydra would come into the town if we stayed like this! I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier. Thank you very much, truly……!”

Apparently, I saved the city without even knowing it.

“I thought so~”

“After all, there’s not many <disaster-class> monsters”

Lara and Marise seemed to be getting used to it.

Probably because they have been with me for a long time.

While looking at the state of the guild, I took out the Hydra’s head……and its body in turns.

The storage magic surprised them again, but it was almost the same as when it happened in the Royal Capital.

After the case that time, I didn’t say “It’s a normal magic”, but just watched in silence instead.

“Umm, roughly how much will it be?”

“There was a bounty of 800 gold coins on the Hydra! Initially, we had expected to defeat it with a party of 50 people……but we never thought that it would be defeated by just 3 people!”

800 gold coins, huh…….

I noticed it during the case with the Behemoth, it seems like I really won’t have any trouble with money in this world.

“I’m glad. Lara, Marise. Shall we split the money?”

“I, I can’t accept that!”

“She’s right! Besides, isn’t Kurt the one that took it down? It was not the 3 of us!”

They turned down my offer.

I don’t need this much though.

Well, that’s fine.

Shall I use this to fund the creation of more powerful weapons in the future?

While I was waiting for the assessment to be finished in the guild……

“H, help!”

A man who appears to be out of breath suddenly came into the guild and shouted.

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