TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 5 Part 3


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Chapter 5 Part 3

“Improve it…?”

Vera’s eyes opened widely, and tilted her head. 


“W-W-What do you mean!? Why do you need to improve it!?”

Vera asked, leaning forward.

“It would be useless if I were to use it in this state…. No, I thought I could make it a better sword”

“You bought it, so you’re free to do what you want with it, but are you sure about that?”


I nodded, and Vera crossed her arms with a smile on her face.

“You’re an interesting boy. Good. I’ll lend you my smithy. You can use it to your heart’s content!”

“It’s all right. I’m done”


Vera almost fell.

“W-When did you do that!?”

“While we were talking.”

Vera was so absorbed in talking that she didn’t seem to notice, so I had taken the magic stone obtained in the <<Treasure Labyrinth>> and inlaid it into the sword.

By doing so, it was enchanted with magic.

It took me less than a second to do this. So it’s no wonder that she didn’t notice.

“What’s changed?”

“It doesn’t look any different…”

Lara and Marise put their faces close to the sword.

Are they… doubting my skills?

I’ve indeed been relatively bad at such production magic since my previous life.

Although I was not good at it, there was only one blacksmith in the world who was maybe a little better than me.

In the first place, Gold Magic is not really suited for production jobs.

“Right, let’s see… store owner. Do you have anything that I can use to try out the sword?”

I asked.

“There’s a Mud Doll in the back of the store. It’s a very tough doll. No matter how many times you slash at it, it’ll be fine!”

If I remember correctly, it’s one of those fragile dolls used in the entrance examination.

Well, that’s okay.

It’s good enough for trying out the sword.

We immediately went to the back of the store where the Mud Doll was kept.

When we looked at the Mud Doll, we saw that it was covered with countless cuts.

As the store owner had said, it seemed to be used as a doll for trying out swords.

“Don’t put too much strength on it, okay? Some people broke their bones because the Mud Doll was too tough”

Vera warned.

“I understand. I’ll try not to put too much strength on it”

I held my sword in one hand and gazed at the Mud Doll.


As it is, I sloppily slashed the Mud Doll horizontally half-heartedly.

Then ── the Mud Doll was slashed into two.


The store owner kept her mouth partially opened.

“Hmm… that’s about right”

All I used was a single magic stone, after all. So something like this is to be expected.

While I was deep in thought, I returned the sword to its sheath.

“Thank you very much. Well then, I shall take my leave”

“W-Wait a minute!”

I was held back.

“W-Why did the sharpness become so much better!?”

“Right. After inlaying the magic stone, I enchanted it with magic such as [Sharpness +500%], [Physical Strength Support +500%], [Light-weight], and so on”

There are more than that, but if I tell her that, I think Vera might collapse. So let’s stop here.

“Enchant magic in an instant? Besides, I’ve never heard of someone being able to enchant two or three magic! And no matter how much you try… a light swing like that can’t split a Mud Doll in half!”

“Right, I’m sorry. If I remember correctly, Mud Dolls are expensive. I’ll fix it right away”


Vera’s eyes popped out in surprise when I restored the Mud Doll to its original state with Restoration Magic.

“T-That’s…! It should have taken ten years of training to be able to enchant magic! And yet… why… why…”

Perhaps out of surprise, Vera repeated the word “Why”.

Hmm. In that case, I think I can make money as a blacksmith. Well, I don’t intend to become one right now, though.

“Well, it’s Kurt, after all…. As I thought, he did the same thing when he worked on my ring”

“Of course. I can’t be surprised every time. It’s Kurt, after all”

The two of them didn’t seem too surprised, but their dumbfounded stares were a mystery.


I’ve bought a sword, fixed the Mud Doll, and I’m done.

As I was about to leave the weapon store again.

“Wait, wait!”

Vera hugged me from behind and restrained me.

“F-Five of my best…. No! Just one! Just one sword, can you do what you just did? I’ll pay you whatever you want!”

