Chapter 6 – It Seems There Are Cute Girls In The City


Chapter 6 – It Seems There Are Cute Girls In The City

The Rosanlila Magic School is located in the royal capital.

So, I got in my carriage and set foot to the royal capital on the day before the entrance exam.

“This is the royal capital huh…”

As expected of the royal capital which is the most prosperous in this country.

It’s a far cry from the village where I was born and raised.

It’s overflowing with people.

The buildings are packed to the brim.

However, I still don’t see any kind of magic tools at all.

“As I thought, magic skills are in decline even in the royal capital, huh?”

For instance, I would use Quick Move magic even if it was just for a little run after the magic revolution in my past life.

Even those in the profession of carrying heavy loads or building houses would also use a body strengthening magic called Rise Power.

There is no indication that it is being used here.

Apparently, the decline of magic skills wasn’t just happening in the village.

Well, I’ve read books and such, so this is pretty much what I have expected.

As I was wandering around the city looking for an inn to stay today.

“St… stop it!”

I heard a loud female voice.

It seems to be emanating from an alley a little further down the road.

“What’s that about?”

I used my detection magic to get an idea of what is going on in the alley.

There’s a girl… surrounded by three men.

The girl could only scream as if she was frightened.

I can sense magic power from that girl.

I’m thinking that I could get her out of the predicament by using magic.

However, I can’t do that from here.

I could just leave it alone, but I won’t feel good if I heard the news that ‘a girl has been killed’ later.


I went into the alley and called out to them.

“What is it? Who are you?”

“Are you trying to make a move on us?”

“We’re the Alan Trio, that can even silence a crying child!”

That’s what I figured out with the detection magic.

Brainless-looking guys surrounding a single girl.

As soon as the Allan Trio saw me, they gave me a sharp gaze.

”It doesn’t look like it’s just a pick-up, does it? You’re being too pushy for a pick-up artist. She doesn’t seem to like want you’re doing though?”

While saying that, I observed them.

…The tallest guy. It seems like he has been working out reasonably well as his muscles looks much different to the rest of them.

However, it’s an inefficient way of training as it would be impossible to break a rock like that.

The person I need to watch out for the most would be that little guy.

Although he looks weak, but he has a dagger hiding inside his pocket.

So as I said, “What’s going on?”

“Hah…..! This girl started the fight. She doesn’t even apologize after bumping into me”

The men smirked and grinned.

“Ugh, that’s a lie! These people suddenly stopped me when I was walking…. then took me to a place like this!”

The girl leans forward to make an appeal.

Now that I looked closely at the girl…… she seems to be around my age?

She’s a pretty girl with chestnut colored hair.

I don’t know if these guys were just seducing people or if they were trying to commit violence. By the looks of things, it seems to be the latter.

However, the lovely looking girl clearly didn’t like it.

“You…! Don’t you dare talk funny of me like that!”

The guy moved his right hand.

With his fist clenched. Apparently, he’s trying to swing down at the girl.

–Hitting a girl is unacceptable.

I activated my Quick Move magic and ran to the guy in an instant.

“Hey. I told you to stop it”

I gripped his wrist while saying that.

“What? When did you get here?”

Apparently, he couldn’t keep up with me using his eyes.


I twisted up the confused guy’s wrist and slammed him to the ground hard.

“Damn you! What the hell are you doing?”

“You’ve got a lot of nerve to pick a fight with the Alan trio!”

Oh, shut up.

It’s grating.

They all came at me at once.

Their movement are terrible. If it’s like this, Cyril from the village is a lot better than them.

It would be a waste to use offense magic for this.

The Quick Move magic that can increase oneself movement speed is all I need.

“Uoooooo! Take this! –Uoo…!”

I tripped the leg of the guy who had raised his fist.

The guy slammed his head hard onto the ground and lost consciousness.

“Damn you! I will avenge my brothers!!!!!!!”

The other guy pounces on me with his right fist up in the air.

But his aim is the left hand that has slipped into the pocket.

He’s going to take out the dagger and try to rip my throat out.

“It’s too slow”

I muttered to myself.

It took him 2 seconds to swing down his right fist.

After that, it took him another 0.5 seconds to thrust at my throat with the dagger taken out of his pocket using his left hand.

I had yawned once before that and went behind him with still plenty of time to spare.

“I have got you!!!! …… eh?”

“Were you looking at my afterimage?”

I took his dagger from him and tapped the handle of the dagger against his cheek.

”Ah, ahhh……”

“You need to train harder. I can teach you that if you want. But my tuition fees won’t be cheap”

“Da, dammnnnn you!!!!”

The guy turned around and tried to bite me.

As I shifted my position slightly, the guy who was about to attack me ran straight into the wall of the building.

“I don’t want you messing with that girl again”

“Whoa! Wh, what the hell is this!”

I approached him who is currently in pain from behind and activated Aerial Remove.

The power of the wind caused the guy’s body to rise fluffily into the air and


He was slammed to the ground.

The guy who couldn’t even take the slightest action just passed out like that.

“So much for the level of the royal capital”

I clapped my hands and sweep my arms.

Well, it seems like these guys weren’t mages.

They are just thugs.

I’m sure if I go to the Magical School, I’d see something of a much higher level.

“U, um!”

As I was thinking about that with my hands on my chin, the girl from earlier called out to me.

“Thank you! You were very cool!”

The girl approached me and held my hands tightly as she looked up at me.

I unintentionally thought to myself.

She is cute……

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