Chapter 25 – A Mage Also Needs Stamina


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Chapter 25 – A Mage Also Needs Stamina

The magic school classes were to commence on the next day.


”It’s boring”

I can’t help but yawn.

The lectures were too low level.

Moreover, the teacher’s teaching method is not very good.

For example.

‘First…let’s memorize the chanting words of the Ice Ball’

And so on.

As I thought, chanting magic is the standard in this world, so it’s such an inefficient class.

Everyone is looking at the blackboard with bloodshot eyes and taking notes enthusiastically.

”No good…feeling sleepy…”

I’m sitting at the backmost seat by the window, so the sunlight is pleasantly warm.

I couldn’t hold back my sleepiness and before I knew it, I fell asleep.

◆   ◆

And then it’s the last class before lunch.

Everyone from the ‘First’ class was gathered at the schoolyard where the ‘Practical’ class will be held.

”Ohhh…! Finally, a class that seems interesting”

“Kurt. You’re really into this”

Lara spoke to me.

Of course.

I don’t dislike magic research too, however just as I thought, moving my body or defeating a demon or something like that is still more suitable for my nature.

”I wonder what kind of lesson it would be?”

Somehow, Marise also sounded a little excited.

A short while later, an unexpected figure appeared at the schoolyard and everyone looked amazed.

“Gahaha! Do you guys do any muscle training?”

“De, Desmond-san?”

To my surprise, the one who showed up in the schoolyard was the old man I fought in the entrance exam — Desmond, the one who was said to be a former S-ranked adventurer.

”Why are you here?”

Marise steps forward and asks Desmond a question.

“I’ve been assigned as a teacher in this school starting this year. I’m mainly in charge of the practical classes. Well, I’ll be gentle. Don’t worry! Gahahaha!”

Desmond put his hands on his waist and laughed excitingly.

I see….

If I remember correctly, Desmond’s companion said something like ‘Today is supposed to be just a visit’ during the entrance exam.

I wondered why he came to the magic school, but……I didn’t know it was for something like this.

”De, Desmond-san’s class…….I didn’t expect to be taught by a legendary adventurer!”

“Idiot! He was called as Desmond the demon, you know?! Just thinking of what kind of strict lessons awaiting us and I’m already trembling with fear…”

“But Desmond-san… or rather, Desmond-sensei can’t use magic, right?”

I could hear words of anticipation and uneasiness from the surroundings.

“This should be fun”

Meanwhile, I muttered honestly.

In this world, he was the only guy who can cope with my body strengthening magic.

Just thinking that the lessons could be interesting made me felt excited.

”That’s right. It’s true that I can’t use magic”

Said Desmond with a piercing look.

“But a mage can’t use magic all the time too, you know? It’s no good if you lack stamina. So, for this reason, my lessons… will be about basic physical fitness and body workout!”


I feel the same way.

No matter how capable a mage is, they would still need to move around on the battlefield too.

Even with plenty of magic and energy……but when one became too tired to move, then it will be useless too.

I nodded while feeling impressed,

“W, why does a mage need stamina!”

”I’m just casting magic in the rearguard, so I shouldn’t need stamina…”

And the people around me were missing the point.


“Um, looking at Kurt, I also feel like it’s not wrong?”

“I agree with Lara. After watching Kurt fight, I think a mage that just wait at the back is weak”

Lara and Marise seems to understand.

Since I’m teaching them magic, they should be able to grasp the idea naturally too.

”Good……let’s work on your endurance first. 50 laps around the schoolyard!”

“5, 50 laps? That’s very absurd!”

There are screams from the surroundings.

“Oh shut up! By the way, during my lessons…… there will be a punishment for those who fail to run 50 laps within an hour. Everyone, be prepared to brace yourself”

“A penalty game…?”

“It’s a fun penalty game where you’d just run until before the next class start including the lunch break”

“A, a demon!”

50 laps huh.

Just the right warm-up.

“Well then… let’s begin!”

I’ll just say the results.

There was only one person who could complete the 50 laps within the class period.

And naturally, that’s me.

“T, this is hard…”

“Why is Kurt the only one… haaa, haaa… looking calm?”

Lara and Marise had their butts on the ground while gasping for breath.

That’s obvious.

”If you get tired with just this, then you won’t even be able to conquer the hundred layers of labyrinth in a day, you know?”

“That’s just……your common sense……haaa, haaa”

Despite out of breath, Marise still responded.

By the way, I don’t use body strengthening during the marathon.

If I did that, I could achieve 50 laps in an instant, but the main purpose was to train my stamina.

“You are……the outrageous brat that I fought during the entrance exam, right?”

“You remember me?”

“Of course”

Desmond looked surprised.

“Honestly…… I didn’t think there was anyone who could complete 50 laps in the first class. But you…… have monstrous stamina too, don’t you?”

“Thank you”

Even before I came to the magic school, I had already added marathons into my daily training routine.

But still, I haven’t reached my heyday of 1000 years ago even with all this.

”Can I ask you one thing?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Now that I’m done with the warm-up, what should I do from now?”


As I asked a question, the bell ringing to signal the end of the class can be heard.

“That’s too bad. I guess the class is over”

“……even I’m shuddering at the thought of you doing all this and claiming that it’s just a warm-up”

It seems there’s also practical class tomorrow, I’ll look forward to the next one.

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