Chapter 22 – I Can Process It In Just 1 Second


Chapter 22 – I Can Process It In Just 1 Second

“Did you just say processing…?”

The owner is trembling all over.


“What do you mean!? Isn’t this sword perfect? So why do you still need to process it!?”

Apparently, it seems like he is angry.

I feel bad for the owner, but this sword is useless as it is.

From the beginning I only see this sword as a material.

”I thought if I do this…….no, I thought I could make it a better sword”

“Who will be doing that?”

“I will”

“There’s no way you can do something like that!”

The owner leaned forward.

“Kurt, can you really do that?”

“Processing the master craftsman Abel’s weapon? Doing that would have adverse effect on it, wouldn’t it?”

Lara also tilted her head and Marise tried to stop me too.

“Now, now. Just wait and see”

And I took out a magic stone from the pocket of my clothes.

It was the magic stone I picked up in the <Treasure Labyrinth>.

This time, I’ll use it to quickly process the sword I bought.

”A magic stone…? How could you have such a high grade thing!”

The owner sputtered.

“Hmm, because I picked it up on the street?”

“It looked like a pebble, isn’t it…”

Marise’s face looked astounded.

“Then I’ll process it right away. Are you fine with it?”

“You bought that, so you’re free to do what you want with it but… are you really going to do it?”


When I nodded, the owner who was angry a moment ago turned around and smiled.

“You’re really an interesting youngster. Fine. I’ll let you use my forge. You can display your skill there as much as you want”

“Oh it’s okay, because I’m already done with it”


The owner nearly fell.

“S, say, when did you do that? ….hmm? Where is the magic stone you were holding earlier?”

“As I said just now. The magic stone has been infused into the sword”

“Infused…? How is that even possible…?”

The owner was shocked.

Is this era’s civilization using the method of processing magic stones directly, and substitute it with the blade and so on?

But it’s too wasteful to use a magic stone that contains a large amount of magic power in such a way.

So I infused the magic stone into the sword, grant it with magic… then processed it so that it would be easier to be fixed into the sword.

“What’s changed?”

“I think it looks the same, but…”

Lara and Marise looked closely at the sword.

……Could it be that they are doubting my processing skill?

Certainly, I was relatively bad in this kind of production magic since my past life.

Although I wasn’t good at it……but, there was only one blacksmith in the world who was a little better than me.

The golden color magic wasn’t really suitable for production jobs in the first place.

”By the way……owner. Do you have anything I can try and cut?”

I asked.

“To try it out? If that’s the case, there’s a mud puppet. It’s a puppet that’s as good as an Orichalcum. You can slash it as many times as you want and it will still be fine too!”

I’m pretty sure that was the fragile puppet used as a target during the entrance exam, isn’t it?

Well, that should be fine too.

It’s more than enough for a trial.

After that, the mud puppet was taken from the back of the shop and placed in front of me.

There are sign of countless cut that can be seen on the mud puppet.

Just like the owner said, the puppet was used as a test object, but I guess it proves that nobody has been able to cut it into half yet.

“Don’t put too much force on it, okay? Because there were some idiots who have broken their bones after putting too much force on it as the mud puppet was too tough”

The owner gave an advice.

“I understand. I’ll try not to put too much force on it”

Then I held my sword in one hand and looked at the mud puppet.


Just like that, I properly cut the mud puppet horizontally.

After that—-the mud puppet was cut into half cleanly.


The owner was at a loss for words.

“Hmm… well, this is how it should be”

Because I only used one magic stone, so this is to be expected.

I sheathed my sword as I thought that.

”Thank you very much. Then I’ll be leaving now”

“W, wait a minute!”

I was detained.

“H, how does it cut that cleanly?

”Ahh. That’s because I granted it with the [Sharpness +500%], [Physical Strengthening +500%], [Lightweight] and so on magic after infusing the magic stone into it”

“You’ve granted it with magic in an instant just now? Besides, I’ve never heard of being able to grant double or triple layers of magic!”

The truth is I can grant more than that, but I think the owner might fell if he heard that.

So let’s not say anything else.

“Besides……I believe I had done a good job in making a good sword, but there’s just no way it can be used to cut the mud puppet into half with such a light swing!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. The mud puppet was certainly expensive, isn’t it. I’ll fix it right away”


When I restored the mud puppet back to its original state using the restoration magic, the owner was even more shocked as if his eyes were about to be popped out.

“Well, it’s Kurt after all… I wonder if he also did the same thing with my ring last time after all?”

“That’s just natural. I don’t feel surprised anymore. Because it’s Kurt after all”

Both of them don’t seem too surprised, however there’s a mysterious astonished gaze.


I had bought a sword and fixed the mud puppet too, so my business here is finished.

Once again, as I was about to leave the weapon shop,

“Wait! ……No, please wait!”

He detained me again.

“I’m sorry that I’ve been so rude to you!”

“No no, I don’t mind. Then I’ll be on my way”

“M, my five best works……no! Just one! Just one sword, could you do something like you just did? You can name your price too!”

Good grief.

“That’s impossible. It will still be bad. Besides, I also don’t have any magic stone left, so I can’t do the same thing from earlier”

“That’s okay too! So……please! It’s a lifelong wish!”

The owner clasps his hands together and bowed.

I don’t think he is going to let me leave at this rate.

Nevertheless, I feel that doing it for free might be different in its own way.

It can’t be helped.

“Haa, I understand. Just one though. But I won’t be able to guarantee its quality”

“T, that’d be great!”

“However, I don’t need money. Hmm that’s right…… if you have any good materials, swords, or any information, could you let me know first?”

“Are you fine with just that?”

“I can do it in just 1 second, so there’s no need to be paid so much”

“O, one second?”

Right now, getting information should be a higher priority than money.

After that, I granted the owner’s prided item a [Slashing Speed +500%] magic and left the shop for real this time.

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