Oh boy.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not possible. Besides, I don’t have any magic stones left, so I can’t do what I did just now”

“That’s fine! So… please! For the wish of my lifetime!”


“…Can’t you do it?”

Vera grabbed her collar with both hands and showed her chest.

It was a flat chest.

However, the pink-colored buds at the top of the two summits do give off certain femininity.

“Y-You can do whatever you want to me if you like. So…”

“H-Hold on! Don’t teach Kurt anything weird!”

Lara intervened from the side and pressed her chest against my right arm.


Vera is not bad, but as I thought, I feel more comfortable with the tender Lara.

That being said.

“Haa, fine. Just one sword, okay? But I can’t guarantee the quality”

Vera wasn’t going to back down at this point, so I let out a sigh and replied.

“T-Thank you!”

“But I don’t need the money. Let’s see… if you have any good materials or swords, or if you have any information, please let me know first, okay?”

“Are you fine with just that!?”

“I can do it in one second, so I don’t need to get paid that much”

“O-One second!?”

Getting information should be a higher priority than money right now.

After that, I enchanted the store owner’s prized sword with [Slashing Speed +500%] and left the store for real this time.

◆ ◆

“It’s quite a splendid building”

I had already finished my business, so I dined out with the two of them and then returned to the front of the dormitory.

Rosanlila Magic Academy is a boarding school.

The dormitory, located right next to the school building, is a gorgeous building.

“Such a stylish building, isn’t it? It’s beautiful!”

“The dormitory of Rosanlila Magic Academy has won several famous Architecture Awards. There are even people who want to join the Magic Academy just to live here”

Lara’s eyes lit up while Marise crossed her arms and said calmly.


It’s a splendid building. I really do mean that.

But it seems that there are no barriers?

I’m worried about that, so let’s set one up…. No-no, it’s a bad habit of mine to meddle like this. I’ll stop now.

“Ah, it’s Eri-chan!”

In front of the dormitory, Eri-chan… our class homeroom teacher, Erika-sensei, was standing there.

She looked a little grumpy.

“You’re the last of the new students to come back”

She said with a stern look.

“Eh!? When did it get so late!?”

“We’ve been to the labyrinth, the guild, choosing weapons… and so on, after all”

Time flies when you’re doing something, doesn’t it?

“So… why is Sensei here?”

“I’m your homeroom teacher and the dormitory chief executive. I’m here to give you a list of the dorm’s rules and your assigned room number”

said Erika, handing us a thin booklet and a piece of paper with our room number written on it.

It seems that my room is located on the eighth floor of Building A.

“I’m on the third floor of Building A!”

“Me too…. Is it the same building for men and women?”

“Yeah. It’s a mixed dormitory. We don’t have the budget to build two separate dormitories. But don’t get any weird ideas, okay? Illicit sexual relationships are forbidden, after all”

What a surprise.

I hadn’t read through the academy’s rules yet, but I didn’t know there was such a thing.

“…Did we have an academy rule like that?”

Marise asked Sensei.

But Sensei was firm.

“Even if there were no such academy rule, it would be unacceptable for you to engage in illicit sexual relationships while training in magic! What’s more, you guys are first-year students! If you have time for that, you should be learning some magic!”

said Sensei.

“Well then, I’ve got some work to do, so I’m going back to the academy. A-And don’t you dare do anything indecent, understand?”

With that, Sensei left us.

She is quite a strict teacher.

But I agree with her that illicit sexual relationships are a hindrance to magic training.

In my previous life, I continued to train my magic without paying attention to women.

…It’s not because I didn’t dare to talk to the girls.

“…Sensei was kind of angry. Is it because we didn’t come back early?”

“No… probably not”

Lara and Marise were talking in hushed tones so that the departing teacher could not hear them.

At any rate, I think I’ll go to bed now.

I still have enough stamina, but as I thought, I’m tired from all the events that occurred today.

I’ve never been good with crowded places, even in my previous life.

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