TRM Vol. 1 Chapter 7 Part 6


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Chapter 7 Part 6

“You know that I am the daughter of a famous magic family… the Sizenosna family, right?”


As I recall, one of the candidates said so during the entrance examination.

“Isn’t it amazing? One’s birth doesn’t determine everything, but one’s origins may become a hindrance.”

“A hindrance, you say? I don’t think so.”

Marise continued on.

“I was born with inferior magic power. It is considered inferior to the perfect magic power and is frowned upon by the Sizenosna family. On top of that, I was always compared to my brother and sister, who were both better than me. Thus, I was treated as an ‘unwanted child’.”

What a foolish magic house.

Inferior magic power… In other words, the purple magic power. It is not even inferior. And magic color alone does not determine the future of a mage. How you train and live your life after that is more important.

“But weren’t you the center of attention at the entrance examination? You don’t seem to be hated. Some even called you a genius mage.”

“That’s because they don’t know about the Sizenosna family. People look at me with rose-tinted glasses just because I am from the Sizenosna family.”

Marise smiled.

“That’s why I want to graduate at the top of this magic academy and prove it to my family. The family that hated me just because I had the inferior magic power. If I’m able to do that, surely they will recognize me.”

Marise puts her hand on her chest and brings her face even closer to mine.

“Um… Do I look like an idiot to you? Kurt seems to have a sense of self. You don’t seem to care what others think of you. So how do I look… from Kurt’s perspective?”

Marise looks straight at me with moist eyes. 

Her voice was trembling.

Is she afraid of my response?

But still, it was such a stupid question.

“Whatever the reason. In my eyes, Marise looks so beautiful trying her best.”


Marise looked surprised.

“You want to prove it to your family? Isn’t that a good thing? Prove it to the people who look down on you just because you had the inferior magic power. For that, I will help Marise.”

I do not know how Marise sees me.

But I was just like her.

In my previous life, people called me a heretic and hated me.

But I ignored them and continued to seek strength.

Unlike Marise, I did not have to prove it to anyone, but that seemed to be a minor difference.

“Kurt… Thank you very much. That’s a relief.”

Marise patted her chest in relief.

She was probably worried that I would come to dislike her for this.

“Well then, I should take Lara with me and go back to my room now. I’m sorry to have disturbed you ── Kyaa!”

A short scream from Marise.

As she stood up, Marise’s foot slipped, just like the time in the bath, and her body fell towards me.

I immediately tried to support Marise, but ── it was a little too late.

With the extra forward momentum, our lips touched.

The feeling of soft lips.

Even though our lips were only touching, I began to feel dizzy, and I could not react immediately.

And so, we stayed that way for a while.


After that, Marise quickly pulled away from me.

She puts her hands over her mouth. Her hands were shaking, and she blushed a bright red more than ever. 

“I-I’m sorry… Marise. I know it was uncomfortable. I should have avoided it right away, but I was slow to react.”

“N-No, it was my fault that I fell. I-I’m sorry!”

Marise bowed her head in a panic.

However… I never thought I would go blank for a second.

It will be a fatal wound if I get hit like this in the middle of a fight. I will be more careful next time.

“Hm~ What is it? It’s kind of noisy.”

Lara sat up, rubbing her eyelids.

“Lara! W-When did you wake up?”

“Ehh? Just a moment ago…”

“Then… you didn’t see what happened earlier…?”

“What is it? What just happened?”

Lara tilted her head.

Good. It seems that she really did not see it.

“L-Lara. Let’s go back to our room. It’s late now.”

“Hm~ I don’t want to. I want to sleep here a little longer. Let’s all sleep together.”

“Lara, you’re being selfish! Let’s… Wait, wha-!?”

Lara got up from the sofa and dived right into us.

“Let’s all sleep together here~”

Lara’s skirt was rolled up, and her white thighs were exposed. With her soft and warm body, she hugged us and began to sleep again.

“She must have been half asleep.”

“That seems to be the case.”

“What do we do? Should we force her to wake up?”

“No ──”

Marise stroked Lara’s head with compassionate eyes.

“Let her be. I think I will sleep here today, too. If you don’t mind, of course.”

“Is that so? I’m fine with that.”

I also feel sorry to wake Lara up.


I took Lara in my arms and put her on the bed.

“Marise can sleep next to Lara, too. I’ll sleep on the sofa…”

“But that’s not right ──”

Without waiting for her response, I lay down on the sofa and closed my eyes.

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