Chapter 39 – The Immortal King


Chapter 39 – The Immortal King

“What’s going on?”

The staff member asked the man who suddenly appeared.

“There’s a Payago Cave near the city, right? The monster…‘Immortal King’ has appeared there!”

“W, what did you say?”

“Currently, there are adventurers dealing with it……but it will be too much for them! Somebody, please help!”

Apparently, it seems to be an emergency.

“Um…is that monster, the Immortal King, strong?”

“It is a monster that regularly appears in the Payago Cave. When it appeared 20 years ago, it was recorded that 16 adventurers were killed during the quest. To appear at a time like this…”

I see.

According to the adventurers and the guild’s staff member, the Immortal King seems to be a very powerful monster.

The problem is that, other than its name, I don’t know what kind of monster it is.

“That’s right…you guys! Just right! Can you help us?”

said the man, turning to us.

–Ah, I see.

This guy….

“Hey, Kurt”

As I was thinking, Lara pulled the hem of my clothes.

“What’s wrong?”

“Let’s go. Let’s help them”

“Of course”

Either way, I’m also curious about the monster called the Immortal King.

The option of ‘not going’ was not in me.

I looked at Marise as well, and she nodded with a serious face.

“Alright……I understand. Please lead us there”

“T, thank you……!”

I could feel my heart beating faster.

We hurriedly left the guild and headed for the Payago Cave.

◆  ◆

When we arrived at the Payago Cave, where the Immortal King is said to have appeared.

“What the heck…”

Seeing the Immortal King, I was astonished and let out my voice.

“A mere Skeleton King is called the Immortal King?”

1000 years ago, the Skeleton King was a monster that F-ranked adventurers enjoyed hunting…that’s the kind of level it is.

I was excited to see what kind of strong monster it is, but I was disappointed.

“Reinforcement? We’re saved!”

“But a child…? Were they the only ones in the guild!?”

The adventurers turn to us.

It is a party of about ten people.

They had wounds all over their bodies.

“This guy…no matter how many times we attacked, he’ll still come back to life!”

One of the adventurers shouted as he looked at the Skeleton King.


The Skeleton King is a monster that can be resurrected repeatedly if you don’t attack it with magic.

However, it seems that none of the adventurers can use magic.

No matter how much they swing their sword, the Skeleton King will just continue to come back to life and can never be defeated.

The Skeleton King doesn’t have much offensive power to begin with.

But…for those who can’t use magic, since the Skeleton King can come back to life indefinitely, their stamina will run out and be killed.

I guess that’s why they were able to hold out until we came but couldn’t even scratch it.

“Kurt, they’re in trouble! Let’s hurry up and join them!”

“It looks strong, but we can’t let it escape!”

“Hmm, ah, yeah……”

“Why are you so disappointed, Kurt!”

Because it’s a skeleton king?

This was a ‘trash monster’ that would have been easily defeated with magic if it is 1000 years ago, after all?

…well, that doesn’t mean I can just return.

“Lara, Marise. Since it’s a good opportunity, shall we try something like cooperation?”

“O, okay”

“I’ll do my best not to drag you down!”

“Alright then, like what I taught you in the Llobeza Forest…”

I tell them the details of the strategy.

“I’m counting on both of you!”



That’s a good reply.

I pull my sword out of its scabbard and make my way to the Skeleton King.

The Skeleton King was about to mow down the adventurers with the sword in its hand.

But at the same time, the Fire Spear that Lara shot pierced the Skeleton King.


The Skeleton King screamed in pain.

“Good, that’s it. Lara!”

But was it a little weak?

Slowly, the Skeleton King looked at us.

……it’s a success.

I didn’t think of taking it down with that one shot.

I just wanted to draw its attention to us.

As the Skeleton King swing its sword, I parried it with just one hand.

“Marise! I’m counting on you!”

“Y, yes!”

The Fire Spear was released from Marise’s hand.

It’s happening in my blind spot…but I can sense it with the detection magic.

The Skeleton King got away from me to avoid the Fire Spear.

But…the Fire Spear that Marise shot, changed direction and followed its target.

“Pierce it!”

Marise shouted.


It was a splendid direct hit on the Skeleton King.

But…perhaps because she was focusing on adding the tracking function, it didn’t have much power.

“That’s enough”

The opponent was frightened for a moment and lost his balance.

I didn’t intend to miss that opportunity, so I charged my sword with magic and slashed the opponent.

Of course, [Sharpness] and [Magic Attack] were granted.

If it’s a sword that has been granted with magic, then it can defeat the Skeleton King.

A flash.

The bones that made up the body fell apart and the Skeleton King stopped moving.

“Whoa……! The Immortal King has been defeated!”

“Moreover, they’re just children? What the hell is going on?”

Seeing this, the cave suddenly became lively.


“Kurt. Why are you so depressed?”

Because I came here thinking it could be a strong monster, but it was just a Skeleton King.

I let out a sigh and put my sword back in its scabbard.

“H, hey! Where did you adventurers came from? I’ve never seen you guys in Sifrea before, but…”

One of the adventurers ran up to us and asked a question.

“We are from the Royal Capital”

“The Royal Capital, huh? Just as I thought, there are remarkable adventurers in the Royal Capital!”

“No….we are not really adventurers”


“We are a student at the Magic Academy”

Then I showed him my student ID card.

“A, a student, you say? Are you saying that a student has defeated the Immortal King?”

Looking at the student ID card, the adventurer became even more surprised.

“It’s not that big of a deal. Because if you can use magic, this is an opponent that you can even defeat on your own”

“No way! Besides, isn’t magic only available to a few talented people? There’s no way I can use it….”

The adventurer had his shoulders sagged.

Well…for the time being, the monster has been defeated.

Since the Skeleton King was defeated, someone has been leaking bloodlust.

“What’s the matter, Kurt?”

Without answering Lara’s question, I started walking towards that guy.

“Hmm……oh? What is it?”

This was the same adventurer who had led us here.

“I can let you off the hook this time, you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re up to something, aren’t you?”

“What the fuck are you talking about? I didn’t do anything—”


As he was about to say something, I shot a Fire Spear at close range and pierced that guy’s chest.

“H, hey, Kurt!”

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Both of them rushed over to me in a hurry.


“H, how did you know…”


Lara widened her eyes with surprise at the sight of it.

The man who was pierced in the chest by my magic.

For his appearance has gradually changed and become a monster that does not resemble a human at all.

“I know since the beginning”

He let out a sigh.

Just like that, the monster’s body slowly fell to the ground.

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