TUS Vol. 2 Chapter 2 Part 1


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Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2 – My Former Master Is A Vampire

The students were gathered in a large meeting room in the academy. And the three of us were sitting at the back of the room.

As soon as we were seated, I took a look around the whole meeting room.

Hmm… this place is more like a large lecture hall than a large meeting room.

The meeting room has a gentle semicircular step-like design with desks and chairs.

There is a raised platform in the front of the room. Ten desks were also lined up in front of the blackboard.

It was probably originally used as a lecture hall. Removing the desks on the platform makes it look like a podium.

And it seems that half of the desks on the platform are for the Student Council and the other half are for the academic staff.

Oh? Merlin is sitting in the seat of honor on the academic staff’s side.

Usually, Merlin is absent from all academy duties except for the duties of being a homeroom teacher, so her presence here seems to indicate that this is an important event for the whole academy.

“So, the meeting is about to begin.”

One of the Student Council members on the platform ── a girl with purple hair ── stood up.

“All right, everyone, please be quiet. I’m Irene, the host and also the Vice President of the Student Council, will now begin today’s meeting. The agenda this time is the ‘Emperor of the Thunder God, Ephthal’ Festival, which will be a test of abilities that selected students will participate in two months from now.”


What an embarrassing name for a festival.

No, it’s probably not embarrassing at all to anyone but me.

But this is a Demon Academy. Why would a festival be held in my name, a human hero?

“As you all know, our headmaster is the eldest of the ‘Emperor of the Thunder God, Ephthal’s’ School, a living legend. This event was initiated by the headmaster’s sponsorship five years ago ──”

I immediately turn my gaze towards Merlin.

She saw my expression and seemed to be holding in her laughter.

‘So you’re the cause, huh!?’, I slumped my shoulders in dejection.

But, well, it was five years ago.

She probably thought I was dead at the time and named the festival after me out of love and respect.

I do not feel bad when I think about it, but the way this is going, I am supposed to be a part of that festival, right?

Somehow, I would feel embarrassed… just at the thought of seeing a statue of myself in town.

“As you all know, the ‘Emperor of the Thunder God, Ephthal’ Festival is a competition between classes. We will compete in various competitions, but eventually, the top two teams will compete in a five-on-five round-robin battle in front of all the students.”

I see. I looked to the side, and for some reason, Maria was frowning crudely.

“Only the truly selected teams that have completed the training camp will participate in the ‘Emperor of the Thunder God, Ephthal’ Festival. All the third-year students have already experienced the training camp, so today, we will have a pep rally for the second-year students who are going to the training camp. The training camp, which is a gateway to success for elite magic, is so harsh that 40% of the students drop out every year. I hope that everyone will grit their teeth for the harsh training ahead.”

Maria then stood up.

“Wait a minute! We’ll also be participating ── in that training camp!”

“Well, well? Is that little elf girl a fool with no common sense? In the first place, there is no precedent for first-year students to participate in the training camp, you know?”

“That’s because the first-year students until now were unable to complete it due to their lack of abilities, so it’s natural for them to pull out voluntarily, isn’t it?”

“You should think about why this has become precedent. The training camp is held in a forest full of monsters. If you participate in the training camp with subpar abilities, an unforeseen accident could kill you, you know?”

“Hmph, this year’s first-years ── if you underestimate us, you’ll get hurt, you know?”

I mean, it looks like they know each other.

Maria and Irene-san’s gazes collide in midair, and sparks are seemingly produced.

The student with glasses sitting next to Irene-san then stood up.

“If you’ve been listening from the beginning… then you should know that first-year students can’t participate in the training camp. That should have come first. So don’t be ridiculous.”

“What, are you the General Secretary of the Student Council? Do you have a problem with that?”

“Your lineage alone shouldn’t have allowed you to enroll into this academy in the first place, let alone represent it, don’t you think?”

“My lineage? Are you saying that you discriminate against elves?”

“No, I wouldn’t say that if you were an ordinary elf. But, I’ve heard that you’re an elf of quite a lowborn status.”

I heard a snap go off in Maria’s head.

No, of course I did not actually hear that sound… Well, her face turned into that of a Hannya in an instant.

“Are you trying to pick a fight? If that’s the case, I’ll accept it! In the name of the forest spirits… I will not tolerate any insult to the Daumier tribe!”

