TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 8 Part 2


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Chapter 8 Part 2

◆ ◆

“Now! This year’s exhibition game has finally begun! What a surprise, Rosanlila Magic Academy has chosen first-year students to represent the school! Will they be the center of attention in this year’s tournament!? Let’s all cheer on the respective schools!”

The voice of a woman echoed throughout the school over the loudspeaker magic.

It is the start of the exhibition game.

At that moment, an explosive cheer erupted from all over the school.

“We’re first!”

Immediately after the game started, the representatives of the Imperial Capital pushed past us and entered the <<Treasure Labyrinth>>.

“Kurt! We have to hurry!”

“If they get ahead of us, they’ll loot all the remaining items inside…!”

Lara and Marise, both looked flustered

“What, you don’t have to panic so much. For now, let’s collect them in order, starting with the first floor.”

We have the home advantage, after all.

“In fact, I’ve already done an analysis on the first floor for the past two months.”


Marise raised her voice.

I didn’t need two months for that, to be exact.

“I know everything, including the hidden passageways. If we can use that to our advantage, we can outfox the guys from the Imperial Capital.”

“You’re saying there are several passageways just like the first one we went through?”

Marise is referring to the passageway where we first found the magic stone.

I nodded at her question.

“There is a wall at the end of this path. Let’s just get there for now. We’ll talk about the details when we get there.”

We quickly reached the wall at the end of the path.

“Is this… an ancient script?”

Marise was staring at the writing on the wall.

I nodded my head.

“I can read and decipher them.”



It says,

‘A fork in the road from here. Choose the one on your right. Then you will find the supreme treasure. If you lose your way, use dispel magic on anything in front of you that stands in your way.’”

“How are you able to read the ancient script? Even famous archaeologists have not been able to decipher them…” 

I did not know how to answer Marise’s question, so I kept silent.

But the answer is simple. Because this ancient script was written in a language that is a thousand years old.

To begin with, the language of a thousand years ago is completely different from the language of this era.

When I was reincarnated, I had simultaneously cast the Comprehend Languages spell, so I had no difficulty in reading and writing.

That said, I never thought I would see the language from my previous life in a place like this.

“Continuing on… ‘Take a right at the fork in the road. When you reach the dead end, activate the lock release spell on the wall’…

Lock release is a spell that unlocks a treasure chest or a door that would not open.

But to use it on a wall that looks completely normal… Had it not for the hints, I might not have realized it.

“Kurt is really amazing!”

“It’s true. Not only magic, but you can also decipher ancient script…”

They seemed amazed, but for me, it was just reading letters.

“Well, let’s get on with retrieving the treasure.”

…That said, before we do that.


I look back and cast a Fire Spear.

“What’s the matter!? Using magic in a place like this, all of a sudden.”

“It’s dangerous to use magic carelessly like that!”

In the eyes of Lara and Marise, it would have seemed as if I had cast a spell out of the blue.

But there was no way I would have wasted my magic power.

“Well, there was an irritating bug.”


Seriously… Is this also the work of the people from the Imperial Capital?

I did not hear anything about this before the exhibition game, so it’s probably fine to destroy it.

Turning my back to the two girls who seemed to be in doubt, I started walking towards the supreme treasure.

◆ ◆

“What the hell! This is the twelfth surveillance magic device that was destroyed!”

Not far from the <<Treasure Labyrinth>>. There was an uproar over what the boy had done in a room.

“The surveillance magic device has been destroyed!?”

“It can’t be! It should look like nothing more than an insect! The only people who could see through this are the… <<Four Great Sages>>!”

A mirror is propped up in the room.

The state of the <<Treasure Labyrinth>> is reflected there through a surveillance device that, at first glance, appears to be nothing more than an insect.

The boy has been destroying every surveillance magic device that was sent to him.

Because of this, only fragmentary footage of the royal capital’s side could be displayed.

“── It seems that there’s someone who is stronger than what we had expected.”

In the noisy room, there’s a man who appears to be calm.

“B-But… Isn’t that a coincidence?”

“Even after twelve of them have been destroyed?”


“Thou art too shallow.”

“A-As expected of one of the <<Four Great Sages>>… Arnold-sama. You can still remain calm in a situation such as this.”

The man in the robe stands up.

The man’s name is Arnold.

There are wrinkles deeply etched on his snapping fingers.

(That boy is undoubtedly strong. However, in front of me, who had enjoyed the power of true magic, he’s no better than a bug)

The man takes a step forward.

“W-Wait a minute! Where are you going!?”

“It’s a given. To the <<Treasure Labyrinth>>, of course.”

“What are you talking about? Even if it’s Arnold-sama, to set foot into the labyrinth is… ugh!”

Arnold grabbed the man in front of him by his neck.

The magic was activated, and his body was gradually drained of all of its liquids.

And at last, the man stopped breathing.

“Whoever stands in my way will suffer the same fate. This will be a good warm-up exercise.”

Hearing that, no one dared to say a thing.

“Then let’s get on with it… Hm?”

When Arnold was about to leave the room.

He turned to look back and felt intense hostility in the mirror.

“What in the world is this…?”

At that moment.


The mirror shattered. Arnold and the others in the room were then struck by an electric shock.

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