TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 8 Part 1


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Chapter 8 Part 1

It has been two months since we conquered the labyrinth, and taught magic to Lara and Marise.

At last ── the exhibition game with the Magic Academy of the Imperial Capital was approaching, and the three representatives were to be announced.

All the students were gathered on the school grounds, and the headmaster made the announcement.

“The representatives are… freshman, Lara! Marise! And… Kurt!”

There were cheers and murmurs.

Well, that was to be expected.

“The representatives are three freshmen… Well, it can’t be helped.”

“I was taught chantless magic from the first-year student, Kurt.”

“Me too!”

“He is… amazing. The other two, Lara and Marise, are also amazing. They are good at using chantless magic.”

“Maybe they can win this year’s exhibition game!”

I thought there might be complaints from the second and third-year students, but apparently not.

They are now fully aware of our capabilities from the past two months, and probably know that we are the best team to compete in the exhibition game.

“I’m honored to be chosen as a representative, but I wonder if it will be alright…”

Lara looks happy, but at the same time, anxious.

“There is no need to be afraid, Lara.”


“I’ve been watching Lara for the past two months, and I’m sure you are as good as any other mage out there. I can assure you of that. It’s the same with Marise.”

“Y-Yes! Thank you for always encouraging me! I’ll do my best not to drag Kurt down!”

Lara held my hand, and she was all smiles.

“H-Hey! You guys are too close! Keep your distance, please!”

Marise cut in between us.

As they jostled me, I started to reminisce about the past two months.

I knew that both of them are talented. In just two months, their magic power had grown remarkably. With that, they were even able to perfect their own chantless magic.

I’m looking forward to the exhibition game.

── And here comes the day of the exhibition game.

The whole school was in a festive mood, and there were even specially set up stalls.

Before long, it was time for the exhibition game, so we made our way to the entrance of the <<Treasure Labyrinth>>.

“Are you kidding me!? The representatives of the royal capital are all first-year students!?”

“They’ve already given up the game!”

“And I heard that one of them has the defective magic power. Do they really think that someone like that can compete against us?”

They began their verbal abuse upon arrival.

The teachers from the Imperial Capital’s Disaria Magic Academy only smirked and did not even try to stop it.

“Nn! Don’t make fun of Kurt!”

“That’s right. And if you underestimate us just because we are first-year students, you are going to get hurt.”

Lara and Marise were not intimidated.


One of the representatives from the Imperial Capital side stepped forward and lifted my chin.

“As I recall, you must be the guy with the defective magic power, right?”

“Me? Yes, I would certainly have the defective magic power.”

“Ha! So it wasn’t a lie! First-year students and the defective magic power… this exhibition game would be a breeze!”

The man smiles broadly.

Behind me, Lara and Marise are feeling pissed. But for me, I do not think anything of it. Because the weaker the dog, the more it barks.

“Even so…”

“Hm? What’s the matter? Are you scared?”

The man repeatedly provokes us.

No, that’s not it. I was surprised because the man is full of openings.

Is it alright to approach us nonchalantly?

Moreover, he does not seem to have deployed any barrier magic.

This doesn’t make any sense.

No matter how confident I am in my abilities, I’m still simultaneously deploying seven magic formulas.

If I activate even one of them, their bodies would be blown to smithereens.

And yet, they look so calm and composed…

“Kurt! Are you okay?”

Marise quickly pulls me away from the man.

“They’re so rude!”

“Seriously! Let’s show them what we’re made of in the exhibition game.”

Lara and Marise looked pissed.

I hope they do not lose their cool.

“Lara, Marise. Don’t let your guard down.”


“If I’m not mistaken, direct attacks on opponents are prohibited in the exhibition game, right?”

This exhibition game is a contest on how many items and materials the participants can collect in the <<Treasure Labyrinth>>. Therefore, it is prohibited to attack opponents directly with magic. The participants would be immediately disqualified if they do that.


“The opponent was trying to provoke us into attacking them. That’s a very clever move.”

If I had been short-tempered, I would have been baited by the provocation and gotten disqualified.

“Ehh…? I don’t think that’s the case.”

“Me neither. They are just idiots, right?”

No-no, there is no way that a representative of the Imperial Capital is that empty-headed and does not think about stuff like that.


“Do your best!”

“Kurt. You can defeat the Empire this year.”

Erika-sensei and Desmond came up to us and encouraged us.

Apparently, the teachers are waiting at several points in the <<Treasure Labyrinth>> to keep the students safe from unforeseen situations. But there’s nothing to worry about. Because that is unlikely to happen.

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