“Trying to pick a fight? Here? It seems that you really are a tribe of lowly elves, as the rumor goes. Don’t forget that you are generously allowed to enroll in this academy.”

And then the man with glasses shifted his gaze to me ──

“Haha! And you guys have even chosen an inferior species, human, as your class representative instead of someone from the demon race? My, my, it seems that you really do have a shortage of talent.”

Maria loudly shouted back, “Fuck you!” while showing the middle finger to the man with glasses.

“He may be human, but ── he’s our ultimate weapon!”

Oh? Maria seems to be really mad at him for making fun of me.

It seems that Maria was telling the truth when she said she acknowledges my abilities.

“You should be ashamed of yourself… for having to rely on an inferior species! Are you planning to disgrace the class representatives of this academy!?”

The man with glasses sighed deeply.

“This is a magic festival named after the hero of the demon race, Merlin-sama’s master, you know? The Emperor of the Thunder God must be lamenting in his grave at the thought of such people participating.”

Well, I really do feel like lamenting right now.

“That’s why the first-year students are not allowed to participate in the training camp this year either!”

“Wait a minute. You can’t just decide that on your own!”

“You’re still saying that!? You should know your place!”

At that moment, a dignified voice rang out in the meeting room.

“It’s fine. They may participate in the training camp.”

“…Merlin-…sama? May I ask you to repeat that… again?”

“You know exactly what I have said, but you want me to repeat myself? Haha, you sure got some nerve, don’t you? I’ll remember your face, you know?”

Merlin’s cold gaze made the man with glasses turn pale as he received it.

“B-B-Bu… But, Headmaster Merlin? It is true that the training camp is dangerous, the first-year students might…” 

“They won’t get hurt. It’s impossible.”

“That’s right! Merlin-sama also knows that the first-year students lacked the abilities… eh?”

“Like I said, these people are qualified if you’re talking about their abilities.”


“Do you still want me to repeat myself?”

“But there is a certain prestige that comes with the training camp. The second-year students aside, if the first-year students… the lowly elf and the inferior species were to participate…”

“General Secretary? Don’t you know?”

“What is it, Merlin-sama?”

“My master, the Emperor of the Thunder God, is not a demon, but a human, an inferior species as you call it. And I’m not looking for your answers. You should bear in mind that I’m only telling you my decision. Surely you aren’t telling me that you don’t accept my word for it, will you?”

The man with glasses made a sour face as if having swallowed a bitter bug.

“Ug-… Ugh…!”

Then Merlin shrugged her shoulders and said:

“Oh, and explicit discrimination in reference to a particular species is prohibited. You should at least refrain from saying that in public. Your remarks will be discussed at the staff meeting, and a verdict will be issued shortly.”

“Eh? What do you mean by… verdict?”

“It means you’ll receive disciplinary action.”

“That’s… that’s ridiculous…? Just because of that?”

“You’re pathetic. To verbally abuse others in public? I figure you would be prepared to be impeached?”

“N-N-No… that’s… I-I’m… sor… sorry.”

And so, Merlin sighed deeply.

“I’ll give you a personal lecture. It’s the etiquette I once learned from the legendary Emperor of the Thunder God.”

“…What do you mean?”

“When confronted with an opponent that you absolutely can’t win against and if it’s a monster, run away with all your might. If it’s a human, don’t hesitate to get down on your knees and apologize immediately. The common denominator between life and death is speed. Speed is the only thing that counts. By the way, General Secretary?”

“…What is it?”

“It’s funny. You seem haughty to me, even though you have displeased an opponent you can never win against.”

Well, I remember teaching her to run away and apologizing upfront.

But over the last 400 years, it has become quite radical after applying Merlin’s theory. 

“I-I-I’m… sorry!”

The man with glasses got down on his knees, which was quite a sight. Merlin also nodded her head in satisfaction.

“You’ll be confined to your room for a week. Considering your future career, I’ll put you on sick leave ostensibly so that you won’t have a history of disciplinary action against you. Go cool your head.”

And with that, the man with glasses bowed his head and left the room dejected, and the matter was settled.

Then, the sound of fingers snapping, made by the Student Council President, could be heard, and the desks on the platform started to be cleared.

For some reason, only Merlin remained on the platform.

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