Chapter 7 – I Tried Granting Magic To The Equipment


Chapter 7 – I Tried Granting Magic To The Equipment

“……your face is a little bit too close”

“Wa wa! I’m sorry!”

The girl pulled her face away immediately.

Did I scare her?

I don’t particularly mean to be offended.

It’s just that I haven’t spoken much with girl since my past life, so I was bewildered by that.

While I was wondering what I should do,

”I haven’t introduced myself yet, have I? My name is Lara! I’m fifteen years old!”

The girl — Lara said it with a cheerful look on her face.

“What about you?”

“I’m Kurt. Kurt Lepracta. I’m fifteen years old too”


“Kurt is fine. I don’t really like being labeled with ‘san’ for every single time”

We’re of the same age.

So there’s no need to be fixated on that.

“Then Kurt it is! That was an amazing move earlier, wasn’t it? I wonder if Kurt is a swordsman”


“I’m not a swordsman. I’m a mage”


“You did saw I was using a body strengthening magic earlier, right?”


Lara twitches her head.

Oh, that’s right….

Apparently, body strengthening magic wasn’t common in this world.

I coughed and cleared my throat, then

”Well anyway… that move I made earlier was only possible because of magic”

”So there’s also magic that I do not know of… even so, this is an unexpected meeting!”

Lara suddenly smiled,

“I’m a mage too! I came here to take the entrance exam for the magic school but… then I was entangled by those men earlier…”

Lara turned her gaze to the fallen men.

Those guys had their eyes rolled and shows no sign of waking up.

“You should be careful. Aside from the countryside, weird guys will spring up in a city like the royal capital”

“I’m sorry…”

Lara dropped her shoulders with a sigh.

“If it’s a cute girl like Lara, you’ll easily get entangled by weird men”

“Eh? I’m cute?”

“Y, yeah….. Are you feeling uncomfortable being told this out of the blue? If that’s the case, then I apologize”

I got confused.

…I don’t really know how to talk to a girl properly.

It has been like that since my past life.

In my past life, I was so focused on perfecting my magic that I didn’t even make any friends, let alone a girlfriend.

“I see, I am cute… cute….”

Lara is humming to herself.

By the looks of it, she wasn’t in a bad mood.

“But if you’re a mage, why didn’t you use your magic to defeat those men earlier?”

“I was so scared that I couldn’t move my body… but thank goodness Kurt helped me out!”

Seems like she’s not used to fighting huh.

From what I saw, the quantity and quality of Lara’s magic power were quite good.

I only saw her magic power briefly, so this was just a rough guess…… but I think her magic power was better than Cyril’s from the village.

I wonder if it’s normal for 15 years old people to be unfamiliar with hand-to-hand combat.


“You just mentioned about taking the entrance exam for the magic school, right?”


“I’ll be taking the entrance exam tomorrow too. I’ve also heard that there will be a practical exam… if it comes to exchanging magic, I’ll be looking forward to it”

“Eh? Did Kurt come to enroll into the magic school too?”

“Yes? Is that weird?”

“It’s weird! When I saw your movement earlier, I thought you are already working actively as an adventurer!”

What’s so exaggerated about that?

Compared to my past life, even though most of my power has returned but, that just now was just a sloppy fight though?

“I don’t know how Lara feels about this, but this is the truth. I will be taking the entrance exam for the magic school tomorrow”

“Fueehhhhh…… I can’t believe someone like Kurt is going to take it, then I wonder if I should take it tomorrow……”

Apparently, she has lost her confidence.

Lara looked gloomy while hanging her head.

“B, but! I have this though!”

Immediately, Lara looked up and held up her hands.

Apparently, there’s a ring attached to her index finger.

“What’s that?”

“It’s ‘Mizorato’s Ring’ that I bought from a famous magic equipment store in the royal capital. If I put this on, it seems to have the ability to enhance my magic… Surely I’ll pass too, right?”

Oh, is that so…….

Even in my past life, there were equipment that were granted with magic.

I also remembered that I wore something like the ‘Dark Taforuku’s Ring’ that can increase my magic output by 100 times more.

Ever since I reincarnated to this world, this is the first time I see one.

“Do you mind if I take a look at it?”

“By all means!”

While feeling the nostalgia of my past life, I received the ring from Lara.

I took the ring and analyzed it and…. I’m appalled by it.

–What’s with this terrible equipment?

It’s probably a piece of equipment designed to efficiently convert magic power to the magic at the moment of its output.

But the structure is too crude.

The magic circuit inside this ring is a messy dead end, with a lot of detours.

If this is the case, it would be inefficient rather than being efficient in serving its purpose.

“Well, how is it? Isn’t it beautiful!”

Lara peeked at my face.

“How much money did you pay for this?”

“Errr… it was pretty expensive…”

When I heard the amount from Lara, I was even more appalled.

It’s a pretty hefty price tag.

That’s the kind of price that can allow a family of four to live in for about three months if they live modestly.


“Eh, Kurt. What’s wrong? Why are you suddenly staring at me like that? You’re making me feeling kind of embarrassed….”

Lara blushes.

Poor thing…….

You got ripped off, didn’t you?

I can’t believe she was given such a bad product at such a price.



“Stay strong”

“What do you mean?”

Lara stared at me in wonder.

Somehow, I felt pitiful for this girl.

“It can’t be helped……”

I looked at Lara’s ring again.

This is a good opportunity.

Moreover, since coming to this world, I’ve yet to use any granting magic.

Shall I fix it for you just a little bit?

I transferred my magic into the ring and fixed the messy magic circuit.

……hmmm. If this had been the case, the conversion efficiency would have been decent.

And then, I granted another [Magic Output +200%] magic to it.

“Here you go Lara. I’ll give it back to you. Thank you”

“You’re welcome!”

Lara received the ring with great care and put it on her finger once more.

It’ll be good if it was this much.

It’s just that the ripped off ring is now finally worth the price.

I could have altered the ring further, but that would have been too grandiose.

“Then Kurt! Let’s do our best tomorrow”


I hope she can pass the test too.

With that in mind, I headed to the inn and prepared for tomorrow.

And finally.

It was the day of the entrance exam for the magic school.

<Author’s Note>

The entrance exam of the magic school will start from the next chapter.

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